Property Management Services for NRI & Indian Homeowners

Our end-to-end professional property management services are for all property owners; irrespective of your location.

Being a property owner, it is difficult to manage property on day to day basis. This is where LuXia helps for assurance guaranteed and hassle-free remote residential property management; which includes management of property registration, property possession, interior designing of homes, property rentals and property repair and maintenance.

Pre-possesion & Registration

We all know how things run in the real estate world. Hence, we have our services rendered to manage your property hassle free and conveniently. If you have your house booked with a builder and are facing troubles getting the possession, then try our property possession service for guaranteed results.

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Our professional property management services also handle your property registration matters, if required. If you are an NRI or have a remote property in India or are facing property legal issues in registration then all you have to do is get in touch with us.

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Interior Designing

Looking to buy/sell house or thinking of home renovation then think LuXia. Our interior designers can help you extract the maximum value, space, rent, aesthetics and more from your property. No matter what’s the size of your home, our professional interior designing company can help you get a beautiful home per your taste. Give us a call now.

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Repair and Maintenance of property

When you are away from your property it gets very difficult to maintain property and look after the wear and tears. This is where our property maintenance company steps in to help you fix those plumber issues, electricity fixes, lawn maintenance, wall paintings etc. Your dedicated property manager will take proactive measures to keep your real estate property in the best shape.

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Rental Property Management

Here at LuXia we completely understand that your rental property is an important investment. Hence, you rightly expect most returns of it. Our property managers help you achieve this by minimizing your vacancies and maximizing your rental yield. With broad commercial experience in the rental property management we are able to deliver desired results, consistently. From finding right tenant to preparing rental agreement and rent collection we do it all.

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Property Legal Services

LuXia has well known legal advisors on board to help you if you have invested in property and not getting the possession or if the builder is not honoring the terms and conditions agreed, or if builder is not giving compensation as per the ruling given by Government, or if you are facing difficulties in registration of the property without you having spent your precious time and money for getting this done and many more Real Estate Property Legal Services.

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LuXia is a leading property management company in Delhi and we are all about simplifying the management and maintenance course for property owners. We not only help landlords to reduce the stress of managing their property, but also let you expand your investment options, among others.

By associating with us you free yourself from all the concerns related to your property management. This starts right from pre-possession to interior designing, to renting and maintenance and timely rent collection from the tenant.

  1. Our value-proposition for residential property management and maintenance includes:
  2. Legal Assistance: Complete legal assistance to support and safeguard landlord interests
  3. Cutting edge and long-term property management to up the property value with first-rate services
  4. Fair handling of accounts and operations to deliver maximum returns on your investment
  5. Real-time tracking of accounts, rent status and other information for property owners

Our services for NRI landlords

We offer end-to-end NRI property management services to homeowners, this includes:

  • Property registration
  • Timely possession
  • Cross-check inventory and utility connections
  • Interior Designing
  • Keys Management
  • Maintenance of property
  • Marketing and letting
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • Full-service Leasing
  • Timely rent collection
  • Regular house inspection
  • Regular updates in client portal