How NRI can Manage Property in India?

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can manage their property in India in several ways. Here are some of the options available to NRIs for managing their property in India:

1.Appointing a trusted family member or friend as a power of attorney: NRIs can appoint a trusted family member or friend who is resident in India as a power of attorney to manage their property in India. This person will be authorized to sign documents, pay bills, and manage the property on behalf of the NRI.

2. Engaging a property management company: NRIs can engage the services of a property management company in India to take care of their property. The company will be responsible for managing the property, collecting rent, and taking care of maintenance and repairs.

3. Renting out the property: NRIs can rent out their property in India to generate income. They can either do this themselves or engage the services of a property management company to handle the rental process.

4. Selling the property: NRIs can also choose to sell their property in India if they no longer wish to manage it. They can either do this themselves or engage the services of a real estate agent to handle the sale.

It is important for NRIs to be aware of the legal and tax implications of managing property in India, and to seek professional advice if necessary. They should also ensure that they have all the necessary documentation in place, such as a power of attorney, and that their property is properly insured.

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NRI can Manage Property in India

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