Love colours? Here’s how you can use them in your home creatively

If you’re looking for the interior design of home options, you have a range of colors to choose from. Surely, you will agree that colors play an important role in our lives. Also, contrasting color shades add life to any room.

Besides selecting a color palette for your living and dining spaces, the property management consultants may also suggest splashing on the colors to your home office. Why not consider painting your ceilings with colors other than white, also?

Importantly, the Interior designing Delhi experts recommend following the color rules to make your room look balanced.

  • The 60-30-10 rule

By following the 60-30-10 rule, you’re ensuring that your room has a balanced color palette. Also, interior designers use this rule as part of their home décor ideas.

Under this rule, you have to choose 3 colors and follow them using them in percentages of 60, 30, and 10.

So, the first step is to finalize the main shades that will cover 60% of your room. The interior design company in Delhi opines that neutral colors are mostly the dominant shades in rooms, for they offer a subdued feel without getting you all overwhelmed.

The second step is to select a slightly bold color for your secondary hue; these shades constitute 30% of the space.

Opt for a bold shade for accentuation purposes; this takes up 10 percent of the space.

For instance, under beautiful interior design for homes, you can have greige color dominating your room, with your walls and sofas displaying this shade. Subsequently, you can have black as the secondary shade, where your side table, bookcase, dining chair, and pillow contain black shades. Finally, you can go with coral as your accent color while you have your potted plants and throw pillows exhibiting the color.

  • All about warm and cool colors

Some colors are considered warm colors on the color wheel, while the others are cool ones.

As per convention, shades such as yellow, orange, and red are categorized under warm colors because of their vibrancy. Among the warm shades, neutral hues like tan and brown are also included.

On the other hand, colors such as purple, green, gray, and blue are cool colors.

Going by choice of warm or cool colors, you can determine the room’s energy.

Warm colors can enrich the mood and have a welcoming feel. The general recommendation by the property management company in Delhi NCR specialists is to choose such shades to decorate only entertaining arenas. As such, you can use such hues to paint the walls of your kitchen or dining room.

Conversely, for a subdued look and feel, you can have cool colors on your offices and bedrooms; they are favored by many for their calming effect.

  • Color schemes

Under color schemes, you can either opt for the complementary color scheme or the analogous color scheme.

  • Complementary color scheme

As part of this scheme, you require two shades that sit on opposite ends of the color wheel. Among your choices, you have the colors red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange.

  • Analogous Color Scheme

Under the analogous color scheme, you must first select a central color. Follow by using the colors that come on both sides of the given shade on the color wheel. Here, you will have two primary colors, whereas the third shade will blend the two.

Your choices include color combinations such as red, purple, and blue or red, orange, and yellow.

Because you’re using three colors, you need to enforce the 60-30-10 rule – to give the space a balanced appearance, that is.

For variety, you also can use different shades of one particular color.

Further, if you prefer neutral shades to vibrant ones, you have a monochromatic color scheme. Under the analogous color scheme, you can use three neutral hues like gray, white, and black; they offer a contemporary look and feel.


You will surely agree that we prefer some colors over others on a concluding note, right? While some people are fans of neutral colors, others prefer loud ruby shades for a dash of drama. More so, green has a relaxing, so they paint their walls with color contrasts containing green.

Now, depending on your color choices, you can choose to interior decorate your home.

However, the NRI property management companies will always advise you to use colors in the right proportions to work harmoniously.