Interior Designing with a Property Management Company: Why, How, What?

There is a huge difference between interior designing your home for yourself and for renting.

When you design your home for yourself, the usage and comfort of your family is the chief consideration. On the contrary, rentier interior designing is aimed at raising its value.

That does not mean that the utility and comfort of prospective tenants are out of the picture. It’s just that it’s not the main concern in the case. That’s the reason why designing your home as an absentee owner is best done with property managers.

Why should you hire a Property Management Company for Interior Designing?

Let’s get straight to the reasons:

  1. Know Your Tenant before they Move-In

Property Management Services for NRIs carry out dedicated rental management services. Property Managers carry out neighborhood surveys and know the kind of tenants that your property is likely to fetch.

You can get the interior designing done keeping in mind the usage and comfort of your prospective tenants.

This converts to higher rental incomes and thus you can invest more in interior designing. This in turn ensures that your property remains in high demand and consistently increases its value.

  1. Better Management of Expenditure

NRI Property Management services carry out detailed budgeting exercise to forecast your rental income.

you know the earning from your home in advance, you can decide better how much to invest in it.

This also ensures that there is no extra burden on your pocket while you are away. The interior designing is done gradually instead of in one go. Property managers keeping the tenant needs in mind. High priority interior designing tasks are carried out first. Most importantly, all the designing expenses are most likely to be borne out from the rental income itself.

  1. Your Home Deserves the Best – So do your Tenants!

You could be enthusiastic about interior designing. You may even know about the latest trends and designs. However, that is of little value when you are away. We will see below how your interior designing knowledge, insights and preferences could be put to good use.

Let’s understand for now that interior designers from property management services are best suited to makeover your home.


  • They have the knowledge about local trends.
  • They can gauge the needs of the prospective tenants better.
  • Discussing ideas with them ensures that your home and tenants get the best out of two designer’s opinions. (You would be a bit of an interior designer too!) Few people wish to leave their home entirely in the hands of property management companies!
  • Property Managers and Interior Designers know the vendors. They often deal with them. The vendors charge them lesser than an occasional customer.
  • It is tough to take care of finer details when you are away. Interior designers are trained to deal with them.
  • You save time, money and energy on interior designing. Besides, interior design from specialists is sure to leave a great first impression on tenants during walkthroughs!

Is Hiring Property Management Company for Interior Designing enough?

Interior Designing is a sort of an exception in all the property management tasks. Unlike rental management, property maintenance and budgeting, owners can have a greater say with interior designing.

Rentier interior designing is much different from the usual interior designing for home. Here are a few tips that help you achieve maximum value increase with controlled expenditure. Using your interior designing imagination in tandem with professional interior designers from Property Management Company would be really fruitful.

  1. Spatial Designing

The spatial needs of tenants could vary. They could be entirely different too. The rule of the thumb is keeping the design as spacious as possible. It ensures that prospective tenants will seldom dislike your property.

  1. Dark Flooring

Tenants use homes differently than owners. They do not bother about renovations and maintenance. Choose dark flooring and dark-colored carpets for interior designing of house. That reduces maintenance and renovation costs. They would not have to be deep-cleaned or replaced every season.

  1. Neutral Paints

Unlike interior designing for yourself, you would have to control your designer urges in case of wall paints. Just keep it simple! Avoid experimentation!

Tenants focus more on functionality of house than style. It is important to choose paints that help the natural lighting of the interiors.

Always buy a little extra paint for mid-season or end-season finishing. That helps maintain a fresh look of the interiors.

  1. Comfortable Bedrooms

Consider investing in the comfort side of bedrooms. They should be spacious and well lit. There is no harm in taking the property manager’s advice regarding in-vogue trends for interior designing for bedroom. They would know better about tenant expectations.

  1. Tenants place special emphasis on Bathrooms and Kitchens

Prospective tenants would turn down your home if they are not satisfied with bathrooms and kitchens. Good looks are no substitute for highly functional and easy to use bathrooms and kitchens.

The fittings need not be stylish, but they should be strong. Ensure lots of working and storage space in interior designing for kitchen.

The bathrooms should be easy to clean for the tenants. Choose the tiles and flooring accordingly. Avoid too many and bulky fittings. Focus on the quality of fittings rather than looks.

Making your Interiors attractive for Renting

There is plenty else that you can do to compensate for the style element. The look and feel aspect cannot be neglected in totality. By asking the interior designer to focus on a few simple things and cheaper measures, your interiors would look pleasing.

  • Make de-cluttering the entire space a priority by adjusting objects. Push the extra furniture items to the store.
  • Replacing the old switches imparts a new look and reduces repairing hassles.
  • Make sure that the lighting blends nicely with the new interiors. Allow natural light to do its wonders.
  • You need not control your creative instincts while choosing the curtains. They have a huge bearing on the overall looks.
  • If there are large open spaces, divide them into two or more smaller spaces. Each of these spaces can have a meaning and purpose of its own. Again, no need to repress your creative skills here!
  • Adding a few paintings and sculptures here and there will send a positive message to the tenants.

Make your Home the first choice of Tenants with Professional Interior Designers

There cannot be a definite formula for interior designing a rental property. Much depends upon tenant preferences. However, simplicity, maintaining spaciousness, quality materials and fittings and cost-efficient decoration are the rules to go by. Backed by the experience of an interior designer, you can convert your home into a highly functional and charming space.

With the services of a professional interior designer from a property management company, your home would be the first choice for tenants.
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