How to Solve Property Dispute in India?

Get Legal Advice on Property Disputes by Property Lawyers

Living away from home is one of the main disadvantages of being an NRI. This has negative legal and emotional effects in addition to emotional ones.

NRIs all over the world have repeatedly encountered a wide range of property difficulties, including illegal occupation, tenant conflicts, the unauthorised sale of their hard-earned property, as well as other problems. Additionally, NRIs frequently struggle with problems relating to the ownership or status of their property title, register requirements, etc. They frequently become confused and anxious at this point and seek suitable legal counsel in order to solve their problem quickly and painlessly.


They are unaware, nevertheless, that a Property Management Lawyer can deal with issues like these with ease. These attorneys help NRIs to swiftly and accurately address their problems by pursuing things pertaining to their property.

How can a Property Management Lawyer help their NRI clients for a property dispute?

In order to help NRIs resolve their property conflicts, a property management attorney can be extremely helpful. A property management attorney may assist NRIs in a number of ways, from handling the matter to ultimately getting it determined in their favour. Among the important topics covered are:

  1. Looking for prospective tenants for your property and coordinating with them
  2. Handle any complaints, eviction matter, rent collection or any repair work etc. on behalf of their NRI client
  3. Maintaining communication amongst tenants, landlords and site personnel
  4. Providing accurate and relevant legal advice on matters relating to the existing market value of their property, available tax advantages and government restrictions, if any
  5. Making you aware of relevant terms and conditions related to sale and purchased procedure, deed in accordance to the law of the land
  6. Make necessary transactions related to the property
  7. Locally resolving issues related to property
  8. Handling matters like that of trespassing, encroachment and torts
  9. Preparing and drafting deeds and filing them
  10. Assisting  in document registration
  11. Assessing the purchase lease and agreement
  12. Legally representing the NRIs in the court of law if required
  13. Filing an appeal against a decision if required
  14. Negotiating or making settlement on behalf of the NRI client

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