How do I find a good Property Management Company near me?

Considering the benefits of hiring a property management company, it is a great decision for landlords who stay away from their properties.

A good property manager makes certain that your tenants are happy and satisfied; that you receive a consistent rental cash flow, and that your property is properly maintained.

Therefore, look for the below attributes in a property management company to get high returns on your investment:

  • Robust tenant screening process
  • Solid rent payment collection
  • Timely inspections of your rental property
  • Follows a maintenance and repair policy

As a property owner, you will also need to consider a few more things like:

  • competitive property management fees,
  • excellent communication between you, your tenants and your property managers, and ,
  • proper documentation of all the paperwork of your residential rental property by your property manager.

If you are looking to hire a professional property management company near you, keep reading to know how to find one nearby that will achieve all of your property management requirements.

Finding a Property Management Company Near You

1. Look Online

The first and the trending way to to look for a local property management company is to type in “property management company near me” in Google. And you will have the results in front of you in less than a second.

After you have shortlisted the prospective property management companies near you from your search results, finalize your search with further investigation.

If the company has a website (which they should in today’s era of digitization) then take a look at it and see if it has these information:

  • A detailed list of landlord services they provide including, but not limited to: property registration, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance schedules, financial reports and property inspections.
  • Arbitration policy and privacy policy for property owners and website users
  • General information regarding the company
  • Areas served by the property managers
  • An online portal for the landlords
  • Testimonials from existing property owners
  • Contact details (address, phone, email – all three)

You might think of the above information as very obvious. But many property management companies may not mention these on their website.

In fact, the way a company represents itself online, speaks volumes about it. A good property management company mentions all the possible information for the property owners. So as to give them a better insight and to help them make an informed decision.

Since the management company is transparent about their information and practices, hence, the property owners see them as a reliable investment.

Apart from the website, also check for any online reviews available for the company. You can do this by typing in the exact name of the company and look for any reviews on the leading websites. The reviews may be too negative or positive due to discrete situations. So, its better to take these with a grain of salt.

2. Get a Local Referral

You must be having friends, relatives or acquaintances in your circle with rental property in your local area. There are very good chances that some of them use property management services from a local company. And they can share honest, unbiased reviews of their experience with a management company.

Since the review comes from a referral whom you know personally, therefore, there is no chance of any hidden truths, or misleads.

People generally prefer asking referrals for home services, particularly in case of income properties. If a property manager has a bad reputation, the word about it will spread fast in the real estate circle of property owners and other industry professionals.

Likewise, property managers with exceptional work portfolio and good reputation will have clients coming their way by happy and satisfied referrals.

Bottom line is that reviews can be helpful. But nothing beats the trust gained from hiring a property manager referred from someone you know personally.

3. Check Out Local Ads

One of the task of a property management company is rental marketing. This means to handle the marketing and advertising of your rental property in order to find tenants for vacant properties.

This is a very convenient way to find local property managers.

Just look for the rent ads in your local newspaper or online classifieds. These resources are usually employed by local property management companies. So as to share that a rental property they manage is available for rent.

By following the advertisement trail you can shake hands with some best operational property management companies near you.

There’s another hidden advantage of looking in to local ads for finding a property management company in your local area. You get an idea of  how they advertise vacancies and whether you are impressed with their advertising skills.

4. Talk to Current Renters

In the real estate web, the chances of you knowing someone who lives in a rented apartment are quite high.

Just reach out to the tenants and ask them if they are in direct contact with the landlord for rent payment or for addressing any issue. Or a property management company is the point of contact for them.

The tenant will definitely share their honest experience with you about their property manager.

Bottom line

It’s not hard to find a property management company near you. But, to find the right one is crucial and challenging. Go for the one that has high working standards, competitive fee structure and a good reputation in the real estate community.

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