DIY Birthday Party Home Decor

For your upcoming birthday celebrations, have you thought of opting for DIY home decorations? Rather than going with boring ready-made decorations, you can create unique designs to add a personalized touch to the festivities. Because birthdays come around only once a year, whereby, you cross age milestones, calling for merry-making.

Here are a host of DIY party décor ideas for you to incorporate to cherish your birthday bash as a sweet memory

  • Balloon options

Even if you’re planning on simple birthday decoration at home, balloons are an absolute must. For you surely will agree that no party is complete without balloons, right? Of course, you may need the help of friends and family members to blow the balloons, but that can be a fun-filling experience too.

Among your balloon options are the glitter balloons and ice cream balloons – among others.

diy balloon home decorIn glitter balloons, you can choose a host of vibrant colors or go with one or two colors to keep things simple. Basic and nippy, all you require for glitter balloons are balloons, glitter, and glue. Puff up the balloons and apply the glue for forming interesting shapes or stripes on the balloon. Next, put the glitter onto the glue and wipe off the excess.

For creating ice cream balloons, you first need to prepare paper cones using newspaper or craft paper. Follow by placing the balloon atop the cone and sticking with glue.

After applying glue, leave the balloons to dry for some time.

Voila, you’re glistening party decorations are all poised.

  • Inscribed table cloth

Require tablecloth immediately? Take some brown packing paper, colors and a potato. Chop the potato in two equal pieces and dunk in the color. Pursue by creating prints on the brown paper with the dunked potato. Your DIY, reusable tablecloth is all set.

  • Splatter the venue with colors

Colors play an important role in all types of decorations. So, even if you intend on having simple decorations for birthday party at home, you must use as many colors as possible – for a vibrant feel that is.

Plus, you must make sure to add an array of items in varied shades. Go on and add a dash of color to pictures, balloons, and furnishings for a lively vibe.

  • Pay attention to the lights

If you’re looking for home décor ideas for DIY birthday decorations for adults, keep in mind to opt for soft lights; they help to create an intimate mood. Lit up the place with candles of different sizes, colors, and shapes. More so, spread the candles all over the place. You can also use fun lights, for they help to light up all your home corners.

And if you’re having a party outdoors, then you can hang lights and lanterns all around to lend a bewitching twist to your garden party.

  • Streamer cascades

DIY birthday party home decor ideasFor your homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids, have you thought of using crepe paper streamers? Only you need to buy streamers in different colors from any local decoration shop and decorate your walls to liven up the place.

  • Special Party Hats

DIY birthday party home decorStandard party hats are so dull. Instead, perk up your birthday revelry by adorning the party hats with stones, paper flowers, ruffles, and stones.

  • Decorated vases

If you’re keen on learning how to make birthday decorations, then you can start with creating colored vases. You will need paint colors and a couple of glass vases. Douse the bottom 1/3rd of the jars in the colors and allow the paint to dry on a newspaper. After the paint has dried, you can place flowers (fresh or dry ones) in the newly-painted vases.

  • Glass showpieces

Scouting for some stylish birthday concepts? If yes, then you can consider having glass centerpieces. Take glass jars from the cabinet, some glitter, and battery-controlled candles. Apply little glue on the inner part of the jars to stick the golden glitter. Remove the excess glue and place a candle inside the glasses. Light up the candles when the party begins.

Plan your DIY birthday party décor now!

In addition to the above-mentioned DIY birthday party home décor ideas, you have several other options to choose from. These include cupcake linears, cake toppers, hanging tissue balls, accessorized drinking straws, among others.

You only need a few basic supplies for creating distinctive decorations to make your birthday memorable for many years to come for your guests.

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