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property management services for nri

Why Property Management Is Crucial For NRI ?

Property management is crucial for NRI (Non-Resident Indians) for several reasons:

Maintenance and upkeep: As an NRI, you may not be able to visit your property frequently, making it difficult to oversee its maintenance and upkeep. A property management company can take care of the regular maintenance and repair work to ensure that the property remains in good condition.

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Online Property Registration in India 2023

According to Section 17 of the Registration Act of 1908, it is mandatory to register the transfer of property in India. The registration and transfer of real estate in India is governed by this Act. Because the person in whose name the property is registered is the rightful and legal owner of the property, registration is required. Several factors come into play when registering a property. The registration is subject to stamp duty. Since each state has its own registration laws, the registration procedure is determined by the state in which the property is situated.

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