7 Ways Professional Interior Designing Can Add Real Value to your Home

Making your property a source of rental income as an NRI homeowner is just the beginning. While it can ensure a steady ROI, there are bigger issues that need to be addressed. Experts claim that staying competitive in the rental market is dependent upon a far more pertinent concern. It is the gradual augmentation of the value of your property that matters ultimately.

Whether your property is under constant use by tenants or it is lying vacant, its value will depreciate. Physical obsolescence is the straightforward reason for declining value. However, often the overlooked aspects are aesthetic appeal and comfort. Internal looks of your home, indoor accessories and space-use should not make your property obsolete. No tenant would want to opt for a home that has outdated looks and a sluggish feel!

It is here that interior designing services step-in. A property management company would offer the following services for an internal makeover of your home.

  1. Space Planning

Space planning is aimed at making the most out of the space available to you. Residential property management would allow you to have crucial insights into making the space dynamic and efficacious. Space planning involves spatial analysis, feasibility analysis, demographic and lifestyle survey of surroundings etc.

  1. Design Modelling

You would surely have a blueprint of the kind of interior designing you wish to have. Everyone has! Property mangers take over from there onwards. They would discuss your ideas and provide you a 3D model of how it is going to look. It is known as conceptual design. It allows you a real feel of the design. You can thus visualize the plan and discuss the changes you would like. This process can do a couple of rounds before you finalize the design to your satisfaction.

  1. Detailed Designing

Your residential property is made up of several spaces, each with a particular use. Detailed designing allows you to lay special emphasis on each block and corner of your residential property. In simpler words, it is the designing of each room separately. It works on the consideration that the sum is greater than it parts. Property management services would offer you the following:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Designing
  • Living Room Designing
  • Bedroom Designing
  • Children’s Room Designing
  • Balcony Designing
  • Hall Designing
  • Guest Room Designing
  • Store-room Designing
  1. Materials Recommendation

Most NRIs wish to invest in some specific materials while going for renovation. Property management services for nri mediate between your ideas, wishes, desires and utility, efficiency and latest trends. They recommend appropriate materials to ensure that your property remains durable, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. By close consultation with property management experts you are sure to add real value to your home sitting remotely.

  1. Furniture Design

If voguish furniture is an essential part your home-interiors aesthetic imagination, there is more good news for you! Property management experts would guide you towards incorporating your imagination into space planning and modelling. Additionally, they would be helpful with bespoke furniture designing, window designing, and soft furnishing etc.

  1. Fittings, Wardrobes and More

If you love minute details, there is nothing to worry. You can give regular inputs and decide each fitting that is going to change the living experience. From bathroom and kitchen fittings to door and windows, ultimately you decide the feel and pleasure of living. Latest modular kitchen styles and home automation systems add immensely to your homes functionality. Wardrobe designing and false ceilings take your property towards becoming a design masterpiece.

  1. Paints, Colours and Lighting

No matter how particular about interior design details someone is, painting and lighting create the first impression. Choose from an unbelievable number of options. Integrate Vaastu-shastra and Feng-shui insights into the design. Decide the wall-designs for children’s and baby rooms. You can also avail specialised LED lighting and lighting design services. Give your residential space the ultimate vibe with professional interior designers!

Interior designing is a serious investment that you make into your property. You would not want to miss on details. For this reason, the professional property management companies offer you a real-time and periodic visual reporting system. Ultimately, it is your home and you should have maximum control over its look and feel.

However, if you don’t wish to move into your home soon, you can benefit immensely from rent management services. They would ensure your investment creates a regular flow of income for you. Besides, your property would be immune to devaluation. In fact, it can augment its value with professional property maintenance, despite the real-estate market trends!

Rent management is aimed at deriving appropriate and regular rental income from your newly renovated home. It ensures reduced vacancy periods, healthy usage of property, trustworthy tenants, high market value and competitive rents.

Whether lying vacant or due to tenant use, your home would demand maintenance. Property maintenance services offer you:

  • Regular Repairs and Inspection.
  • Timely payment of bills, taxes and builder maintenance charges.
  • Compliance with prevailing and recently changed property laws and regulations.
  • Safety and security from property sharks.

In case you have just bought your home, you might require pre-possession services. The list of pre-possession formalities is long. Often, even in their presence, the owners miss crucial details. It could be next to impossible if you are an absentee owner. Pre-possession formalities involve documentation related and on-site tasks.

Documentation includes obtaining of about a dozen certificates, agreements, deeds and slips besides the registry from government. On-site verification means checking the quality of fittings, doors & windows, paints, drainage outlets and construction material. Property managers specially check areas prone to leakages and cracks.

Interior Designing can convert your Property into a lucrative investment!

Owning a residential property is a dream for many. To enjoy the living experience in your dream home in future, you cannot compromise on its comfort and style. If your new residential property is a conscious investment, it has to stay competitive in rental and resale market. Interior designing and property management services from experienced companies assure income flow and value improvements. It is time to say goodbye to interior designing checklists. Just calmly supervise the renovation of your property remotely!

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