Property registration is necessary in India, and Sec. 17 of Indian Registration Act, 1908 allows the transfer, sale, lease or any other form of disposal of property.

Moreover, by property registration you can easily prove your legal ownership of the property. But, to process the home registration successfully you will need a lot of documents in place. By using our property legal services you can be rest assured of successfully possession of your property without any legal hassles.

LuXia’s property management services for NRI and Overseas Citizens of India includes property registration service so as to fastrack and facilitate the entire process.LuXia’s property managers ensure the successful registration of your property with complete credence and safety. Our team of property lawyers is backed by years of experience, thereby delivering maximum client safety. We carefully work on the complete process from document inspection to meeting with the local registrar.

LuXia will help you to get the registration on your behalf in India. You need not travel or spend time on this tedious process by using our property management services.

We provide expert property law services to ensure that our NRI clients are directed in the right direction and are not unnecessarily harassed by the government officials.

We provide the following property registration services to our Non Resident Indians (NRI) clients.

Our residential property management professionals can guide you in registering the Sale Deed or Gift Deed or any other deed for your property at the corresponding jurisdictional Sub-Registrar’s Office. We will walk with you throughout the process and also have our managers/ property lawyers guide you or your chosen Power of Attorney holder. Since NRIs cannot be physically present for registration, therefore we can help them by acting as their Power of Attorney.

We will share the list of documents needed for the property registration beforehand. So that the client can send us the documents to verify that all the documents are in place. Then, our property lawyers will re-verify the documents and check for the suitable registration fees and stamp duty charges.

Our property managers will also help you in a timely arrangement of the payment methods (DD) for the registration and stamp.

Our well equipped team also helps you on TDS deduction, wherever it is applicable.

NRIs or homeowners who stay away from their property and cannot make a visit to sign the required documents can get particularly benefited by our service. We help our clients in preparing Power of Attorney (POA) for your chosen member to represent you on this matter. Additionally, it is important to know that for NRIs particularly, adjudication of POA is mandatory.

Our property manager and property lawyer will be physically present with you or your chosen POA holder during the complete registration process. We will accompany you throughout the entire process to ensure effortless registration of your residential property.