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NRI Rental Property Management Services Generate Steady Rental Income and Higher Property Values

Managing your property from far away is an arduous task. Few NRIs think of selling their property if it is located in a posh locality. However, NRIs that own property in India have multiple anxieties.

There are two main roots of these anxieties.

There is the issue of safety and upkeep of the property. Parallel to it is the concern regarding the loss of value invested into the property.

No one wants their property to be used for wrong purposes or by irresponsible tenants in their absence. Still more, a property that is not maintained depreciates in value. Eventually, it loses out in the rental and resale market. It might even become unliveable!

Thanks to the professional property management companies, NRIs can now relieve themselves of their property maintenance burdens. Often, a property management company combines various interrelated services. For example, rent management and maintenance over a period of time go hand-in-hand. Similarly, pre-possession formalities and preparation of registry papers are usually done in quick succession.

The overall focus of NRI rental property management services is the following:

  1. Allow the NRI homeowners to convert their property into an income-generating asset rather than a liability.
  2. Manage the various billing, paperwork, legal, and agreements related formalities in the absence of the property owners.
  3. Ensure good upkeep of the property so that its value gets enhanced gradually.
  4. Help the homeowners who stay away from their property to keep control of their property remotely. Involve them in all important decisions. Supply them regular reports. Allow them to participate in real-time in the renovation, repair and, interior designing.

No NRI would want their property to lie in waste when it can generate a steady income. The underlying logic of rental property management for NRIs is as follows.

Professional property managers ensure you maximum rent from your property. A fraction of that rent goes into maintaining the property. A part of the savings from the rent goes into repairs, renovation, upgrades and, interior designing. A small fraction goes as the charges of property managers. The remaining amount is your income from your property.

While you earn your income, your property is being maintained for you. Besides, the value of your property keeps on increasing all this while. Basically, it is a triply beneficial deal for a very small fraction of charges. Besides, you save your precious time and energy.

How can Residential Property Management companies ensure you steady rental income?

Professional Residential property management companies maintain a dynamic database of prospective tenants. They market your property in the rental market to reduce the vacancy period to a minimum. They also ensure that your property derives the maximum possible rent by highlighting its advantages.

On the flip side, the company would also ensure that competitive rents are set. Your property would thus not lose out in the rental market. Timely collection and transfer of rent from the tenants is also the company’s responsibility.

What all services can you expect from Property Management Services for NRI?

Generating rental income from your property is the foremost task. Much else needs to be done for overall property management.

#1. Finding the Right Tenant

Doing a proper background check is an essential property maintenance service. You would not want your tenants to have questionable backgrounds. Besides, property managers will carry surprise inspections to ensure that your home is used for productive and positive purposes,

#2. Maintaining the Property

This is the next big responsibility of Property management services for nri after rent management. It has three aspects:

  • Bills and Maintenance Charges: Property managers would make sure all the bills are paid in time. Besides, there could be housing society monthly/annual maintenance charges as well. With a property management service you would no more need to keep a checklist of dues.
  • Regular Repairs: Repairs have to be made after the tenants leave. Before a prospective tenant is coming to have a look, everything should be in right place. There are plenty of fittings to be checked for their functioning every month. Property maintenance services maintain links with plumbers, electricians, masons and carpenters etc. to carry out regular repairs.
  • Renovation and Interior Design: Sometimes, your property would require refurbishing both from inside and outside. Its interior design could have become outdated and the paints too dull.

Your property should remain attractive to tenants. Besides, it should keep up with the changing trends so that it can compete for value. Property management companies will contact you to confirm all the details of renovation. With periodic visual reporting system, you can decide when to go for refurbishing. You can even participate with designers in real-time from remote location as your home gets a new look.

#3. Documents and Pre-possession Formalities

Rent agreements have to be signed with tenants. In case you have just bought the property, it has to be registered with the authorities.

There are about a dozen documents that a new owner needs to obtain.

These include allotment letter, land-use certificate, mother deed, occupancy certificate, transfer certificate, NOCs, receipts of the property tax etc.

However, with the experience of property managers, you are ensured to not miss out on any crucial document. Your property would not run the risk of overstepping any local, state or national regulations. It would always comply with latest property laws.

There are a number of other pre-possession formalities that your property management company can do for you. These include:

  • Checking the quality of electricity and water connections.
  • Seeing that bathroom and kitchen fittings are working.
  • Inspecting the woodwork and tile-work.
  • Ensuring the parking space.

Overall, it is meant to ensure that the seller/builder has kept the word.

With Rental Property Management Services, NRI owners can now Relax!

Creating a rental income channel from your property as an NRI homeowner has become a lot easier. You would also be ensured that your property increases in value gradually. Favourable markets play their role, but good rents and higher value can only be ensured by good property management. Thus, you need to relax by entrusting your property in the hands of a competent property management company.

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Property Maintenance Services heave a sigh of relief for NRI property owners

Globalization is driving India’s fast urbanization. Metropolitan urban agglomerations, cities, and towns are already contributing more than two-thirds of India’s GDP. Amidst this sweep, the Real Estate sector has just begun to come out of slumber. Thus, seeking property maintenance services from professionals seems a great idea.

Investments are pouring into purchasing and the renovation of the property in the hotbeds of India’s urbanization. Big cities like Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai are leading the way, but second-tier cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad and, Raipur etc. are in no mood to lag behind either.

Why let your home depreciate lying in neglect when Real Estate is picking up?

The Real Estate sector has begun to tick again. However, the dynamics of globalization are pushing an increasing number of people into becoming absentee proprietors.

The reasons are simple.

The enticing rate at which the value of properties is rising is enough discouragement for NRIs to sell them. It is also not uncommon for professionals and entrepreneurs alike to be compelled to stay away from their home soon after investing their hard-earned money into buying a new residential property.

NRIs and absentee homeowners living in India can now heave a sigh of relief.

Now that the Property Management companies are taking root, the glad tidings are that their residential properties will no more have to suffer from reckless tenants or physical obsolescence.

Why hire professional Property Maintenance Services?

Professional Property Management companies are set to gradually replace one of the chief functions of local property dealers and brokers.

That is – finding the right tenants.

However, there is plenty else that a Property Management company can deliver than just assuring that your residential property does not lie vacant.

Maintenance, Repairs and Renovation

Your home will lose value if it is not cared for.

Regular maintenance saves repair costs. Occasional renovation makes sure that your property stays in-demand in the rental market by keeping with the latest trends of interior designing and external looks.

Property management services for NRI homeowners maintain contacts or have in-house maintenance workers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. Besides, they also help you link with contractors, vendors and suppliers in case you wish to directly involve yourself with the repairing and renovation work from a remote location.

Paperwork and Additional Charges

This can be a real pain in the neck!

Soon after buying a new home, you would need to pay a number of property pre-possession charges. These are often hidden until very late in the deal and come as an unpleasant surprise from the developer.

These may include, stamp duty, holding charges, labour welfare charges, GST and connection charges for water, LPG, electricity, etc.

Besides, you need to get your property registered with the government. If you are already a homeowner, it has to be ensured that the maintenance charges and bills are paid in time.

Finally, it has to be routinely checked that your property complies with property laws and different local, state-level and national regulations. Residential Property Management companies cut this hassle by taking care of it all.

Maximize Rental Income

Rents rise as development projects progress and the housing market surges.

However, all owners compete to make the most out of it. Ensuring that your residential property derives you the rent it deserves and you maintain a steady flow of rental income is a challenge.

This is where professional property managers step-in. Their rent management tactics ensure that optimum rents are set for your property even as vacancy rates are kept in check.

Besides, they also ensure timely payment and collection of rents.

Find Responsible Tenants

No one would want their property to go into wrong hands in their absence.

Property management companies carry out strict security checks before renting your home to ensure that tenants do not possess a criminal background.

Their experience counts in ensuring that your home is used in a responsible way, for good purposes, and it does not lose its charm.

They often carry inspections and represent the owners in case of conflict.

What services can you expect from Property Management Companies?

Residential Property Management companies employ dedicated teams to save your time and money whether you are a new buyer or already a homeowner.

Their income depends upon saving your money; thus, they will put in maximum efforts to ensure that your property’s value keeps on rising slowly yet steadily.

This is a win-win situation for both the company and the homeowner. Typically, the services they offer include:

  1. Pre-possession and Registry formalities: Property registration can be frustrating and time consuming and yet you might end up having incomplete or improper documentation. Besides, most people also end up spending extra money for lack of guidance.

A Property Management company ensures that all the documents that you would need as an owner are obtained in time.

These include, encumbrance certificate, allotment letter, no-dues letter, land-use certificate, registry (with the government), sale agreement, mother deed, completion and occupancy certificates, no-objection certificate, transfer certificate, property tax receipts and deed of conveyance.

The company also checks that the quality of doors, windows, construction, bathroom and kitchen fittings, switches and electrical fittings and tiling, etc. is in accordance with the commitments made by the seller/builder.

  1. Property Maintenance and Interior Designing: This involves keeping your home in good shape and comfort-level in accordance with the latest trends.

You would be communicated of the maintenance needs of your home, and if needed, you would also be informed about the suppliers and contractors, besides the maintenance tasks carried out at regular intervals.

You would also be given a choice of interior designers and designs so that you can remotely participate in transforming your home the way you like it.

With Property Maintenance services, you no more need to keep a track of bills and charges. They would pay it on your behalf. They would also send you pictures, reports, copies of bills and other necessary documents so that you can keep a track-record of your home.

Some companies even allow real-time tracking with a client portal. All you need to do is log-in to your account and get all the details, bills and other critical information.

  1. Renting Services: These include rent evaluation, marketing of your property so that it does not remain vacant, conveying tenant demands and expectations, rent agreements, security checks, inspections, providing tenant choices and bargaining for rents that your home deserves.


Managing your property is not a mean task even when you are around. But it is next to impossible if you are far away.

There are plenty of tasks to ensure that you extract unhindered income from your property while also augmenting its value. This could be too much to be left for the family members and relatives.

Professional Property Maintenance services providers do that for you at very reasonable rates to save your precious time and money.

It is time to say goodbye to home-repair checklists, brokers and local property dealers!

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How our property managers helped our New Zealand Customer generate Rs.9.6lakhs rental income

Overview of Property Management Case Study

This post highlights the problems and our property maintenance and rental income generation solutions for one of our NRI client.

About the Client

The NRI client lives in New Zealand and has a property in Gurgaon – India. Since he lives away from his property, therefore, it became next to impossible for him to travel to India frequently to address the property concerns. Hence, the client decided to hire a property maintenance and rent management company in Gurgaon to fulfill his requirements.

Property: the client owns a Penthouse of 5400 Sq ft with 4 Bedrooms on a top floor in one of the posh locations of Gurgaon.

Problems Faced by the New Zealand Client

The client bought the property 10 years back from now. And at the time of purchase he invested a generous amount of INR 30 lakhs on the renovation and upkeep of the house. The client equipped the house with latest and superlative amenities, appliances and furniture. So that whenever he and his family came to India, they’d be comfortable in their stay.

The maintenance of the house was given to a local person/acquaintance, who was supposed to take care of the property while the owners were abroad.

Unfortunately, the person in-charge for maintenance only did cleaning ignoring all the concerned tasks of property maintenance. This resulted in poor condition of the fittings, appliances, furniture etc in the penthouse.

And when the client decided to generate some rental income from the property, it was not in the shape to hire tenants. This came as a shock to the client who was trusting the local acquaintance and was hoping to save some rental income for his future plans.

House Condition when the client contacted LuXia’s property managers

When Luxia was given the charge of the house for maintenance, our property managers found the house in a very poor condition.

Bathroom fitting were rusted and old , rubber was falling off from the window blinds, Jacuzzi was not working , A/Cs were not working or cooling. Additionally, the kitchen appliances like chimney, hub, oven etc were also not functioning properly.

All in all the house was not maintained per the standards it should have been over the years.

LuXia’s Solutions for Property Maintenance and Rental Income generation

Property Maintenance

Just as the client hired us for using our property management services for NRI, our team was on it for the maintenance tasks. With our expert in-house professionals like carpenter, plumbers, electricians, appliance technicians (for washing machine, dryer , chimney/hob  etc)  we got everything rectified and thoroughly cleaned.

Our team ensured that the maintenance work was done at economic prices, that too well within the pre-committed timeline.

With our maintenance team’s efforts the house was completely transformed from an unused, unkept house; to a modern luxurious apartment.

We gave a live tour of the house to the NRI owner over video conference. And, he was pleasantly surprised with the transformed look of his house. He was very happy that he did not have to spend on the travel expense to maintain his property in India.

Assured Renting

Now, since the house is very well maintained, so now is the time for the house to earn money from a previous dead investment of 10 years.

Therefore, LuXia engaged with top corporate companies and established verified professionals to get our New Zealand client suitable tenant.

From the various prospect tenants, we screened the details of a corporate client who wanted to use this penthouse as their company guesthouse.

LuXia got the deal finalized between the client and the corporate client with a handsome rental of INR 80,000. Our property management company handled all the verification and documentations before handing the keys to the tenant.

This is how we helped our NRI client with our property maintenance services and rent management services to generate a high return on investment.

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NRI Property Management – Australian Customer Case Study


The case study details the problems and our solutions for a NRI customer of LuXia LLC. It shares what services the client used and how we helped the client to save money and time.

Customer Details

The client is based in Australia and has a property in Gurgaon (Delhi, India). For this reason, the client has a limitation of not being able to travel to India frequently to fulfill the the various needs of his property. As this would cost him quite a lot in terms of money and time.

Property : the client has a 1900 sq ft  3 BHK  Apartment with Gurgaon’s top builder.

Client’s Requirements

The client was looking for a NRI property management company in Delhi NCR – India to cater to his end-to-end property management requirements. He was facing issues with the builder he had booked his property. Hence, needed experienced property managers who could handle the legal matters, interior designing, rent management and overall property maintenance; so that he does not have to fly to India to get it sorted.

He needed the results to be fast as he was losing the money he invested since the property builder was delaying the possession. And he was not able to get the expected returns on investment by starting with the rent cycle.

Here’s what he needed from a NRI property management firm in India.

Pre-possession requirements:

  • The client wanted the property managers to fastrack his property’s possession since the time promised by the builder had already surpassed. And the builder was not honouring his commitment.
  • To get the registration done for his property without having to travel to India.

Post-possession requirements:

  • To get the interior designing done of the property.
  • To find a tenant and get the property on rent so that the property is able to generate rental income for the client.

How LuXia’s Gurgaon team helped the client

Pre-possession and registration of the property without the need of the NRI owner to travel to India

LuXia saved the time, effort and money of our Australian client by managing their property from end-to-end, and also handling their legal matters. We further benefited our client by giving them complete assurance of his property management which gave him peace of mind .

The client did not have to travel to India to get the matters sorted as LuXia’s team was on ground on their behalf, completing all that was required from the client.

Just as the client got in touch with LuXia’s property managers in Gurgaon for the pre-possession requirements, our team was on toes to help the client. Our in-house legal team worked with the builder to get the possession of the property, without having to call the NRI owner from Australia.

Along with this, team LuXia also got the registration done of the client’s property without the client having to travel to India which normally can be quite challenging for an NRI.

LuXia saved multiple trips of the client to India which could have costed him quite big in terms of his valuable time and money to get this resolved. Our property managers in Gurgaon made the possession and registration process seamless and efficient for the client.

Interior Designing

After the registration of the property, the client wanted to get the interior designing done so that he is able to generate rental income.

Hence, LuXia’s in-house interior team got elegant designing done of the complete house right from living room, to bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. Our interior designers maintained the aesthetics and functionality of the house just as our client’s demand.

Tenant Screening & Rent Management

Finally, LuXia started with the marketing of the property through various channels to find an appropriate tenant for the client’s property. From the multiple tenant applications, LuXia chose the one suitable tenant after careful screening.

Our NRI property management team also took care of the police verification of the tenant which is a mandate before keeping a tenant in India. We also shared the real-time online portal for landlords with our client so that he can keep a track of the monthly rent and other important information related to the property.

LuXia’s value-added services that made our NRI client smile!

  • Guaranteed Assurance – all our rental management services come with an assurance of maximum Return of Investment and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Property Manager – the client got personal attention by a single point of contact for all their property related concerns.
  • Law & Regulations Compliant Rental Property – we made sure that landlords property is compliant with the property laws and landlord tenant laws in India.

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