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How to Solve Property Dispute in India?

Get Legal Advice on Property Disputes by Property Lawyers

Living away from home is one of the main disadvantages of being an NRI. This has negative legal and emotional effects in addition to emotional ones.

NRIs all over the world have repeatedly encountered a wide range of property difficulties, including illegal occupation, tenant conflicts, the unauthorised sale of their hard-earned property, as well as other problems. Additionally, NRIs frequently struggle with problems relating to the ownership or status of their property title, register requirements, etc. They frequently become confused and anxious at this point and seek suitable legal counsel in order to solve their problem quickly and painlessly.


They are unaware, nevertheless, that a Property Management Lawyer can deal with issues like these with ease. These attorneys help NRIs to swiftly and accurately address their problems by pursuing things pertaining to their property.

How can a Property Management Lawyer help their NRI clients for a property dispute?

In order to help NRIs resolve their property conflicts, a property management attorney can be extremely helpful. A property management attorney may assist NRIs in a number of ways, from handling the matter to ultimately getting it determined in their favour. Among the important topics covered are:

  1. Looking for prospective tenants for your property and coordinating with them
  2. Handle any complaints, eviction matter, rent collection or any repair work etc. on behalf of their NRI client
  3. Maintaining communication amongst tenants, landlords and site personnel
  4. Providing accurate and relevant legal advice on matters relating to the existing market value of their property, available tax advantages and government restrictions, if any
  5. Making you aware of relevant terms and conditions related to sale and purchased procedure, deed in accordance to the law of the land
  6. Make necessary transactions related to the property
  7. Locally resolving issues related to property
  8. Handling matters like that of trespassing, encroachment and torts
  9. Preparing and drafting deeds and filing them
  10. Assisting  in document registration
  11. Assessing the purchase lease and agreement
  12. Legally representing the NRIs in the court of law if required
  13. Filing an appeal against a decision if required
  14. Negotiating or making settlement on behalf of the NRI client

As a result, you can contact us if you’re an NRI looking for dependable and trustworthy legal services to aid you with your legal difficulties. The Luxia is an easy-to-use legal platform that gives people all over the world an immediate, hassle-free solution to all of their legal issues. We offer a selection of over skilled lawyers who are only a click away.

Legal Problems of Real Estate and How to Solve Them

Legal Problems of Real Estate and How to Solve Them

Every element of our life is impacted by issues, whether they be legal, personal, or professional. The true difficulty is in addressing those issues and finding effective solutions. Legal issues are among the main issues. These issues take precedence in someone’s life because of the legal component. Similar to this, you need to be especially careful because there can be legal issues with your property transactions. Some of the most significant problems that could arise during conveyance are listed below, along with the appropriate answers.


  • Property ownership may be accompanied by legal issues. There are those who can fabricate documents to represent themselves as property sellers. Similar to phoney sellers, there are also fake buyers of real estate. Make thorough inquiries before engaging in any real estate transaction to avoid legal complications, or if you encounter a legal issue after purchasing the property, get the advice of an effective legal adviser to resolve your issues..
  • Don’t undertake the act of presenting your case yourself as unless you are well-versed with the property laws, you may make a fool of yourself. If you are buying your property, make sure you have all the proper legal documents in place so that you are not a victim of a legal case for selling un-owned or illegal property.
  • Before buying or selling a home, confirm that any liens have been paid off. If you are a buyer, be sure to pay off all of your debts on the property because this could result in a case of cheating. Consult a qualified property lawyer to ensure that all of your bills are paid and your property is free of any legal difficulties. He or she will assist you in resolving your financial issues. The same holds true for you if you are a property seller. Consult a real estate attorney before making the purchase so they can examine the buyers’ documentation and assist you throughout the entire process..
  • If you are a buyer, make sure to take the help of an efficient property lawyer in verifying the urban classification of the land on which the property was built. If any related problems crop up, always consult a lawyer specializing in these matters who can take you through the process. It is important that you consider these matters before actually finalizing any property.
  • The registration of property may lead to legal issues. Make sure all of your documentation are in order before seeing a lawyer who specialises in these issues and who can provide appropriate help in resolving these concerns if you are having troubles with the registration of your newly acquired property..

Consult a property lawyer who specialises in the relevant area and who can help you navigate the full legal process if you run across any of the aforementioned issues.

Which is a good investment in Property market in India ?

You probably don’t want to be a landlord if you’ve ever had one: It doesn’t appear that taking calls about over sized bugs and overflowing toilets is the most exciting profession in the world.

However, if done correctly, real estate investing may be profitable, though not spectacular. It can assist diversify your current investment portfolio while also providing an additional source of income. And many of the best real estate ventures don’t necessitate attending to every whim of a tenant.

The problem is that many new real estate investors have no idea where or how to begin. Here are some of the top real estate investment opportunities, ranging from low-maintenance to high-maintenance.

Best ways to invest in real estate


Buy REITs (real estate investment trusts)

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) allow you to invest in real estate without owning the property. They’re companies that own commercial real estate, such as office buildings, retail spaces, apartments, and hotels, and are sometimes compared to mutual funds. REITs tend to offer significant dividends, making them a popular retirement investment. Investors who do not require or desire monthly income might have their dividends automatically reinvested to increase the value of their investment.

Use an online real estate investing platform

You’ll understand online real estate investment if you’re familiar with organisations like Prosper and LendingClub, which connect borrowers with investors eager to lend them money for various personal requirements like a wedding or house remodelling.

These platforms bring together real estate developers and investors looking to fund projects with financing or equity. In exchange for taking on a large degree of risk and paying a fee to the platform, investors hope to get monthly or quarterly dividends. These are speculative and illiquid, like many real estate investments, in that you can’t readily dump them like a stock.

Think about investing in rental properties

When Tiffany Alexy bought her first rental property at the age of 21, she had no intention of becoming a real estate investor. She was a college senior in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the time, and she wanted to attend graduate school in the area, so she believed owning would be preferable to renting.

Consider flipping investment properties

This is HGTV in action: you buy a low-cost home in need of some TLC, renovate it as cheaply as possible, and then flip it for a profit. The approach, known as house flipping, is a little more difficult than it appears on television.

“There’s a higher element of risk,” Meyer adds, “since so much of the math underlying flipping involves a very accurate estimate of how much repairs will cost, which is not easy to accomplish.”

Rent out a room

Finally, you may rent out a portion of your home to get your toes wet in the real estate seas. This type of agreement can significantly reduce housing costs, allowing people to stay in their houses while still reaping the benefits of property appreciation.


This is especially important for the elderly. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, a quarter of adults aged 65 and more who lived alone spent more than half of their income on housing in 2016. For elderly persons living with roommates, the percentage declined to 12.9 percent.

Our Property Management Company is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. And it gets a tad overwhelming for landlords who are living away from their residential property to maintain and manage their property. This is where LuXia LLP walks in to simplify property management company of your property.

For NRIs and even for Indian property owners living in cities other than their property our property managers can help tremendously. There are many benefits of using a property company. For instance, to rent a home, property legal documentation, remittance of rental dues and property maintenance entail the requirement to use services of a NRI property management services for NRIs.