Explore the Millennial trend of Minimalist home decor!

The good news for the home furnishings market is that Millennials are finally investing in homes. Of course, the Millennial cohort has been slow in catching up with the adulthood milestones compared to their parents. However, the trends suggest that they are now keener on buying homes than the previous generations as they’re maturing.

As per a Goldman Sachs report, people tend to buy homes mostly when they are between the ages of 25 to 45 years.

Some interior design ideas that interest Millennials are an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary. Also, they are not fans of expensive furniture. Instead, you will find them shopping for vintage items at flea markets and investing in DIY furniture.

Another trend reflected in Millennials’ homes is their love for designing personal objects. Plus, they invest in artisan elements to uplift their homes’ overall appearance.

More so, if you ask any rental property management consultant, they will vouch for the fact that minimalistic decor is what appeals to the Millennial generation.

Here are some Millennial minimalistic home decor trends.

  • Love for Nature

Along with being adept at technology, Millennials are passionate about nature. Yes, their passion for nature is displayed in their Interior Designing choices.

They are also sensitive about environmental issues and want their personal spaces decorated with the good green stuff – plants. Yes, besides pets, plants are found in the homes of Millennials. Among the popular choices in plants, Millennials opt for snake plants, ferns, cacti, and succulents.

  • Basic Furniture

Although Millennials do not spend big on high-end furniture, they are finicky about their home fixtures. A prominent property management company in Delhi, NCR, will affirm that Millennials are all about practicality when choosing their home fittings. So, Scandinavian designs favor the Y-generation because of its simplistic patterns.

Besides that, benches and wooden shelves are other home decor favorites of the new generation.

  • DIY Rocks

Millennials learn to cook, stitch, among other crafts, for a break from technology. They are going with handmade quilts and photo-frames for their interior design bedroom designs.

  • Work corner is an absolute must.

More and more Millennials prefer to work from home in today’s times, with the workplace trends veering towards flexible hours. Also, because the latest generation members are risk-takers and entrepreneurs, they choose to work from fully-equipped home offices.

As per reputed property maintenance services companies, Millennials invest in comfortable desks and chairs and advanced technological equipment. Besides, they do not need filing cabinets because Cloud Technology is here to stay.

  • Mix and Match Rules

A distinctive trait of this generation is their love for mixing and matching. So, whether they’re working with materials or styles, they constantly try new things. As part of their interior design for the living room, they match modern pieces with conventional items.

Their love for mixing and matching is also seen with recovered materials – including tiles, hydraulic floors, wood, and vintage furniture.

  • Minimalism is the magic word.

In Millennial homes, you will rarely find large-sized items – whether home appliances or furniture. More so, rental management companies will ascertain that Generation Y does not hoard their kitchens with many kitchen appliances. Rather, Millennials are rooting for simple and practical designs. They are gung-ho about minimalism, with their smartphones doing the rest—no reason to fret.


Every new generation comes with different tastes. Millennial decor differs from their mothers’ or grandmothers’ generation’s home decoration choices.

The Millennial generation is the first-ever genesis that are technology savvy, trend addicts, and well-educated. They are also loyal to their preferred brands and dream of roaming the world.

Millennials love the minimalistic look in a nutshell, and their homes reflect their clutter-free choices. More so, if they’ve invested in homes, they’re availing NRI property management services for safeguarding their property while they’re busy pursuing their personal interests.

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