12 Vastu Tips Before Choosing & Purchasing A New Plot

One of the most important procedures followed by the majority of Indians is plot vastu, which refers to the positive energies to attain peace and prosperous existence while ignoring the negative energies. The old Indian architectural system is the foundation of vastu shastra.

Here are 12 plot vastu tips you should follow when selecting and buying a plot to attract good energy into your home.

Rectangular plots: Similar to square plots, which have four equal sides and 90-degree angles on all four, rectangle plots feature opposing sides that are equal. The plot’s length to breadth should be divided in half, or 1:2. According to vastu, the property’s North and South slopes are favourable.

Square plots: This property’s plot sides are all equal and at 90-degree angles. Square locations facing northeast or north are advised by Asvastu. It also works well for commercial requirements.

Irregular plots: These stories have unpretentious themes and depressing undertones. Try to convert that plot into a square or rectangular one.

Vidisha plot: All four corners of the Vidisha plan meet at cardinal points or cardinal directions. In doing so, it creates a magnetic angle with the magnetic axis of the earth. The owner enjoys considerable prosperity.

Gaumukhiplot: These plots have a narrow front and a broad back, with the back’s width being on the northeastern side. Additionally, it works well for both household and professional uses.

Shermukhiplot: broad from the front and narrow from the back plots. This wide area is on the northeastern side and is suitable for business.

Vithishoolplot: The road-pointing plot is known as the Vithi school plot. In which the plot has a road that runs directly through it. Both positive and negative energy may result from this. It depends on the directions it is coming from. Positive energy is given off if the wind is coming from the northeast or north.

Plot, which has roads on all four sides, is most favourable for residential and commercial purposes.  

The plots with three-sided roadways are divided into the following categories:The site is suitable for residential and commercial use because it has blocked roads to the north, east, west, and south.But a property with access to the north, south, and east but no access to the west is fantastic for business.

Avoid buying land next to places of worship like churches or temples. Avoid having the shadow of a temple, church, or other religious building fall on your home as this is very unlucky.

Avoid selecting or purchasing a small plot between two larger ones.

The best water supplies are on the north and east sides.

These 12 story line Vastu tips might assist you understand the type of harmony that exists between the owner and the cosmos.