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Why Property Management Company makes sense for NRI property owners ?

When investing in real estate as an NRI, you immediately encounter one clear obstacle: your property is frequently very far from your residential region. It is challenging to make on-time trips and to stay current on regional changes and market trends. An NRI property management business can be very beneficial at this point.

When you live abroad, you may not have time to follow up on property concerns because you are already juggling other responsibilities.

Imagine there is a leak in the house where you rented out your residence in India and left it in the care of a close cousin. The tenant is attempting to reach your relative but is having trouble doing so, and you are not available because of the time difference. What does your tenant do, and what do you do to get that water leak fixed asap?

Although they appear straightforward, these circumstances could occur frequently. It all adds up: a broken window, a water leak, policy modifications, unforeseen tenant requests, etc. A relative might not be able to handle all of these issues in tough times.
As a result, you require an NRI property management company to oversee every aspect of your property.


These little but important issues are taken care of for you by an NRI property management firm. Additionally, they make sure any damages or maintenance tasks are finished if your tenant vacated unexpectedly, and they list your property in the appropriate places.

Here we list the benefits you can reap by getting yourself an NRI property management company.

Analyzes your Property and the Real Estate Market

You need someone who can continuously track the shifting real estate market and take the right action at the right time when buying or selling a property. If you don’t know the current market trends and the worth of the properties in your area, you can wind up undervaluing or overvaluing your real estate investment. Additionally, if you already own a property and want to rent it out, you might not be fully informed of the rent trends in your area.

You can get a team that is committed to finding the best real estate investment opportunities for you by hiring an NRI property management company.

Pays Attention to Every Detail

A competent property manager from an NRI property management firm will be able to periodically visit your property to oversee its care and maintenance. The property must be periodically inspected for weather-related damage and, if occupied, any unreported tenant damage, regardless of whether it is vacant or occupied.

For instance, a property manager will visit your vacant property to assess what repairs and improvements are needed, as well as how to prioritise them. Broken windows, water leaks, peeling paint, deep cleaning, etc. might all be examples. After a property manager has inspected the property, the next stage is to acquire, sell, or rent it.

When buying or selling a property, our team at LuXia uses efficient marketing to generate high-quality leads. We also handle all calls, visits, showings, and negotiations. When renting, we make sure that the prospective tenants have been vetted and satisfy any requirements you may have for who you rent your property to..

Inform People About your Property

If you are an NRI, it’s possible that you won’t have the time to keep up with all the listings and questions from prospective buyers, sellers, or tenants. You can lose money on your real estate investment due to a busy schedule. To find you the best buyer, seller, or tenant, an NRI property management company, however, has a team dedicated to creating appropriate ads and listings. Depending on the type of lead and the purpose of the property, they take the necessary actions when they locate the right person..

Looks After Tenant Management

A team of experts from an NRI property management firm work on several parts of your property, such locating possible renters and screening them. Your property manager will help you with the agreement formalities and cover all legal bases for you and your property when you are pleased and like the prospective tenants. A property manager will stop by to check on the building’s ongoing maintenance after your tenant has moved in. They are accessible to the tenant for any last-minute or urgent needs, complaints, or issues.

Manages all the Taxation and Legal Formalities

At LuXia, we fully assume responsibility for managing legalities and filing property taxes. As a result, you won’t need to worry about any of these issues. In order to prevent any legal penalties for your property due to incomplete paperwork, we also provide you with regular updates on any changes as needed.

The LuXia – NRI Property Management Company in Delhi

How do we know this is happening is one of the crucial concerns that property owners face. We at LuXia maintain our procedures’ transparency for all of our clients’ benefit. Furthermore, by distributing rent on time, we maintain a high level of service. Our committed customer care team responds to any of your inquiries.


A well-known O2O second landlord platform is The LuXia. We are a business situated in Delhi that provides expert housing asset management for certain apartments, villas, and homes. Our larger goal is to advance, streamline, and secure real estate transactions.


Due to the tremendous expansion of IT Centers over the years, important cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi NCR are now thriving rental hubs. Numerous NRIs and locals are investing in these properties because they offer significant rental income and capital growth and because they perceive a market opportunity.

Being a tenant, however, is challenging, especially if you intend to rent out your house. Maintaining a pleasing décor and dealing with problematic renters’ legal issues feel like never-ending tasks. To simplify the landlord’s job and lessen the hassle of NRI Property Management, several well-known NRI Property Management Companies in India provide cutting-edge end-to-end property management solutions.

A Complete Guide to Property Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services: Maintenance is the top priority to keep in mind if you have a property to manage. This will keep your property operating effectively and help you avoid unforeseen maintenance and repair bills.

In this article, you’ll get a look at all things Property Maintenance Services including:

  • What property maintenance entails and why it’s beneficial
  • Advice on how to create a team for property maintenance
  • Important pointers for maintaining the condition of your property
  • How a CMMS can assist you in managing the costs and duration of property maintenance


Let’s get right to it.

What is property maintenance?

The practise of maintaining a residential, commercial, apartment, or hospitality facility and its immediate environs through a number of particular maintenance tasks is known as property maintenance.

Property maintenance is frequently used interchangeably with building maintenance since it relates to tasks that are necessary to keep a structure livable and functional for its residents.

Property Maintenance Services activities include:

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior common areas of the building (including drains, roof gutters, corridors, etc.)
  • Rodent eradication and management
  • landscaping and gardening
  • garbage disposal and separation
  • replacement, and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems (lighting, HVAC, water supply, water heating, etc.)
  • security checks (proactive routine inspections of mechanical and electrical systems, fire fighting installations, and safety inspections of the entire premises)

You shouldn’t have to worry as a tenant about problems like a clogged kitchen sink or non-flushing toilets. These frequently call for the assistance of a property maintenance crew. However, tenants frequently handle small jobs like replacing light bulbs on their own.

A property owner wants to make sure that their asset worth grows (or at the very least maintains the same) over time. You don’t want to spend the majority of your time each day dealing with irate tenants, maintenance issues, or, even worse, with liability lawsuits that may result from poor upkeep, code violations, and safety dangers.

(Pro tip: Especially for rental properties, it’s always a good idea to explicitly explain tenant vs. landlord responsibilities.)

Examples of Property Maintenance Services

Assume you work as a multi-family residential property maintenance technician for a reputable property management firm.

You would be responsible for handling a variety of maintenance requests every day for issues like plumbing leaks, doors that won’t close securely, heating and air conditioning problems, damaged garage doors, and slick walkways.

The list of items to maintain and keep an eye on can seem endless at times, but they are all crucial because you play a crucial role in property management overall.

Why should keep your property in top-notch condition

Having a beautiful home is wonderful. However, if the home you’re caring for is a real estate investment, your objectives should go beyond keeping it in good condition.

Here are a few advantages of keeping up with the maintenance of your investment property:

  • Save money by paying less for repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintaining and raising the value of your property
  • Less stress due to fewer unforeseen repairs, disagreements, and tenant complaints
  • Maintaining your property in compliance will help you avoid legal issues, obligations, and fines.

We at LuXia LLP render property maintenance services to landowners and NRIs who live elsewhere. As part of our services, we manage and maintain the property and share updates with the owner regularly.