LuXia provides property handover service as part of it’s highly customized remote property management services for NRIs and Indian property owners who live away from their property.

In case of anything missing or found inappropriate, our management services will coordinate with your builder to ensure it is corrected and maintained as promised. We have our property legal advisors on board to handle all the legal concerns and penalties, if any.

Our property handover services ensure your rental property or your house is delivered just as promised to you. As one of the leading property management companies we also give your property an aesthetic touch with our interior designing services so that when in future you decide to hire a housing rental agency they’ll be able to give you the best ROI.

Our packages are designed such that they meet your pocket and needs.


LuXia’s property managers will work on the detailing of the delivery along with handling any legal disputes to cross check with real estate terms of Builder Buyer Agreement (BBA) and ensure right property with right terms is delivered to you.

Moreover, since we have premiere property maintenance services, therefore we have our contacts and in-house repair and maintenance team to address any post-possession fixes.

Here are some of the items of the checklist per our property post-possession service.

Fittings, doors and windows, paint, electrical fittings, the keys, look for cracks, drainage outlets, check for leakages, amenities.