Interior Design Case Study

Main focus: Clean lines to balance the young and enthusiastic vibe of an entrepreneurial couple with a comfortable and fun-to-be-at home.

The client subscribes to the belief that less is more when it comes to designing the interiors of a home. This is extended with the thought that simple home design leaches to ease of living.

This philosophy also reflects in many of our interior designing projects, and it’s what attracted a couple building a custom home in the South Delhi area of India. Our interior designer was brought in at the start of the process, and the team started working closely with their builder. So as to create a sophisticated yet comfortable house that capitalizes on its pastoral surroundings; the island kitchen and in line family room demonstrate the team’s success.

The Client

The house is located on a posh location in South Delhi surrounded with a beautiful park, so retaining the unrestricted view from the balconies was a must.

The client couple are a successful young entrepreneur, who bought this house in a contemporary block in the South Delhi area, with a desire for a home that expresses their life style: dynamic, informal and incorporating elements of their background not just in terms of their interests but also to match the comfort quotient.

LuXia was given the task of putting all these pieces together, choosing the finishes, the furniture layout, the lighting, free standing and bespoke furniture, and soft furnishings to create a home that is full of life and captures the client’s essence and character: a lively vibe in a relaxed environment where they can feel comfortable either on their own or when entertaining guests.

The Brief

In our first meeting to discuss the brief, the client gave us very precise information about what they wanted, not just in terms of visual reference but also about how they wanted to enjoy the space:

Feel: Homely and lively. They like soft colours and unconventional wallpaper.

Functionality: The social aspect is important as they plan to invite friends regularly for parties; storage space as they do not like clutter; Future planning is on scale, so a kid’s room area is very important; a very comfortable couch and a wall mounted unit for the TV. Modern look; table for terrace and lighting, wall mounted air conditioning; for their bedroom they want a big wardrobe; bathroom: additional storage space and change colour scheme; and an open-plan kitchen with ample lights.

Our Interior Designing

Almost all the elements of the house we were absolutely clear of when we started to develop its interior designing. The client was very particular about maintaining and reflecting their vibe in their newly build home. So, we worked and planned every corner of the house as per their expectation.

Our plan was simple; to give exactly what the client desires. For this, our interior designers started off with the kitchen and the sitting area. To define the kitchen and sitting area, we designed a white granite-topped, walnut display shelf. The kitchen boasts of traditional Shaker-style cabinetry and Carrara marble counters and backsplash.

The kitchen opens to a breakfast corner where a glass roundtable is artfully paired with bright red Windsor chairs to introduce a balanced splash of vibrant colour. We also designed a cabinet that beautifully displays the couple’s pottery collection along one wall.

Almost all of furniture is new to the house. Except for an existing Baker sofa which was reupholstered for the sitting area. We selected a complimentary metal coffee table and wood-framed chairs, to create simple, soft lines with a touch of modern.

The entire space of the house was colour coordinated to match the kitchen and living area and the wallpaper was selected based on the client’s preferences of colour and feel. The bedroom and the powder room were to contain calm vibes. So, we maintained the request by using light colours on the wall, and on the curtains. The powder room was designed with ample wardrobe cabinets and a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

As asked by the client, the terrace had modern seating arrangements with a rustic table and matching chairs. We also went ahead and decorated the terrace with valued plants for a fresher and drawn-out aesthetic look.

For the kids’ room, a neutral shade of white and yellow was used to keep the options open in the future. In the bathroom, the colour for the walls was a darker hue of than that of the floor tiles. Above the long side of the bath, a lighter tile was chosen, in the same design.  A wall mounted unit for storage was proposed, similar in colour to the vanity unit, and accessories were suggested.

The Highlights of our Interior Designing

  • We make most efforts to keep the things simple, without too much clutter, this allows the details to show. We used the same colour metal for hardware, light fixtures, and drapery rods—and they are more perceptible because space is not cluttered.
  • Our designers worked close to the client’s main concept.
  • We look for different ways to add interest. Here, the interior doors are painted a different colour from the trim and walls. Also, the pottery collection steals the limelight.
  • With tall ceilings, there are tricks to communicating more human balance to space. Hanging sconces and low pendants bring the eye down.
  • We used one flooring material throughout the house to keep things flowing. It opened up space.
  • Display shelves are a great way to introduce what is important to the client.

Each Project demands a personal approach, our aim is to capture the way the client wants to live their life and translate that in beautiful surroundings that inspire them and ultimately give them happiness.

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Interior Designing and Assured Rental – Case Study of our Canadian Client

Own a property in India which is sitting idle in the real-estate market? Our property managers can help you earn money out of it. Just like we helped our NRI client from Canada by rendering our interior designing and assured rental service.

Know more about it below.

About the Client

The NRI client lives in Canada and has a property in Noida – India. He purchased the property in 2010 for himself, but had to move to Canada in 2012 for work. Since then the property is lying vacant with local guardians keeping a casual eye every now and then.

Property: the client owns a 3BHK flat of 4500 Sq ft in one of the well ranked locations of Noida, which comes under the NCT area of Delhi, India.

Client’s Problems

The client’s property was looked after a local acquisition who could not dedicate his time to the client’s property sufficiently. For this reason the property’s value and quality was degrading with time. Also, the property asked for a facelift as per the modern times to make it look aesthetic and more functional.

The property bought by the client a decade ago was not giving any monetary benefit to him ever since. He even tried to rent out his flat through the local guardian but ended up making loss. As the tenants were kept without verifying, and they harmed the property big time. Also, the rent of the property was also quoted too low as per the market norms.

Being an NRI it was not feasible for the client to travel to India to manage his property frequently. Therefore, this time he was looking for professionals to take care of his property and give him some monetary benefits through the property.

Client’s Requirements

The client was looking for a NRI property management company preferably in Delhi NCR – India. He was looking for a professional to cater to his property related requirements.

He wanted a property management company to redo his property’s interiors and then put it out in the market for residential renting. The client also wanted to ensure that the tenants are rented after proper verification and for long term.

Along with this he also wanted to virtually monitor all the activities on the property and see the rent receipts and other important documents online.

How LuXia’s Noida team helped the client

Interior Designing and Assured Renting of the property without the need of the NRI owner to travel to India

The very first requirement of our client was met as he did not have to travel to India in this entire span of 2 years to manage his property. Everything was taken care of by our property managers in Noida.

Our property managers also shared an online portal with the client so that he can see the important information like rent receipt, bills, work progress etc. on the portal.

Here’s how we helped him with our services.

Interior Designing

As asked by our client LuXia’s in-house team of interior designers went to the property to study the designing requirements. We also conducted a video conference with the client to walk through the property with the owner. And to get an idea of his interior designing interests so that we can incorporate them in the property.

After sharing the idea with the owner our interior designing team started working on the property to mold it into an aesthetic and easy on functionality property. The interior designing work was finished well within the timeline. And was shown to the client again via video conferencing.

Assured renting with steady increase in rent for 2 years

After the interior designing of the property, LuXia started with the marketing of the property through various channels to find an appropriate tenant for the client’s property. After strict and careful screening of the applications, LuXia chose a suitable tenant for the residential property.

Our property manager for the NRI client ensured proper police verification before renting the house to the tenant. We also got the rent agreement and other necessary documentation in place to go as per the India federal guidelines. We also made sure that the client received appropriate rent as per the market norms. And also the rental income increased steadily over the two years.

LuXia’s value-added services that made our NRI client smile!

  • Guaranteed Assurance – all our rental management services come with an assurance of maximum Return of Investment and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Property Manager – the client got personal attention by a single point of contact for all their property related concerns.
  • Law & Regulations Compliant Rental Property – we made sure that landlords property is compliant with the property laws and landlord tenant laws in India.

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How our property managers helped our New Zealand Customer generate Rs.9.6lakhs rental income

Overview of Property Management Case Study

This post highlights the problems and our property maintenance and rental income generation solutions for one of our NRI client.

About the Client

The NRI client lives in New Zealand and has a property in Gurgaon – India. Since he lives away from his property, therefore, it became next to impossible for him to travel to India frequently to address the property concerns. Hence, the client decided to hire a property maintenance and rent management company in Gurgaon to fulfill his requirements.

Property: the client owns a Penthouse of 5400 Sq ft with 4 Bedrooms on a top floor in one of the posh locations of Gurgaon.

Problems Faced by the New Zealand Client

The client bought the property 10 years back from now. And at the time of purchase he invested a generous amount of INR 30 lakhs on the renovation and upkeep of the house. The client equipped the house with latest and superlative amenities, appliances and furniture. So that whenever he and his family came to India, they’d be comfortable in their stay.

The maintenance of the house was given to a local person/acquaintance, who was supposed to take care of the property while the owners were abroad.

Unfortunately, the person in-charge for maintenance only did cleaning ignoring all the concerned tasks of property maintenance. This resulted in poor condition of the fittings, appliances, furniture etc in the penthouse.

And when the client decided to generate some rental income from the property, it was not in the shape to hire tenants. This came as a shock to the client who was trusting the local acquaintance and was hoping to save some rental income for his future plans.

House Condition when the client contacted LuXia’s property managers

When Luxia was given the charge of the house for maintenance, our property managers found the house in a very poor condition.

Bathroom fitting were rusted and old , rubber was falling off from the window blinds, Jacuzzi was not working , A/Cs were not working or cooling. Additionally, the kitchen appliances like chimney, hub, oven etc were also not functioning properly.

All in all the house was not maintained per the standards it should have been over the years.

LuXia’s Solutions for Property Maintenance and Rental Income generation

Property Maintenance

Just as the client hired us for using our property management services for NRI, our team was on it for the maintenance tasks. With our expert in-house professionals like carpenter, plumbers, electricians, appliance technicians (for washing machine, dryer , chimney/hob  etc)  we got everything rectified and thoroughly cleaned.

Our team ensured that the maintenance work was done at economic prices, that too well within the pre-committed timeline.

With our maintenance team’s efforts the house was completely transformed from an unused, unkept house; to a modern luxurious apartment.

We gave a live tour of the house to the NRI owner over video conference. And, he was pleasantly surprised with the transformed look of his house. He was very happy that he did not have to spend on the travel expense to maintain his property in India.

Assured Renting

Now, since the house is very well maintained, so now is the time for the house to earn money from a previous dead investment of 10 years.

Therefore, LuXia engaged with top corporate companies and established verified professionals to get our New Zealand client suitable tenant.

From the various prospect tenants, we screened the details of a corporate client who wanted to use this penthouse as their company guesthouse.

LuXia got the deal finalized between the client and the corporate client with a handsome rental of INR 80,000. Our property management company handled all the verification and documentations before handing the keys to the tenant.

This is how we helped our NRI client with our property maintenance services and rent management services to generate a high return on investment.

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NRI Property Management – Australian Customer Case Study


The case study details the problems and our solutions for a NRI customer of LuXia LLC. It shares what services the client used and how we helped the client to save money and time.

Customer Details

The client is based in Australia and has a property in Gurgaon (Delhi, India). For this reason, the client has a limitation of not being able to travel to India frequently to fulfill the the various needs of his property. As this would cost him quite a lot in terms of money and time.

Property : the client has a 1900 sq ft  3 BHK  Apartment with Gurgaon’s top builder.

Client’s Requirements

The client was looking for a NRI property management company in Delhi NCR – India to cater to his end-to-end property management requirements. He was facing issues with the builder he had booked his property. Hence, needed experienced property managers who could handle the legal matters, interior designing, rent management and overall property maintenance; so that he does not have to fly to India to get it sorted.

He needed the results to be fast as he was losing the money he invested since the property builder was delaying the possession. And he was not able to get the expected returns on investment by starting with the rent cycle.

Here’s what he needed from a NRI property management firm in India.

Pre-possession requirements:

  • The client wanted the property managers to fastrack his property’s possession since the time promised by the builder had already surpassed. And the builder was not honouring his commitment.
  • To get the registration done for his property without having to travel to India.

Post-possession requirements:

  • To get the interior designing done of the property.
  • To find a tenant and get the property on rent so that the property is able to generate rental income for the client.

How LuXia’s Gurgaon team helped the client

Pre-possession and registration of the property without the need of the NRI owner to travel to India

LuXia saved the time, effort and money of our Australian client by managing their property from end-to-end, and also handling their legal matters. We further benefited our client by giving them complete assurance of his property management which gave him peace of mind .

The client did not have to travel to India to get the matters sorted as LuXia’s team was on ground on their behalf, completing all that was required from the client.

Just as the client got in touch with LuXia’s property managers in Gurgaon for the pre-possession requirements, our team was on toes to help the client. Our in-house legal team worked with the builder to get the possession of the property, without having to call the NRI owner from Australia.

Along with this, team LuXia also got the registration done of the client’s property without the client having to travel to India which normally can be quite challenging for an NRI.

LuXia saved multiple trips of the client to India which could have costed him quite big in terms of his valuable time and money to get this resolved. Our property managers in Gurgaon made the possession and registration process seamless and efficient for the client.

Interior Designing

After the registration of the property, the client wanted to get the interior designing done so that he is able to generate rental income.

Hence, LuXia’s in-house interior team got elegant designing done of the complete house right from living room, to bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. Our interior designers maintained the aesthetics and functionality of the house just as our client’s demand.

Tenant Screening & Rent Management

Finally, LuXia started with the marketing of the property through various channels to find an appropriate tenant for the client’s property. From the multiple tenant applications, LuXia chose the one suitable tenant after careful screening.

Our NRI property management team also took care of the police verification of the tenant which is a mandate before keeping a tenant in India. We also shared the real-time online portal for landlords with our client so that he can keep a track of the monthly rent and other important information related to the property.

LuXia’s value-added services that made our NRI client smile!

  • Guaranteed Assurance – all our rental management services come with an assurance of maximum Return of Investment and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Property Manager – the client got personal attention by a single point of contact for all their property related concerns.
  • Law & Regulations Compliant Rental Property – we made sure that landlords property is compliant with the property laws and landlord tenant laws in India.

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LuXia can help you save Rs. 40 lakhs!

Own a rental property? This case study can help you understand how our property managers at LuXia can help you save Rs. 40 lakhs!

How it all starts

An NRI customer owns a rental property in Delhi, India and decides to rent it. For this, he get in touch with the local real estate agents, friends and family members and ask for support.

Finally, finds a tenant for his rental property through a local real estate agent (who obviously took a hefty amount from both the sides).

The problem

Since the landlord rented the home through an unverified broker, therefore he did not look after the property’s maintenance, after renting it. And, the tenants too did not pay much attention to the cracks, leakage and wear-and-tear on the property as they were not going to stay for long.

As soon as the first tenants vacated the property within just 7 months, the brokers informed the owner about it. Further, the broker made up a scenario of finding new tenants.

But, the broker played with the owner’s trust by renting out the property to his acquaintance and quietly filling his pockets with the unauthorized rent.

The owner gets to know about this and had to make a rushed visit to India. He also had to involve police and the legal system to get the house vacated.

Result – Not only did this cost the owner in terms of money, but also cost him a lot of hassle in handling and settling the issues. Due to the negligence of the broker and the tenant a leakage in one of the water pipe grew big and caused damp walls. This further resulted in high loss of money in terms of monthly rent, brokerage fees, legal fees and the maintenance cost.

Cost incurred so far:

Rushed ticket cost – Rs. 1.5 lakh

Monthly rent loss for 1 year – Rs. 5 lakhs

Maintenance cost – Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Tickets cost to fly back home and return to India – Rs. 3 lakhs

Police and legal activities – Rs. 2 lakhs

The final loss

Due to the hassles of police and legal actions, the NRI owner gets fed up and decides to sell his property in distress. Hence making a sale loss of around Rs. 26 lakhs on his rental property.

Total loss – Rs. 40 lakhs

Hence, not only does he suffers financial loss, but also loses a rental property which he had bought for his retirement plans.

How can LuXia can help you save Rs. 40 lakhs

LuXia LLP offers property management services for NRI landlords, thereby helping them save time and money on their rental property.

Our property managers make sure we hire tenants only after proper screening to check on their backgrounds, tenure of their stay etc. We also prepare all the legal paperwork before leasing or renting the rental property to the tenant to ward-off any chances of treachery.

Apart from renting, we also take care of property maintenance by making timely visits to the property and fixing any issues that require attention. This way the NRI landlords need not make emergency visits to maintain their property and save lakhs of their hard earned money.

Another advantage of hiring our property management company is that we put in efforts to minimize the vacancy period so that the NRI landlords can enjoy the monthly rent coming their way.

We have a real-time client portal for our landlord clients. In this portal we share updates for rent collection, scheduled visits and other important updates. Hence, the landlord stays informed and updated about all the happenings on his rental property. Thus – no deceit.

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