Landlord duties and responsibilities

Landlord-tenant laws are framed to serve the interests of both parties. Of course, different states and countries have varying rules, but landlords have some essential duties even then. Your rental property management team will update you on the same. Among your landlord duties, you have to maintain and handle the repairs of their rented properties.

However, here we have listed some general duties and responsibilities of landlords.

  • Invest in landlord insurance

Any renowned property management company in Delhi NCR will advise landlords to first opt for sufficient landlord insurance. By doing so, you can protect your rented property and ensure your financial wellbeing.

As part of landlord insurance benefits, you can claim lost rental income owing to renovation works and other damages. The equipment you keep on your property for the maintenance works is covered from damages under landlord insurance.

  • Mold Treatment

Your rental management services company will tell you to get rid of mold on your rental property beforehand. Moreover, because mold grows because of pipe or drainage damage, landlords should make sure to undertake the necessary repair works to prevent decay from growing again anytime soon.

  • Repairing Works

By opting for timely repairs, you can maintain your rental property efficiently. So, if your tenant is complaining of paints peeling or clogged drains or the air conditioner breaking down, you must call the repairmen immediately. You can then shore up your rental values and maintain a healthy relationship with your tenants.

If you’ve not remodeled your rental property for a long time, you should think of contacting interior designing Delhi experts for the refurbishing jobs. Here again, you stand to benefit from higher rents.

  • Smoke Detectors

An essential responsibility of landlords is to install smoke detectors in the houses they let out. In general, as per state laws, landlords are required to invest in smoke detectors.

Now, if you’ve already mounted smoke detecting devices on your rental property, you have also to make sure they are in working condition before your new tenants move in.

  • Suitable living conditions

Another responsibility that falls upon landlords’ shoulders is to fix any issues that can cause potential harm to their tenants, as per the rent management system. As such, you have to maintain your rented property in a habitable condition. That said, you must check if your tenants have access to water and electricity.

  • Right to Entry

When landlords and tenants sign a rental agreement, the latter is given their right to privacy. This means landlords have to consent from the tenants before entering the homes.

Under rental property management contracts, landlords can only enter the premises for repair work. Or, they can take prior consent to show the property to prospective tenants. More so, they are allowed to enter in emergencies such as fire or natural calamity.

  • Security Deposit

Before moving into the rented homes, tenants have to furnish a security deposit, one or two times the monthly rent charges. The landlord has the right to keep the security deposit until the rent period expiry to cover any damages.

If landlords find damage to the property not arisen due to general wear and tear, they can use the repairs’ security deposit money.

  • Non-Renewal Intimation

In some cases, landlords might not want to renew their rental agreements with their tenants after the stipulated duration. Here, the landlords have to serve a notice of non-renewal to the tenants. Commonly, the landlords should intimate the tenants 60 days before the rental contract expiry.

  • Maintenance Works

Landlords can delegate the responsibility of lawn-care maintenance to the tenants. Even so, the lease agreement should include such a clause if that is the case. Else, the landlord is required for the lawn maintenance jobs.

Other than that, landlords have to burden the responsibility of removing or clearing snow from the pathways if they’re renting a property in places having cold weather.


To be on the safer side, you must discharge your landlord duties as required by the law. Nonetheless, if you’re opting for NRI property management services, you can leave property maintenance tasks and other responsibilities to their experts and breathe easy.

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