Interior Design Case Study

Main focus: Clean lines to balance the young and enthusiastic vibe of an entrepreneurial couple with a comfortable and fun-to-be-at home.

The client subscribes to the belief that less is more when it comes to designing the interiors of a home. This is extended with the thought that simple home design leaches to ease of living.

This philosophy also reflects in many of our interior designing projects, and it’s what attracted a couple building a custom home in the South Delhi area of India. Our interior designer was brought in at the start of the process, and the team started working closely with their builder. So as to create a sophisticated yet comfortable house that capitalizes on its pastoral surroundings; the island kitchen and in line family room demonstrate the team’s success.

The Client

The house is located on a posh location in South Delhi surrounded with a beautiful park, so retaining the unrestricted view from the balconies was a must.

The client couple are a successful young entrepreneur, who bought this house in a contemporary block in the South Delhi area, with a desire for a home that expresses their life style: dynamic, informal and incorporating elements of their background not just in terms of their interests but also to match the comfort quotient.

LuXia was given the task of putting all these pieces together, choosing the finishes, the furniture layout, the lighting, free standing and bespoke furniture, and soft furnishings to create a home that is full of life and captures the client’s essence and character: a lively vibe in a relaxed environment where they can feel comfortable either on their own or when entertaining guests.

The Brief

In our first meeting to discuss the brief, the client gave us very precise information about what they wanted, not just in terms of visual reference but also about how they wanted to enjoy the space:

Feel: Homely and lively. They like soft colours and unconventional wallpaper.

Functionality: The social aspect is important as they plan to invite friends regularly for parties; storage space as they do not like clutter; Future planning is on scale, so a kid’s room area is very important; a very comfortable couch and a wall mounted unit for the TV. Modern look; table for terrace and lighting, wall mounted air conditioning; for their bedroom they want a big wardrobe; bathroom: additional storage space and change colour scheme; and an open-plan kitchen with ample lights.

Our Interior Designing

Almost all the elements of the house we were absolutely clear of when we started to develop its interior designing. The client was very particular about maintaining and reflecting their vibe in their newly build home. So, we worked and planned every corner of the house as per their expectation.

Our plan was simple; to give exactly what the client desires. For this, our interior designers started off with the kitchen and the sitting area. To define the kitchen and sitting area, we designed a white granite-topped, walnut display shelf. The kitchen boasts of traditional Shaker-style cabinetry and Carrara marble counters and backsplash.

The kitchen opens to a breakfast corner where a glass roundtable is artfully paired with bright red Windsor chairs to introduce a balanced splash of vibrant colour. We also designed a cabinet that beautifully displays the couple’s pottery collection along one wall.

Almost all of furniture is new to the house. Except for an existing Baker sofa which was reupholstered for the sitting area. We selected a complimentary metal coffee table and wood-framed chairs, to create simple, soft lines with a touch of modern.

The entire space of the house was colour coordinated to match the kitchen and living area and the wallpaper was selected based on the client’s preferences of colour and feel. The bedroom and the powder room were to contain calm vibes. So, we maintained the request by using light colours on the wall, and on the curtains. The powder room was designed with ample wardrobe cabinets and a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

As asked by the client, the terrace had modern seating arrangements with a rustic table and matching chairs. We also went ahead and decorated the terrace with valued plants for a fresher and drawn-out aesthetic look.

For the kids’ room, a neutral shade of white and yellow was used to keep the options open in the future. In the bathroom, the colour for the walls was a darker hue of than that of the floor tiles. Above the long side of the bath, a lighter tile was chosen, in the same design.  A wall mounted unit for storage was proposed, similar in colour to the vanity unit, and accessories were suggested.

The Highlights of our Interior Designing

  • We make most efforts to keep the things simple, without too much clutter, this allows the details to show. We used the same colour metal for hardware, light fixtures, and drapery rods—and they are more perceptible because space is not cluttered.
  • Our designers worked close to the client’s main concept.
  • We look for different ways to add interest. Here, the interior doors are painted a different colour from the trim and walls. Also, the pottery collection steals the limelight.
  • With tall ceilings, there are tricks to communicating more human balance to space. Hanging sconces and low pendants bring the eye down.
  • We used one flooring material throughout the house to keep things flowing. It opened up space.
  • Display shelves are a great way to introduce what is important to the client.

Each Project demands a personal approach, our aim is to capture the way the client wants to live their life and translate that in beautiful surroundings that inspire them and ultimately give them happiness.

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