Rental Management Company India

Renting can be fixed and assured source of income for us, provided it is managed professionally.

When looking for tenants for your residential property, you may come across different types of tenants, with uncertainty of tenancy period. Moreover, as an NRI, you cannot just depend on your relatives, friends  and neighbors to help you maintain your property. Or eventually you may end up wasting your time and effort in doing so.

We help you by maintaining your property once the tenant moves out. In fact many times lots of repair is required to maintain the house as tenant is not bothered about the well-being of the property. Our property managers take care of everything related to your remote property management and maintenance.

LuXia not only helps the NRI landlords by collecting and managing the property rentals, but also maintain your property for added value.

Our Property Rental and Maintenance Services

LuXia developed its offering in understanding the needs of landlords who are away from home and want to maintain their rental property. Right tenant is the key and we ensure we do cross verification of the tenant’s background. In case one tenant moves out during contract period with LuXia ,we will ensure replacement of tenant without any additional fees.

We ensure that in the rental/lease agreement,you are legally protected

Once property is handed over in good condition, LuXia ensure your property is maintained and as is condition

LuXia will do the quarterly audit of the property and you can see the status along with pictures

We will ensure that day to day maintenance of the property to keep it in good condition is fully mentioned in the contract

No more follow up for rent, we will ensure your rent is coming to you on time

All utility bills like electricity bill, water bill and society maintenance are done on time

Partnering with us will give you complete peace of mind. All you need to do is add your property and just relax and enjoy the LuXia assurance!

Enjoy our Rent Management benefits

Recommend home improvements to attract tenant with rate lis

Posting and publishing in multiple channels

Connect with prospective tenant and facilitate showing of flat

Take concurrence from prospective tenant on Rules and procedure as set out by landlord

Complete society formality