After legally possessing your property in India, the next step is – interior designing. The property owners must pay attention to the interiors of their property if they plan to rent it out in future. This is because an aesthetically sound home attracts genuine tenants and the ROI through rental income also increases exponentially.

You can always tell a home was planned out by a professional because of the spacing and layout. Various elements will be in harmony with each other and you will notice a lot more symmetry in a professionally designed space.

LuXia provides interior designing service as a part of property management services for NRIs. So as to facilitate the management of their property without coming to India in particular. LuXia will balance out a lot of things to help you create the best interiors in your budget and the space restrictions.

Material Recommendation (Trust, you will need this): LuXia interior designer team can recommend the best bet for each requirement keeping in mind the price, quality, the design language of your space, durability and feedback from previous clients.

Save you a lot of time and effort: LuXia understands it is extremely critical post possession that the process of getting the place ready does not waste a single day unproductively or beyond the rent-free period as the case may be. It requires a coordinated effort from the LuXia to make sure that the quality does not suffer due to the time constraints. Access to the best consultants and experts: LuXia understands every project needs contractors for various purposes – Carpenter, Electrical, Plumbing. It is difficult for any layman to gauge the expertise and the finishing without actually having worked with them. LuXia ensure the best expertise is on the job

Ensure detailing in every aspect: Every project needs inputs from professionals in a number of areas. Questions like these are best answered by the experts

Visualize your design: A 3D model of your space incorporating your design inputs and what they feel would be the best fit