Modern and chic interior designing for your Indian home

With India boasting of rich cultural heritage, you have a wide variety of options in home décor projects when going for an Indian-based theme in a modern setting. Yes, you can design your personal space to reflect the glory of India’s glorious past in combination with contemporary designs.

In today’s times, innovative home interior decoration ideas are also seen as an effective way to increase your home’s rental values – as per the rental management specialists, that is.

So, here is your interior designing checklist when planning to merge traditionally-Indian designs with their modern counterparts.

  • Add the spiritual touch.

Because most Indians are spiritual, you may want to consider redecorating your home with artifacts representing your beliefs. Ranging from busts to photographs to sculptures to photos to backlit lamination on your walls, you can take your pick from the different choices.

Here, opting for a puja house in one of your home corners is also an excellent example of modern Indian interior design.

  • Go Minimalistic

Refurbishing homes with elegant furniture was one of the popular interior design ideas in yore days. Even so, nowadays, many people are going the minimalistic way. The idea is to get rid of the clutter and enjoy a more open space.

One of the popular aspects of Indian contemporary home interiors is doing away with the unwanted stuff. By doing so, your room will look spacious and seem more welcoming when you return from a tiring day of work.

  • Play with colors

Because Indians love color, your Indian home has to be colorful too. The general recommendation is to opt for two contemporary colors for each room. Your property maintenance services manager will opine the popular color combinations include a mix of pink and purple tones or yellow and orange hues.

Also, you must avoid mixing loud colors such as yellow and pink or green and blue. Instead, mix and match jarring colors with neutral ones (such as grey, white, cream, or black) to strike the right chord.

  • Keep it distinctive

To add your personalized touch to your abode, a prominent property management company in Delhi NCR might suggest adding some unique items that you’ve gathered during your travels across India as well. As such, you can choose metal busts of a deity that you worship or engraved metal lamps from different Indian districts.

Pasting Gondi art details on your walls is another way of uplifting your home’s desi look. Gondi, a conventional tribal art, entails colorful themes with intricate details. Apart from Gondi’s works, you can keep things interestingly Indian with other tribal skills such as Warli and Madhubani.

  • Maintain the rustic quality

To keep things rustic to portray your home’s Indian-ness, you must choose not only earthy fabrics but also rustic textiles. For the same, placing a woven rug in your living room is a good suggestion.

Hanging jute-based animal heads on your room walls are other woven features to decorate your home with. Other than that, you can renovate your windows with pastoral woven blinds.

Another proposal by the rental property management professionals to keep things colorful and rustic is to have colorfully-patterned cushions composed of rustic materials (such as wool and cotton).

  • Make way for the four-poster

Ancient Indian beds would have frames supported by four posters; these features come in handy for hanging mosquito nets. Of course, with the rapid progress of technology, such aspects are not seen anymore.

So, why not return to the ways of your grandparents by installing a four-poster bed in your bedroom. Only make sure that you also enhance the bed’s look with linens, sheers, and ruffles.

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In addition to the above-listed pointers, you can combine Indian-made handicrafts with contemporary items in your abode too. Indian furniture, including Indian rosewood, is hailed for its rustic look and robustness. So, for that eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary designs, go with handmade Indian furniture with a modern outline.

Some NRI property management services personnel may also advise giving an exciting twist with compact furniture and revolutionary lights when redoing your contemporary home the Indian way.

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