Why is Self-Managing of Property not beneficial for homeowners?

Do you find yourself caught-up in all the legal paperwork?

Does amateur suggestions from relatives, friends and casual legal consultants backfire?

Do you often face issues and violations that are unfair or unforeseen?

Do you feel you are not getting the expected ROI from your property?

Are you spending more on traveling to sort out the tenant issues?

If the answers to all the above questions are YES, then you are most likely involved in self-managing of your property. While it may seem comforting and inexpensive in the beginning.

But it costs a lot; both in terms of money and time.

More importantly its pivotal for NRI homeowners and homeowners who live away from their properties to understand that:

“It doesn’t just take you—it takes a team for property management!”

If self-managing homeowners or property managers are not proficient in the property management, tenant management and rent management then it could lead to catastrophe in terms of costs and more.

“One wrong decision can cost more than quite a few months of management fees. “

If you own a small or family owned property then there are very bright chances of you getting embroiled in the onslaught of the changing tenant-landlord rules and regulations.

Even with best intentions, family members, relatives, friends and inexperienced legal advisers are inept to effectively provide rightest advice because of less knowledge, inexperience, or having not enough time to walk with the ever-changing laws.

How can professional property managers help?

A professional property manager company has a compliance department which is experienced in handling and monitoring complaints, violations and warnings so that nothing goes unattended or unnoticed.

The property managers are well equipped with knowledge and experience to handle violations, property maintenance, rent management and other associated services.

As opposed to self-managed properties, a property management company can help you

  • avoid tiring concerns,
  • stay compliant with tenant-landlord regulations,
  • prevents loss of rent due to tenant vacancy, and many other benefits.

Moreover, with a competent property manager on your side you will be able to save a huge amount time and money. The entire management of property for NRIs particularly is tricky to maneuver successfully with constructive results, but with property management services, it gets seamless and efficient.

How you can save money by using property management services

A professional property management company never stops searching for ways they save money or cut cost for the landlord. Hence, as opposed to the myth of high-cost management services, by hiring a property manager you cave a lot of cost on managing your property.

Here’s a case study to explain more.

A property management company does detailed analysis to prepare accurate budgets for their clients and take measures to monitor them closely. Although many expenses are fixed but for anything they can regulate, they are proactive, diligent and insistent in doing so.

A property manager puts in the time and effort to make timely visits to the property to ensure the health of the property. This also wears-off out-of-the-hand expenses for delayed maintenance. This means – another step towards saving unnecessary money.

Tenant retention

Retaining a tenant is crucial for any landlord. A good property management company will bring in good market rate tenants only after careful screening process. They will also maintain tenant retention to shun downtime and the extra cost of painting and regular upgrades.

Minimizing tenant vacancy is something a self-managed property misses out on. This is because mostly the property owners who manage their property themselves keep random tenant, without knowing their background and screening is just off the plate.

Hence loss of time, money and efforts.


Hiring a property management company is your best bet to manage your property contrary to self-management of property. You save a lot of your valuable time and your hard-earned money by utilizing property management services.

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