The Complete Pre-Possession Checklist For Your New Home

Prepossession, in the context of a new house, refers to the activities or tasks that take place before you officially take possession or move into the property.It involves several important steps to ensure a smooth transition and a successful move-in process. Certainly! Here’s a comprehensive pre-possession checklist to help you prepare for moving into a new home or taking possession of a property:

1. Legal and Documentation:

    • Obtain all necessary legal documents, including the deed, purchase agreement, lease agreement, or rental contract.
    • Review and ensure all paperwork is accurate and complete.
    • Verify the terms and conditions of the agreement, such as the purchase price, closing date, or rental terms.

2. Utilities and Services:

    • Contact utility companies (electricity, water, gas, internet, cable, etc.) to transfer or set up new accounts in your name.
    • Schedule the activation or transfer of services for the possession date.
    • Confirm that the property is accessible to utility providers and necessary connections are in place.

3. Change of Address:

    • Update your address with the postal service, including forwarding mail from your old address to the new one.
    • Inform important parties of your address change, such as banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and government agencies.
    • Notify friends, family, and subscription services of your new address.

4. Insurance:

    • Secure homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance to protect your property and belongings.
    • Ensure your policy is active and coverage begins on the possession date.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance:

    • Plan for a thorough cleaning of the property before moving in.
    • Check for any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks that need to be addressed before possession.

6. Key and Access:

    • Collect the keys or access codes required to enter the property.
    • Test the keys or access devices to ensure they work properly.

7. Security:

    • Change the locks or consider rekeying them for enhanced security.
    • Install or test any existing security systems, such as alarms or surveillance cameras.

8. Moving and Storage:

    • Arrange for professional movers or rent a moving truck if needed.
    • Pack and label your belongings properly, making a detailed inventory.
    • Organize any necessary storage solutions if you require extra space.

9. Inspection and Walkthrough:

    • Conduct a final inspection or walkthrough of the property before taking possession.
    • Note any discrepancies, damages, or issues and communicate them to the appropriate parties.

10. Essentials and Comfort:

    • Prepare essential items like toiletries, bedding, kitchenware, and cleaning supplies for immediate use.
    • Ensure the property has basic amenities, such as functioning toilets, heating/cooling systems, and appliances.

11. Familiarize Yourself:

    • Take note of the location of important utilities, shut-off valves, circuit breakers, and emergency exits.
    • Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, nearby services, and amenities.

Remember to consult local regulations and tailor this checklist according to your specific needs and circumstances. Moving into a new property can be an exciting but busy time, so staying organized and prepared will help ensure a smooth transition.


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