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Modern and chic interior designing for your Indian home

With India boasting of rich cultural heritage, you have a wide variety of options in home décor projects when going for an Indian-based theme in a modern setting. Yes, you can design your personal space to reflect the glory of India’s glorious past in combination with contemporary designs.

In today’s times, innovative home interior decoration ideas are also seen as an effective way to increase your home’s rental values – as per the rental management specialists, that is.

So, here is your interior designing checklist when planning to merge traditionally-Indian designs with their modern counterparts.

  • Add the spiritual touch.

Because most Indians are spiritual, you may want to consider redecorating your home with artifacts representing your beliefs. Ranging from busts to photographs to sculptures to photos to backlit lamination on your walls, you can take your pick from the different choices.

Here, opting for a puja house in one of your home corners is also an excellent example of modern Indian interior design.

  • Go Minimalistic

Refurbishing homes with elegant furniture was one of the popular interior design ideas in yore days. Even so, nowadays, many people are going the minimalistic way. The idea is to get rid of the clutter and enjoy a more open space.

One of the popular aspects of Indian contemporary home interiors is doing away with the unwanted stuff. By doing so, your room will look spacious and seem more welcoming when you return from a tiring day of work.

  • Play with colors

Because Indians love color, your Indian home has to be colorful too. The general recommendation is to opt for two contemporary colors for each room. Your property maintenance services manager will opine the popular color combinations include a mix of pink and purple tones or yellow and orange hues.

Also, you must avoid mixing loud colors such as yellow and pink or green and blue. Instead, mix and match jarring colors with neutral ones (such as grey, white, cream, or black) to strike the right chord.

  • Keep it distinctive

To add your personalized touch to your abode, a prominent property management company in Delhi NCR might suggest adding some unique items that you’ve gathered during your travels across India as well. As such, you can choose metal busts of a deity that you worship or engraved metal lamps from different Indian districts.

Pasting Gondi art details on your walls is another way of uplifting your home’s desi look. Gondi, a conventional tribal art, entails colorful themes with intricate details. Apart from Gondi’s works, you can keep things interestingly Indian with other tribal skills such as Warli and Madhubani.

  • Maintain the rustic quality

To keep things rustic to portray your home’s Indian-ness, you must choose not only earthy fabrics but also rustic textiles. For the same, placing a woven rug in your living room is a good suggestion.

Hanging jute-based animal heads on your room walls are other woven features to decorate your home with. Other than that, you can renovate your windows with pastoral woven blinds.

Another proposal by the rental property management professionals to keep things colorful and rustic is to have colorfully-patterned cushions composed of rustic materials (such as wool and cotton).

  • Make way for the four-poster

Ancient Indian beds would have frames supported by four posters; these features come in handy for hanging mosquito nets. Of course, with the rapid progress of technology, such aspects are not seen anymore.

So, why not return to the ways of your grandparents by installing a four-poster bed in your bedroom. Only make sure that you also enhance the bed’s look with linens, sheers, and ruffles.

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In addition to the above-listed pointers, you can combine Indian-made handicrafts with contemporary items in your abode too. Indian furniture, including Indian rosewood, is hailed for its rustic look and robustness. So, for that eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary designs, go with handmade Indian furniture with a modern outline.

Some NRI property management services personnel may also advise giving an exciting twist with compact furniture and revolutionary lights when redoing your contemporary home the Indian way.

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Top 3 strategies to manage rental properties

As a landlord, you have to maintain your rental property to generate revenue. For the same, you have two choices. First, you manage all the nitty-gritty stuff by yourself. Second, you can outsource the related jobs to a property services company.

Moving on, here we have listed the three strategies for your rental property management needs. We will study the three areas under rental property management before that.

Three areas of rental property management

Before selecting a suitable rental management strategy, you must know the various rental property management areas.

  • Dealing with your tenants

Apart from rent collection, your landlord’s responsibilities include addressing tenant complaints, ascertaining the lease agreements are up-to-date, and checking for any damage after tenants move out.

Aside from that, landlords have also to screen prospective tenants while studying their background.

  • Handling the Property Maintenance Works

As part of a landlord’s property maintenance duties, they must maintain the building’s physical structure and ensure that the conditions are habitable for their tenants.

So, when it comes to keeping the premises clean and repairing any leaks and faulty locks, or giving access to the mandatory utilities, landlords have to be in charge.

Also, you have to manage the inspections from your insurance company, lenders, and government bodies. They conduct inspections to ensure that the health and safety codes are being duly followed.

However, you must also think of hiring the services of an interior designing company in Delhi for the home decor needs of your rental properties – to shore up the rental values, that is.

  • Finance Management

Managing finances is also an essential responsibility of landlords. As such, they should calculate their monthly income and expenditure.

Under the financial management of rental properties, landlords must record rent payments, insurance charges, taxes, mortgages, and property fees.

3 Strategies for managing your rental property

After understanding the different areas that come under rental property management, we move to your options on managing the various functions.

  • Adopt the Do-It-Yourself Approach

If you’re opting for the DIY rental property management model, the entire responsibility falls upon you. Whether collecting rent or filing taxes to maintaining your property, you are accountable for them all.

The pros of the DIY approach are that you’re totally in control and aware of all the related aspects of your property.

The cons of this model are that you’re likely to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of paperwork required.

So, unless you have previous experience managing rentals, the general recommendation is to work with a reputed rental management services company.

  • Combination of Do-It-Yourself and Outsourcing

Under this approach, you can manage the tasks you’re well-equipped in and outsource the jobs you’re not qualified for to a Delhi property management company.

A good strategy is to outsource the legal matters and maintenance works to the professionals. On the other hand, you can manage your rental property’s finances and tend to your tenant issues, for such matters are relatively easy to handle.

Plus, you can outsource the home remodeling jobs to reputed interior Designers in Delhi to win compliments from all quarters.

  • Outsource all the responsibilities

Suppose you’re not comfortable managing your rental property and want to invest your efforts only in selecting properties and other investments. In that case, your best option is to hire a property manager or contact the property management services Gurgaon.

The property management specialists are fully-equipped to manage your rental property. Ranging from undertaking the repairs to collecting rent to screening tenants, they can deliver handsomely.

This approach is suitable for landlords who live away from their rental properties or own many rental properties. More so, if you’re a property investor who has a diversified investment portfolio, you can avail this option.

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So, we have seen that landlords who cannot manage their rental properties can hire property management consultants’ services.

Now, if you’re looking to outsource your rental property management responsibilities, you can contact the renowned NRI property management services companies. Having the support of experienced property managers, property management companies can reduce your workload significantly. Besides, you can avail some attractive deals if you own several rental properties.

More importantly, you must ensure to screen the property managers before you hire their services, for the saying ‘better safe than sorry holds.

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Landlord duties and responsibilities

Landlord-tenant laws are framed to serve the interests of both parties. Of course, different states and countries have varying rules, but landlords have some essential duties even then. Your rental property management team will update you on the same. Among your landlord duties, you have to maintain and handle the repairs of their rented properties.

However, here we have listed some general duties and responsibilities of landlords.

  • Invest in landlord insurance

Any renowned property management company in Delhi NCR will advise landlords to first opt for sufficient landlord insurance. By doing so, you can protect your rented property and ensure your financial wellbeing.

As part of landlord insurance benefits, you can claim lost rental income owing to renovation works and other damages. The equipment you keep on your property for the maintenance works is covered from damages under landlord insurance.

  • Mold Treatment

Your rental management services company will tell you to get rid of mold on your rental property beforehand. Moreover, because mold grows because of pipe or drainage damage, landlords should make sure to undertake the necessary repair works to prevent decay from growing again anytime soon.

  • Repairing Works

By opting for timely repairs, you can maintain your rental property efficiently. So, if your tenant is complaining of paints peeling or clogged drains or the air conditioner breaking down, you must call the repairmen immediately. You can then shore up your rental values and maintain a healthy relationship with your tenants.

If you’ve not remodeled your rental property for a long time, you should think of contacting interior designing Delhi experts for the refurbishing jobs. Here again, you stand to benefit from higher rents.

  • Smoke Detectors

An essential responsibility of landlords is to install smoke detectors in the houses they let out. In general, as per state laws, landlords are required to invest in smoke detectors.

Now, if you’ve already mounted smoke detecting devices on your rental property, you have also to make sure they are in working condition before your new tenants move in.

  • Suitable living conditions

Another responsibility that falls upon landlords’ shoulders is to fix any issues that can cause potential harm to their tenants, as per the rent management system. As such, you have to maintain your rented property in a habitable condition. That said, you must check if your tenants have access to water and electricity.

  • Right to Entry

When landlords and tenants sign a rental agreement, the latter is given their right to privacy. This means landlords have to consent from the tenants before entering the homes.

Under rental property management contracts, landlords can only enter the premises for repair work. Or, they can take prior consent to show the property to prospective tenants. More so, they are allowed to enter in emergencies such as fire or natural calamity.

  • Security Deposit

Before moving into the rented homes, tenants have to furnish a security deposit, one or two times the monthly rent charges. The landlord has the right to keep the security deposit until the rent period expiry to cover any damages.

If landlords find damage to the property not arisen due to general wear and tear, they can use the repairs’ security deposit money.

  • Non-Renewal Intimation

In some cases, landlords might not want to renew their rental agreements with their tenants after the stipulated duration. Here, the landlords have to serve a notice of non-renewal to the tenants. Commonly, the landlords should intimate the tenants 60 days before the rental contract expiry.

  • Maintenance Works

Landlords can delegate the responsibility of lawn-care maintenance to the tenants. Even so, the lease agreement should include such a clause if that is the case. Else, the landlord is required for the lawn maintenance jobs.

Other than that, landlords have to burden the responsibility of removing or clearing snow from the pathways if they’re renting a property in places having cold weather.


To be on the safer side, you must discharge your landlord duties as required by the law. Nonetheless, if you’re opting for NRI property management services, you can leave property maintenance tasks and other responsibilities to their experts and breathe easy.

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Explore the Millennial trend of Minimalist home decor!

The good news for the home furnishings market is that Millennials are finally investing in homes. Of course, the Millennial cohort has been slow in catching up with the adulthood milestones compared to their parents. However, the trends suggest that they are now keener on buying homes than the previous generations as they’re maturing.

As per a Goldman Sachs report, people tend to buy homes mostly when they are between the ages of 25 to 45 years.

Some interior design ideas that interest Millennials are an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary. Also, they are not fans of expensive furniture. Instead, you will find them shopping for vintage items at flea markets and investing in DIY furniture.

Another trend reflected in Millennials’ homes is their love for designing personal objects. Plus, they invest in artisan elements to uplift their homes’ overall appearance.

More so, if you ask any rental property management consultant, they will vouch for the fact that minimalistic decor is what appeals to the Millennial generation.

Here are some Millennial minimalistic home decor trends.

  • Love for Nature

Along with being adept at technology, Millennials are passionate about nature. Yes, their passion for nature is displayed in their Interior Designing choices.

They are also sensitive about environmental issues and want their personal spaces decorated with the good green stuff – plants. Yes, besides pets, plants are found in the homes of Millennials. Among the popular choices in plants, Millennials opt for snake plants, ferns, cacti, and succulents.

  • Basic Furniture

Although Millennials do not spend big on high-end furniture, they are finicky about their home fixtures. A prominent property management company in Delhi, NCR, will affirm that Millennials are all about practicality when choosing their home fittings. So, Scandinavian designs favor the Y-generation because of its simplistic patterns.

Besides that, benches and wooden shelves are other home decor favorites of the new generation.

  • DIY Rocks

Millennials learn to cook, stitch, among other crafts, for a break from technology. They are going with handmade quilts and photo-frames for their interior design bedroom designs.

  • Work corner is an absolute must.

More and more Millennials prefer to work from home in today’s times, with the workplace trends veering towards flexible hours. Also, because the latest generation members are risk-takers and entrepreneurs, they choose to work from fully-equipped home offices.

As per reputed property maintenance services companies, Millennials invest in comfortable desks and chairs and advanced technological equipment. Besides, they do not need filing cabinets because Cloud Technology is here to stay.

  • Mix and Match Rules

A distinctive trait of this generation is their love for mixing and matching. So, whether they’re working with materials or styles, they constantly try new things. As part of their interior design for the living room, they match modern pieces with conventional items.

Their love for mixing and matching is also seen with recovered materials – including tiles, hydraulic floors, wood, and vintage furniture.

  • Minimalism is the magic word.

In Millennial homes, you will rarely find large-sized items – whether home appliances or furniture. More so, rental management companies will ascertain that Generation Y does not hoard their kitchens with many kitchen appliances. Rather, Millennials are rooting for simple and practical designs. They are gung-ho about minimalism, with their smartphones doing the rest—no reason to fret.


Every new generation comes with different tastes. Millennial decor differs from their mothers’ or grandmothers’ generation’s home decoration choices.

The Millennial generation is the first-ever genesis that are technology savvy, trend addicts, and well-educated. They are also loyal to their preferred brands and dream of roaming the world.

Millennials love the minimalistic look in a nutshell, and their homes reflect their clutter-free choices. More so, if they’ve invested in homes, they’re availing NRI property management services for safeguarding their property while they’re busy pursuing their personal interests.

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