Vastu For Home – Important Vastu Tips For New Home 2023

It is challenging for contractors to guarantee that the homes they construct adhere to Vastu principles. It is crucial to adhere to fundamental Vastu guidelines for your new home if you believe in Vastu and are considering purchasing a new residence. Vastu makes recommendations for the ideal colour, format, shape, and directions to ensure happiness and positivity in every room of your home.

According to Vastu, the individual residing in a house is subject to the energy that a house must possess in order to be a home. It is essential to comprehend how the practise of Vastu and positive energy in the home are related.

Vastu Shastra Tips for New Home

By using these suggestions, you may make your home a calm and joyful environment. Vastu for homes is a prominent issue in the architectural and interior design worlds.

vastu tips for home

Few Basic Principles of Vastu For Home

  • Checking the shapes of the rooms is one of the Vastu recommendations for new homes. According to Vastu, a house should ideally be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Basic Vastu for a Room: The home’s rooms should be bright, spacious, and tidy.
  • Regarding Furniture: According to Vastu for the home, heavy furniture like beds and cabinets should be placed in the south-west. Building stairs with the south-west orientation in mind is a quick Vastu advice for new homes.
  • Water according to Vastu: Keeping plants and water-related decor in your home, such as an aquarium, water painting, or fountain, is a crucial Vastu advice.
  • Vastu tip for the dining table: A crucial Vastu for your home’s dining area

1. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu Direction for Entrance

According to Vastu advice for new homes, the home’s main door serves as both a family entryway and a source of energy and vibrations. Your home’s main entrance should be situated so that it faces north, east, or northeast. When you step outside, it must be constructed so that you face north, east, or northeast. Before purchasing or constructing a home, confirm that the plan focuses on these specific instructions.

2. Vastu For Dining Hall – Vastu For Home

If you have a separate area for the dining area, the optimal location for your dining hall is in the West zone. But if it’s not possible for some reason, you can choose among heading north, east, or south. However, you should make every effort to steer clear of the southwest zone direction, as this is not a good Vastu for home direction for the eating room.


3. Vastu For Staircase – Vastu For Home

Maintaining peace and harmony at home depends much on the staircase’s arrangement in accordance with Vastu. The proper Vastu for a staircase, according to home Vastu, is in the southwest. Other directions are a possibility as well, but you must first speak with a Vastu specialist about them. But keep in mind that the staircase location must be avoided at all costs towards the northeast.

4. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Living Room

The living room is the hub of activity in any home and where visitors enter to get a first impression. There should be no clutter in the living room. Your new residence’s living room or entryway must face east, north, or northeast. Additionally, the furniture in that space ought to be arranged facing west or southwest. By doing this, you may be sure that your house is Vastu-dosh-free.

5. Vastu Tips For New Home – Bedroom Vastu

Bedrooms should face southwest in order to promote excellent health and fruitful relationships. The southeast-facing bedroom can lead to arguments and clashes between couples, whereas the northeast orientation is unhealthy. The bed should also be positioned with the head facing west, in the southwest corner of the room.

6. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu For Kitchen

The kitchen should be constructed at the southeast corner of the house, according to Saral Vastu. Avoid building a kitchen in the north, northeast, or southwest of the home. Kitchen appliances should ideally face southeast as well.

7. Vastu Tips For Kid’s Room

According to Vastu, the children’s room should be positioned in the new home’s southwest corner. In order to ensure luck and peace of mind, children should sleep with their heads turned towards the south or east.

8. Vastu Tips For Meditation Room

According to the ancient Vastu theory, a home should feature a meditation area where people can reflect and connect to a higher power for their spiritual development.

9. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

As important as any other room in your new house, the bathroom and toilet should be designed according to Vastu. By clearing negative energy, bathroom and toilet Vastu suggestions improve your happiness and wellbeing. Here are some Vastu recommendations for the toilet and bathroom.

10. Vastu Tips For New Home – Shape of the Rooms

Additional guidelines from Vastu Shastra apply to the arrangement of every room in the house. Make sure your house has square or rectangular rooms with straight lines. Circular furniture or spaces should not be used, according to Vastu.

11. Vastu Shastra For Home – Proper Ventilation

Appropriate ventilation and adequate daylight are essential components. According to Vastu for home, all rooms in the house should get regular sunlight and should have proper ventilation. Doing this will help the flow of energy and increase positivity.

12. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu Colors

The colours we use to decorate our homes are given a lot of consideration in vaastu for homes. As a result, you should avoid using dark hues. To increase positive energy, choose hues like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue.

13. Auspicious Time to Move-In As Per Vastu Shastra

One of the most important Vastu guidelines to follow is to base all you do on the Panchanga laws (Hindu Calendar). An expert can assist you in selecting an appropriate time and directing you while you carry out the rites required for the Graha Pravesh puja ceremony.

14. General Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Home

Vastu for house advises entering an empty house before performing any rites. Only the gas or stove should be added to the kitchen at that point. Break a coconut at the ledge when you enter, then step inside with your right foot first.

15. Vastu Shastra For Home – Performing Havan

A fire ceremony called a havan is done in a new home to obtain God’s blessings. Household members pray to Lord Ganesha and make offerings of fire, flowers, turmeric, ghee, and coconuts. To banish negativity, blessed Ganga water is liberally sprinkled about the residence.

Vastu Tips For Negativity Attracting Objects

Unknowingly, you might have some items around the house that might repel bad energy. By getting rid of the things that cause clutter, confusion, and disorder, you can build a positive and serene refuge.

  • Broken objects

Broken items like shattered glass, damaged china, and broken artefacts are frequently tucked aside, disregarded, and forgotten. The residents of the house have a history of experiencing melancholy, unhappiness, hopelessness, and despair as a result of these damaged artefacts.

The accessories must be examined carefully to make sure there are no cracks or stains. When anything breaks, it needs to be fixed right away or replaced.

  • Negative artwork

Negative imagery such as scenes of shipwrecks, battles, sobbing children, and the sinking sun, among other things, creates a depressing and painful atmosphere in a home. Additionally, artwork and photographs depicting waterfalls, fountains, the ocean, rain, or aquariums might lead to psychological, emotional, and financial troubles.

  • Artificial/dried flowers

Positive energy flow in the home is hampered by dried-out or wilted flowers or plants. Avoid using carnations indoors as they are unlucky. Additionally, thorny plants have to be avoided because they might lead to member disputes and problems.

  • Taxidermied animals/dead animals

Avoid purchasing anything made of taxidermied animals, tiger and panther skin, ivory sculptures, snails, or antlers. These things have energies that are sluggish, and death hangs over them. According to vaastu principles, strange objects should not be kept inside the home. This is why bonsai plants are discouraged since their full potential has been denied to them.

Summing Up – Vastu Tips For New Home

The goal of moving into a new home is to live in relaxing and enjoyable circumstances where tranquilly, optimism, and success are the norm. Simple Vastu suggestions can make a new home Vastu compliant, which will bring a lot of positive energy within. You’ll see a difference if you use this advice!

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What is Vastu Shastra and why is it important?

Vastu Shastra studies are concerned with directions and elements of nature. The first concept of Vastu Shastra lists out rules for the eight primary directions of life. Each of the eight primary directions stands for certain aspects of life, and infusing the right energy in these directions is beneficial.

The second concept of Vastu Shastra covers the idea of the five elements of Panchabootas. Earth, fire, water, air, and space – all of them comprise the Panchabootas. The world comprises of these Panchabootas. So, if you’re considering Vastu Shastra for kitchen, then focus on proper placement of the Panchabootas to enjoy the related benefits.

For you to get the maximum benefit from Vaastu shastra for home, you should incorporate both the above-listed Vastu Shastra models when you redo your home.

Why Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra holds importance because its study can help to improve your standard of living. By drawing and focusing on positive cosmic energy, Vaastu Shastra enables people to become successful in their different endeavors.

Using Vaastu Shastra tips, you can lead a happy and improved life. Vastu Shastra helps to combine the benefits of the various forces of life – including lunar energy, solar energy, and cosmic powers.

While you cannot implement all the Vastu Shastra rules when interior designing your home, you must try to incorporate as much as possible for maximum advantage.

With Vastu Shastra, you can achieve success. In addition to material and physical success, Vastu Shastra benefits extend to the spiritual and emotional sphere too. Overall, Vastu Shastra helps to enhance your life.

Vastu Shastra: How it benefits?

Herein, we discuss the various benefits of Vaastu Shastra.

  • Imparts Comfort

With Vaastu Shastra concepts, you can get over traumatic experiences and feel better. Vastu helps you deal with pain and loss while providing much-needed comfort and support.

  • Synchronize nature’s elements

Vastu provides benefits by harmonizing all the energy sources of life. These include the powers of the cosmic forces, earth, thermal, light, moon, wind, magnetic, electric, and light. With the combination of these forces working in your favor, you can lead a life of happiness and prosperity.

  • The abundance of financial wealth

By applying Vastu principles, you can unlock the gates of opportunities and earn wealth. In turn, you can be financially secure and lead a comfortable life.

  • Promotion in your chosen career path

If you’re looking to climb the corporate leader and you rely on Vastu concepts, you can be sure to achieve your career-related milestones.

Whether you’re looking to get a promotion or success in any project, you can apply Vaastu shastra for bedroom to make it happen by expanding your horizons.

More so, as a landlord, if you’re seeking tenants for your property, a renowned property management company in India can advise on how to apply Vastu for getting the best results.

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Our service partners are well-versed in building homes as per Vastu principles. So, by partnering with us, be assured that we can help you take advantage of Vastu for leading a more fulfilling life.

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Designer Or Decorator—What’s the difference?

Depending on how you’re planning on redecorating your home, you may have to choose between opting for an interior decorator or an interior designer. Make no mistake, both terms are not interchangeable. Both professions are, of course, similar in various ways; however, they vary in some aspects too.

Let us now move on to studying the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer.

Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator

Interior Designer


To become an interior designer in Delhi, you have to undergo formal schooling. As part of an interior decorator’s job, you learn about space planning, interior designer photos, drawing, different colors and fabrics, architecture, furniture, and computer-aided training (CAD).

After completing an interior designing course, interior designers work as apprentices with a reputed interior design firm. Subsequently, some interior designers move on to establish their own interior designing company in Delhi


Some states are governed by laws that require interior designers to pass an exam and register with a governing council. So, check to know about the requirements of your state or province and whether completing interior design courses is mandatory.


An interior design career entails gaining expertise in spatial planning and renovation works. Among interior design ideas, interior designers can help you from initial floor designs to final decorative aspects. In addition to enriching the look of your rooms, you can rely on them for making your personal spaces functional also.

Interior designers work with contractors and architects to realize the client’s vision of an interior design bedroom and other rooms or offices.

Interior Decorators


To become an interior decorator, you do not require formal schooling. The reason being, the interior designers in Delhi are involved with the aesthetic aspects. They are not involved in the structural planning processes. Instead, they come on board after the structural work is complete.

Surely, you can go ahead and enroll in varied degree courses, though it is not compulsory to do so.


If you want to get some formal training before becoming an interior decorator, you have an array of courses to choose from. Going by the fields that interest you, you can make your choices. From room layouts to furniture designs to space planning, a host of courses are available to get you familiar with home decorating ideas.


Interior decorating solutions include implementing specific color themes, accessorizing, and selecting matching furniture.

An interior decorator has to interact with upholsters and furniture manufacturers, not architects and contractors. Even so, they have discussions with homeowners for interior design for home plans.

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Moreover, if you want to refurbish your property before letting it out, we can help you all get in touch with an interior design company. After reviewing your property, our professionals can ascertain whether structural changes are needed. Structural changes include changing the wiring systems and adding or removing walls or windows.

On the flip side, if only enhancing the aesthetics of your property can help in shoring up the rental values, an interior design services Delhi company will guide you accordingly.

Only give us a call and be assured that we will offer you the best available options!

7 Elements of Interior Design

If you’re looking to redo your home, you might want to consider adding the basic interior decorating elements. By doing so, you can make your home lively, inviting, and of course, beautiful.

All you have to do is play around with the following seven key home décor elements, and you can have a home that is in line with your sensibilities. Coming home after a long day at work can be so fulfilling, then.

7 Key elements of interior design

Here are the 7 basic elements of home interior design that require due consideration.

  • Color

Depending on the energy that you want your abode to exude, you should choose your home colors. An interior designer in Delhi will suggest you consider your visual preferences also.

For an energetic feel, you can go with yellow for your homerooms. For all you hopeless romantics, red symbolizes passion and should be your color choice. Other than that, opt for whites and greens if you want a peaceful and soothing setting.

  • Form

Among your home refurbishing plans, you have to decide on the furniture and art exhibits. Here, you can opt for organic forms or geometric designs.

In organic forms, the interior designers in Delhi will recommend taking your pick from natural, curvy designs. On the other hand, under geometric forms, your choices are among squares, triangles, and other sharp lines and edges.

  • Light

The interior designing company in Delhi experts will reveal that lighting makes a world of a difference. Where your lighting choices are concerned, you can opt for natural lights, manmade ones, or a combination of both.

When making your selection of colors, you have to ponder over the light colors and the intensity of the different colors. Also, you have to decide whether you want dimmable lights or not.

  • Line

The outline of your home rooms is among your other choices in home interior designs. You can choose between horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines.

As far as horizontal lines (or side-by-side lines) go, you should know that they give a sense of security. Vertical lines (or up-and-down lines), on the other hand, represent boldness. However, if you’re a fun-loving person, dynamic lines should be your choice – they conform to their own rules.

  • Pattern

Go with a single pattern to give your home an airy, buoyant feel. Apply your chosen pattern to your fabrics, lights, and wallpapers. Avoid multiple or clashing patterns, for they can make your head go round.

  • Texture

Texture refers to how you feel when you touch or observe the items. While some surfaces look vintage, others have a weathered look.

As part of interior home design services, you have to decide the floor texture. Carefully consider your flooring texture decisions, for you spend a lot of time walking and sitting on your home floors. Go with comfortable floor designs to add to the coziness of your home.

  • Space

Under interior design ideas, space has to be given its due importance. You can opt for either 2-D space designs or 3-D space ones. While 2-D space covers the room length and width, 3-D space encompasses height considerations.

When it comes to your rugs or carpets, 2-D space matters. On the flip side, when adding new shelves or home fixtures, you can go with 3-D space options.

In addition, make sure to leave enough space in the room to allow your mind to wander aimlessly when unwinding after a hard day at work.

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Modern Home Décor Interior Ideas

So, you’re a fan of modern home décor, and you’ve finally made up your mind to give a contemporary twist to your home. All the same, you need to ponder over the related aspects to make your home comfortable and lively. Yes, it would be best if you planned well.

Well, to make your space look its best, you may want your home to reflect your individualistic style too. In that case, you can contact the experts at the interior designing company in Delhi, for they have helped many people redo their homes as per their personal tastes.

Modern Home Décor Ideas

Refer to the following details to know more about how you can incorporate some basic modern home design ideas as part of the home renovation works.

  • Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the most important facets of a modern house. No, keeping it simple does not necessarily mean boring. Instead, simplicity is about keeping the décor stylish and lending a warm, welcoming feel. Geometric shapes, clean lines, and neutral lines are the different aspects of modern homes.

Also, the term simplicity does not imply only four walls and chairs. Rather, the interior designers in Delhi suggest focusing on de-cluttering your homerooms.

Clearing the clutter has several benefits, too. By keeping your space clutter-free, apart from finding our stuff easily, you can manage your stress levels as well. As such, some studies found that clutter adds to your stress levels. So, you’re healthier without the mess, and now, you’ve another good reason to start clearing up the unwanted stuff strewn around your home.

Also, the property services company specialists’ general recommendation is to keep your décor simple, for then the houses are easily maintainable when you’re away, and you’ve to rely on them for the maintenance jobs.

More so, you can expect higher rental values if you decorate your home minimalistically before letting it out.

  • Make your rooms functional.

Under modern home interior design and simplicity, your focus should also be on making your home functional. In addition to the minimalistic aspects and clean lines of modern homes, the various items in the different rooms of contemporary settings should be easily accessible too.

Take the example of your kitchen room. Under modern kitchen design, your cooking spaces should be functional. Here, besides the appliances being easily accessible and within your reach, you must have a lot of workrooms as well.

  • Streamline your technological gadgets

In modern homes, you must not only concentrate on filling your home with the latest gadgets. The idea is to streamline all your electronics as part of the modern living room setup.

In short, your widgets and gadgets must not overlap each other. As such, you must save space between your computers, television sets, and DVD players.

  • Have open spaces

Open spaces also characterize modern homes. Of course, you cannot have open spaces in homes with closed rooms. However, you can make your room look spacious. You can do so by using furniture, fabrics, and color shades.

Further, you can have window covers with light colors and not dark shades. By doing so, you give an open and airy feel to your rooms, although they are not as spacious as you would want them to be.

  • Add Character

By adding some character to your spaces, you can infuse life into them. So, play around with colors to have your rooms all lively, cheery, and upbeat. One good way to brighten your home is by adding a dash of color among all neutral shades. Surely, the same rule applies to your modern bathroom design arrangement.

Redo your home with modern home décor ideas today!

Refurbishing your home is not tedious if you plan thoroughly. So, take your time and envision the kind of home you want to create. Besides, share your ideas with contemporary interior design experts, offering you valuable suggestions.

Remember, colors have a crucial role in beautifying your homes, so choose the paint shades carefully. No doubt, you have a lot of options where you can explore with colors – to give your rooms a buoyant vibe, that is.  Only rely on the home design experts, for you can then realize your dream of a modern home – and professionally.


Love colours? Here’s how you can use them in your home creatively

If you’re looking for the interior design of home options, you have a range of colors to choose from. Surely, you will agree that colors play an important role in our lives. Also, contrasting color shades add life to any room.

Besides selecting a color palette for your living and dining spaces, the property management consultants may also suggest splashing on the colors to your home office. Why not consider painting your ceilings with colors other than white, also?

Importantly, the Interior designing Delhi experts recommend following the color rules to make your room look balanced.

  • The 60-30-10 rule

By following the 60-30-10 rule, you’re ensuring that your room has a balanced color palette. Also, interior designers use this rule as part of their home décor ideas.

Under this rule, you have to choose 3 colors and follow them using them in percentages of 60, 30, and 10.

So, the first step is to finalize the main shades that will cover 60% of your room. The interior design company in Delhi opines that neutral colors are mostly the dominant shades in rooms, for they offer a subdued feel without getting you all overwhelmed.

The second step is to select a slightly bold color for your secondary hue; these shades constitute 30% of the space.

Opt for a bold shade for accentuation purposes; this takes up 10 percent of the space.

For instance, under beautiful interior design for homes, you can have greige color dominating your room, with your walls and sofas displaying this shade. Subsequently, you can have black as the secondary shade, where your side table, bookcase, dining chair, and pillow contain black shades. Finally, you can go with coral as your accent color while you have your potted plants and throw pillows exhibiting the color.

  • All about warm and cool colors

Some colors are considered warm colors on the color wheel, while the others are cool ones.

As per convention, shades such as yellow, orange, and red are categorized under warm colors because of their vibrancy. Among the warm shades, neutral hues like tan and brown are also included.

On the other hand, colors such as purple, green, gray, and blue are cool colors.

Going by choice of warm or cool colors, you can determine the room’s energy.

Warm colors can enrich the mood and have a welcoming feel. The general recommendation by the property management company in Delhi NCR specialists is to choose such shades to decorate only entertaining arenas. As such, you can use such hues to paint the walls of your kitchen or dining room.

Conversely, for a subdued look and feel, you can have cool colors on your offices and bedrooms; they are favored by many for their calming effect.

  • Color schemes

Under color schemes, you can either opt for the complementary color scheme or the analogous color scheme.

  • Complementary color scheme

As part of this scheme, you require two shades that sit on opposite ends of the color wheel. Among your choices, you have the colors red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange.

  • Analogous Color Scheme

Under the analogous color scheme, you must first select a central color. Follow by using the colors that come on both sides of the given shade on the color wheel. Here, you will have two primary colors, whereas the third shade will blend the two.

Your choices include color combinations such as red, purple, and blue or red, orange, and yellow.

Because you’re using three colors, you need to enforce the 60-30-10 rule – to give the space a balanced appearance, that is.

For variety, you also can use different shades of one particular color.

Further, if you prefer neutral shades to vibrant ones, you have a monochromatic color scheme. Under the analogous color scheme, you can use three neutral hues like gray, white, and black; they offer a contemporary look and feel.


You will surely agree that we prefer some colors over others on a concluding note, right? While some people are fans of neutral colors, others prefer loud ruby shades for a dash of drama. More so, green has a relaxing, so they paint their walls with color contrasts containing green.

Now, depending on your color choices, you can choose to interior decorate your home.

However, the NRI property management companies will always advise you to use colors in the right proportions to work harmoniously.

Interior Designing based on your Zodiac sign


Different zodiac signs have particular traits. So, keeping in line with your zodiac sign, you can opt for Interior Designing solutions that depict your personality. Yes, certain features are associated with specific zodiac signs, and you can have those facets reflect in your home interiors.

Plus, by decorating your home, you can enjoy the benefits of higher resale values. You may also want to consider selling your house to somebody who shares the same zodiac sign as you. You never know, you could end up getting a better price for your home – if the client is interested in astrology.

Interior Designing based on your Zodiac signHere we have listed some home decoration themes as per the varied zodiac signs.

  • Capricorn

Capricorns strive for perfection and are gung-ho about traditionalism. So, popular interior design ideas for this zodiac sign entail refurbishing their homes with conventional yet sophisticated patterns.

Besides paying attention to luxurious details, a Capricorn’s home must also boast of the classic touch.

  • Aquarius

An Aquarian’s home should have an artistic touch and streaks that display modernism. Also, Aquarians emphasize self-improvement and love to entertain.

So, keeping all that in mind, the living room’s interior design must have fun elements, albeit with stress on comfort.

Other elements to express their personality and find a place in their homes are geometric and abstract blueprints.

  • Pisces

Pisceans love to socialize, so their home must be adequately comfortable and luxurious to host many guests.

To reflect this zodiac sign’s easy-breezy personality, the interior design bedroom experts will imply building spacious homes to facilitate the free flow of air. Light and soft tones are additional elements to indulge this zodiac sign’s members.

  • Aries

Some of the Aries zodiac signs’ characteristics are minimalistic design, positivity, and liveliness. So, the interior designer would advise applying Scandinavian patterns.

Any property management services company will vouch because the rental values go up significantly if houses are refurbished for matching International tastes.

  • Taurus

For the Taurus zodiac sign, interior decorators usually choose earthy tones and simple designs.

Members of this zodiac sign fancy blends of the past and present. So, the magic word here is industrial, masculine, yet contemporary.

If you’re planning to rent your home, any rental management company will advise you to redo the home stylishly to fetch the best prices.

  • Gemini

Both the social and intellectual bubbles find resonance with Geminis.

However, for self-evolution, the best strategy while redecorating a Gemini home would be to decorate their walls with refreshing colors. Adding plants in their home is also a good way of displaying their artistic side.

The rental property management professionals would also want the interior design experts to add more homes to drive up the rental values.

  • Cancer

When it comes to the Cancerians, their homes must have a welcoming and friendly touch. So, interior decorators go with pastel and neutral shades to create an intimate atmosphere for recreating Cancers’ personality.

If your Cancerian client plans to put the house up for rent, a prominent property management company in Delhi NCR opines will use natural textures and blue color tones for a light and good effect – to imitate what the Cancer zodiac sign is all about.

  • Leo

Their home decoration style should be rich in aesthetics in the Leo zodiac sign. Because Leos pay attention to detail, their homes should have timeless decorative items.

The home accessories and decorations should also come from the eclectic zone for an exotic effect.

  • Virgo

Virgos feel at home in neat and clean spaces. Additionally, their choice of the color palette includes natural tones. So, your pick should be white, grey, and beige to redo their homes among soft colors.

  • Libra

Librans have creative and colorful personalities. They aspire to do things differently, too.

To decorate a Libran home, loud and bright colors such as green, blue, and yellow are good choices.

  • Scorpio

Scorpios are nature lovers and fans of everything innate. Here, the interior design specialists should consider adding white, gray, black, and brown tones to decorate a Scorpion home.

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarius are social beings and infuse life into every party they attend. So, their homes must also be a reflection of these personality facets. Pay attention to detail when furnishing Sagittarians’ family rooms and living spaces.

Plants, relaxing furniture, and sweet-smelling scents are other aspects of decorating their homes.

Reach out to the professional interior designers to redo your home as per your zodiac sign now!

If you’re investing in property, you must surely give importance to making your personal spaces aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable. Our NRI property management services recommend giving your home an interesting twist by redoing the rooms as per zodiac sign traits. If you plan to rent out your home, you can later benefit from higher rental prices.

Welcome Feng Shui decor for home healing, positive energy, and money luck

After a long tiring day at work, you look forward to coming to a home that is soothing and relaxing, where you can unwind by meditating or simply allowing your mind to wander freely. Feng shui, a set of laws that emphasizes on the flow of energy in spatial alignment, has become popular over the years by building on this same concept.

Feng shui tips for home decor

Simply put, feng shui is concerned with placing different elements to direct the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy. Feng shui meaning entails two words: ‘feng’ which means wind and ‘shui’ which means water. Both elements are vital for our existence and flow all around the universe.

Now, if you’re looking to build a feng shui home, keep in mind to incorporate the five essential elements: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

Feng shui imparts a range of benefits and for all aspects of life. Whether you want to improve your relationships or be successful in your endeavors or block negative energy or connect with your inner self, feng shui can help.

Also, we have listed 5 feng shui tips that you can make part of your feng shui décor to attract positive energy while realizing the related benefits.

  • Selection of colors

In feng shui design, color has a crucial role to play. With color, you can alter the energy flow within your home confines for attaining the desired results speedily. However, the feng shui experts opine choosing shades based on how they make you feel. As such, dingy painted walls of any color can make you feel gloomy, while a freshly-painted wall bearing the same color can uplift your mood.

  • Maintain clear and open spaces

As per the feng shui decorating rules, an abundance of open space helps to attract more wealth energy. So, as much as possible, you must make sure to create open spaces to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of energy. Keep in mind that open space is directly proportional to the inflow of fresh energy. So, create space to welcome positive energy for improving your overall wellbeing.

  • Declutter and organize

Do not block energy by cluttering your home with your stuff. More so, organizing your stuff is important; else, you will start amassing clutter again. Your feng shui decorating 2020 mantra should be to get organized and keep your things in place.

All your items should have a place of their own; notwithstanding, their size. Then, you can find things with ease and do not waste precious time finding them whenever they’re needed.

Similarly, even your feng shui items for home deserve a place of their own. These include Arowana fish figurines, the Laughing Buddha, feng shui money frog, the wealth vase, and tassels that come with Chinese coins. They are famous, traditional feng shui money cures that are deemed to be wealth magnets.

  • Have a Sacred Space

In feng shui interior design, a specific money area has to be taken care of. So, you should check the Bagua (the feng shui energy space) of your abode. As such, you must create a sacred space that is assigned to the energy of wealth.

Apart from your garage or bathroom or laundry room, you can have your Bagua anywhere and of any size. In general, you should have an area that has the responsibility of garnering wealth. Plus, you should decorate the pious altar with valuable items (such as jewelry) and feng shui energy activators (like plants and crystals).

  • Water gush

The energy of water and wealth has a connection and is prevalent among all cultures. Under feng shui wealth cures, as part of interior designing for homes, you can have fountains (if you’re fond of them) in the chosen feng shui home indoor or outdoor areas.

Only you must not have fountains in your bedroom, for that is not considered good feng shui.

Decorate your home with feng shui décor now!

In feng shui wealth cures, you have an array of items to take your pick from, albeit you must decide whether they will have a harmonious effect on your home.

More importantly, note that the winsome feng shui applications are the ones that have your personalized touch. So, decorate your home only with feng shui cures that you share a special connection with.

Remember, you have to create positive energy to have the best things in life (including financial wealth) trickling in your life and that too, in abundance.

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Make most of the space with these simple and creative small house designing tips

Small houses are undeniably cozy, albeit the lack of space could get suffocating at times. So, why not maximize your available space? Here, we have listed some space-saving hacks for you to live large even if your house is small.

Small house designing tips

  • Put storage cabinets underneath the stairs

If you’re wondering how to maximize space in a small apartment, you may want to consider adding shelves, cabinets, and drawers under your home staircase.

  • Install your TV on the wall

Media consoles tend to occupy a lot of space and are a no-no for small living spaces. However, for your small-sized living room, you can have more floor space by mounting your television set on the wall.

  • Invest in a King-Size Bed

This may sound paradoxical, but interior designers opine that adding a large-sized bed is a simple interior design for small house that helps to give the impression of more space.

  • Set up a skylight

Among other small house interior design ideas that give a feel of greater space is the option of installing skylights. Besides, you get to enjoy the scenic views of your outdoors with skylights.

  • Keep to-scale furniture

Another small house interior design living room idea is to keep furniture items that fit well in the available space. So, beforehand, you may want to measure the furniture – to ensure they are of the desired scale that is. To crowd your living room with outsized furniture is not a good use of your much-loved space.

  • Consider the wall desk option

If you do not have room for office space in your small home, then consider adding wall-mounted desks; they do not occupy much space. More so, you can add shelves above for additional storage space.

  • Create storage room that extends up to the ceiling

A popular very small house decorating ideas is the option of adding vertical storage. In addition to keeping your things out of your way, this option makes your room look larger.

  • Build zones

If you’re living in a studio apartment, you may want to separate your sleep zone from the rest of your space by simply adding an ultra-high curtain and dangling a floating painting for greater division.

With the curtains drawn and the painting in place, you can feel like you’re in a hotel room. Of course, you can entertain too, without seeming like everybody’s hanging out in your bedroom.

  • Consider the option of multiple-duty pieces

If you want to know more about how to maximize space in a small house, then the trick is to go with fittings that serve dual purposes or can be shifted with ease or hidden without much ado.

The three-in-one nesting tables serve all these purposes, so you may want to consider adding them as part of your home decor.

Plus, you can go with tables that serve both as a desk and dining table. Or, opt for deep sofas that can be used as guest beds. Or, avail cubes that can function as coffee tables or extra seats when guests come calling.

  • Use large-sized (but lesser) fixtures

To lend a grand feel to your small space, the general recommendation would be to outfit with a few jumbo-sized pieces and not a jumble of puny-sized pieces.

Avoid pushing your furniture along the walls too. Rather you must leave space behind the furniture, for the room looks wider than it is then.

  • Contract your dining space

Among interior design ideas for small homes in low budget, you can consider opting for small and round tables rather than large-sized ones. Here again, you can have more space in your homely abode.

  • Apply mirror magic

Interior designers swear by mirrors for making rooms seem larger, airier, and lighter. The fun convex ones are popular among the crowd, for they add character to your space and that too, without taking up much of your cherished space.

  • Go with pocket doors

As part of your small space architecture efforts, you may want to consider the option of pocket doors that have glass windows. Such fixtures not only help in creating separation but also let shared light to flow all about. Besides, you can slide the doors into the wall when not in use, occupying lesser space than swinging doors.

  • Give importance to lighting

Never undermine the importance of good lighting, for this aspect can uplift or dampen the appearance of your room. Especially, in cramped spaces (such as bathrooms) with narrow windows, good lighting is an absolute must.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the above-listed ideas for creating space in small homes, a good way of maximizing space is by way of decluttering all your rooms. To declutter, you must designate zones for keeping your different belongings. A good strategy to declutter is also to get rid of items which you do not use or need 80 percent of the time.

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Protect your home this monsoon from mosquitoes and flies with these incredible indoor plants…aesthetics is an added advantage!

Mosquitoes are harmful in various ways. Not only do they give you itchy skin, but also they can cause dengue, malaria etc.  Mosquitoes are attracted by body heat, carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and sweat. Of course, you can avail a host of mosquito repellant chemical sprays to repel them. However, such chemical-laded sprays can adversely affect people.

Instead, you must consider going with natural remedies to ward off mosquitoes. And in the line of natural treatments for bugs, the option of placing mosquito repellent plants for home is worth pondering over. Then, you can enjoy your time in the gardens without having to bother about pests.

Additionally, indoor plants add to the aesthetic appeal of your private spaces. Only with a little investment and effort, you can keep your home mosquito-free and pristine.

So, here we have listed 5 indoor plants to take your pick from

  • Citronella

The leaves of the citronella plant are a common ingredient in mosquito repellant products. You can also crush the leaves and follow by rubbing on your skin to repel mosquitoes. Also, the plant has a sweet lemon essence that can effectively drive away mosquitoes.

Also, if you talk to your property maintenance company, they will advise growing your citronella plants in the ground or large-sized pots. And as a tropical plant, they bloom in warm weather and sunny conditions. For added benefits, you can spray fertilizer regularly or expose them to artificial light during the winter season when the days are short.

Only make sure you buy genuine citronella mosquito repellent plants indoor India; they resemble thick grass and do not come with broad rippled leaves.

  • Lavender

Lavender plantMore commonly, lavender is planted in the outdoors for deterring wildlife. Even so, you may want to consider indoor plants that repel roaches such as the lavender ones for a mosquito-free environment.

In your home indoors, you must keep your lavender plant at the windowsill for it to receive abundant sunlight and optimal airflow.

In lavender plants, you can choose between the English and French ones; the former is easy to place indoors while the latter has a stronger fragrance which helps to repel the bugs.

  • Lemon Balm

Lemon balm with its citrus scent helps to deter mosquitoes and doubles up as a welcome addition to your home plant collection for aesthetic benefits.

The green-colored leaves of lemon balm plants smell like both lemons and mint. Only take a handful of leaves and crush and follow by rubbing on exposed skin to ward off mosquitoes.

Also, always grow lemon balm plants in pots and place them in your garden or at the back door. They do not need much sunlight which makes them easy to manage.

To derive the benefits of having indoor plants from your lemon balm plant, you can pluck out any flower buds that begin to form. If you allow them to flower, the leaves tend to lose their fervent aroma and cease repelling mosquitoes.

Another way of using the plant to enjoy its goodness is to add a few leaves to prepare lemon tea. By doing so, you can prevent the plant to become large which it does if growing well.

  • Basil

Basil indoor plantIn India, many households have Basil or Tulsi indoor plants for home for their rich medicinal value. Plus, the leaves are added to a variety of dishes for exuding flavor. Besides, the pungent smell of the plant makes it a fantastic anti-mosquito herb. They ooze a scent without you having to touch or crush its leaves.

The essential oils in basil keep the bugs at bay. Simply take a few leaves from the basil plant and massage on your exposed skin for averting mosquitoes.

Fresh basil leaves can also be added to dishes, in addition to enjoying their pest-repellant qualities.

For your basil plant to grow well, place the potted basil in sunlit windows and be sure to water it periodically. Moreover, you must use well-draining soil to grow basil, for the plant does not thrive in dry conditions.

  • Catnip

Catnip Plant for mosquito repellantCatnip is a member of the mint family. Catnip plants grow fast and have a strong scent that helps to repel bugs. Nonetheless, your interior designing company will advise keeping your catnip plant near sunny windows and watering it regularly. Apart from that, pick out the leaves as soon as they develop for the plant to grow more leaves.

Similar to lavender, catnip plants become large over time, so you may have to divide the plants if they become very big for your windowsill.

Of course, if you own cats, then ensure to keep your catnip plants in hanging baskets or high shelves.

For driving away mosquitoes, you simply have to crush catnip leaves to rub on your skin.

Get your indoor plant to protect your home from mosquitoes today!

Aside from being infuriating pests, mosquitoes pose a host of risks. So, investing a little effort to keep you home free from mosquitoes is worthwhile.

Mosquitoes breed in summer and warm conditions, so you need to take the necessary precautions at such times.

To keep away mosquitoes, you must not keep any stagnant water in your home, for they breed in wet environments.

More so, you can protect your home by having tight screens on your home windows and exposed vents.

Only with some aromatic plants, along with a few basic changes around your home, you can enjoy your summers without having to worry about mosquitoes and chemical sprays.

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