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Tips for landlords to manage rental property like a pro

As a rental property owner, you have many property management issues to take care of. Of course, you can always hire a property manager to deal with the nitty-gritty. On the other hand, you can opt to manage your property too. However, rental property management is not as easy as it seems. Right from managing your tenants to safeguarding your property to handling the finances, you have a lot to do.

Tips on Rental Property Management

Here are some rental management tips that can help landlords know about the do’s-and-don’ts when renting out their properties.


When you rent out your property to tenants, learn about your tenants’ problems and address their issues. Also, by following up after resolving their grievances, they know that you care for their wellbeing. Now, a good way of reducing tenant complaints is by inspecting your property periodically.

Non-payment of rent is another common problem of homeowners. By sending rent reminders to tenants and levying late fees, you can avoid payment issues. As part of rental property management services, property managers make it easy for the tenants to pay up by accepting online payments.


The rent management laws require property owners to maintain their property. Therefore, you may find it difficult to get tenants if you do not carry out the mandatory maintenance works. More so, you will find it cheaper to maintain your property rather than putting up with any festering issues.

You must replace your supply hoses and drain lines every few years as part of your maintenance measures. By doing so, you can avoid water-related issues.

A property management company in Delhi NCR recommends remodeling your property to save on exorbitant replacement costs. The best way to reduce your repair and replacement costs is by conducting property inspections every three to six months. When you do so, you know about the maintenance issues sooner. In turn, you can fix the issues on time to prevent the problems from worsening.

When to hire a property manager?

Hiring an NRI rental property management company makes sense if you’re not residing in the same city as your rental property. Nevertheless, even if you stay nearby your rental property, a property manager eases your burden. Moreover, if you do not have the time to manage your property round-the-clock, your property manager can do the needful.

When you work with a well-established property management company in India, you allow the professionals to take care of the daily management responsibilities. They have tie-ups with vendors and can help to offer discounts on maintenance costs.


Appointing a property manager helps in other ways, too. Such professionals help to screen tenants. They can sift out the good-quality tenants to reduce your property management woes. You can also reduce your tenant turnover rate by keeping them happy. Even by interior designing your rental property, you can make tenants stay for longer. Adhering to the prevailing tenant laws to avoid legal hassles is another way of reducing your workload.

Now, the charges of property managers are within the 8 to 12% range of the monthly rent charges. In addition, however, you get tax benefits when you incur property management costs.

5 types of property managers

As a landlord, knowing the various kinds of property managers helps. After studying the different types of NRI property management companies, you can make your selection. You must understand that the services and charges of varying property managers vary, too. Keeping your budget and requirements in mind, you can hire a property manager that ticks all the boxes.

What are the different types of property managers?

The five different kinds of property managers are as follows.

  • Individual Agent Property Manager

Hiring an individual agent as your property maintenance services manager may not be a good idea. They are not professionals and do not have much to offer. Neither they operate legally, nor they are insured. Merely having a license is no guarantee that they provide expert services. Instead of hiring sole agents, you are better off managing your property on your own. Such property managers handle between 1 to 50 homes.

  • Side business Property Manager

A side business rental management company does not focus much on managing properties. Many times, they appoint one or two administrative staff to oversee the management of the property. They also allocate an individual agent who may help you out in leasing, but such appointees are not actively involved in the day-to-day management of your property. Usually, a side business property management company manages about 50 to 200 homes.

  • The Lonesome Ranger Property Manager

Lone ranger property managers are professional, communicative, and well-trained in managing properties.  Like any professional rental property management company, they adjust to your needs and develop creative solutions to reduce your costs. Although they may be expensive, they perform a good job.

The downside of hiring lone rangers when you rent your property is that they cannot be around all the time. When they become sick or go on a vacation, you do not have anybody to supervise your property.

Compared to the specialized rent management companies, lone rangers may also not get vendors speedily for repairing works and at discounted rates. Lone rangers have portfolios within the 30 to 100 range.

  • Average-sized Portfolio Property Manager

Working with a small to medium portfolio property manager is a hassle-free experience; they are consistent and reliable. For example, a prominent property management company in Delhi NCR has one man as your only point of contact and an admin backup team.

A reputed average-sized property management company in Delhi controls between 100 to 500 houses, with individual managers handling 100-200 portfolios.

  • Large-sized Property Management Company

National brands managing between 500 to 1000 portfolios come under this category. By hiring a large-sized property management services Gurgaon, you do not end up spending a lot. Such companies use their size for increasing efficiency.

On the flip side, such property manages are not flexible because they have to coordinate with many departments. Moreover, there is less accountability as the blame (in cases of mishaps) falls on more than one department.

Although departmental property management companies provide a single point of contact for homeowners, coordinating with several departments is time-consuming.


When looking for a property manager, you must do your research well. Know about the different kinds of property managers and what they have to offer. One of the essential advantages of property management companies is that you do not have to worry about anybody breaching your property. Therefore, only know what to expect from the property manager that you’re hiring. Importantly, take a balanced decision after you consider all the related aspects.

What is Vastu Shastra and why is it important?

Vastu Shastra studies are concerned with directions and elements of nature. The first concept of Vastu Shastra lists out rules for the eight primary directions of life. Each of the eight primary directions stands for certain aspects of life, and infusing the right energy in these directions is beneficial.

The second concept of Vastu Shastra covers the idea of the five elements of Panchabootas. Earth, fire, water, air, and space – all of them comprise the Panchabootas. The world comprises of these Panchabootas. So, if you’re considering Vastu Shastra for kitchen, then focus on proper placement of the Panchabootas to enjoy the related benefits.

For you to get the maximum benefit from Vaastu shastra for home, you should incorporate both the above-listed Vastu Shastra models when you redo your home.

Why Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra holds importance because its study can help to improve your standard of living. By drawing and focusing on positive cosmic energy, Vaastu Shastra enables people to become successful in their different endeavors.

Using Vaastu Shastra tips, you can lead a happy and improved life. Vastu Shastra helps to combine the benefits of the various forces of life – including lunar energy, solar energy, and cosmic powers.

While you cannot implement all the Vastu Shastra rules when interior designing your home, you must try to incorporate as much as possible for maximum advantage.

With Vastu Shastra, you can achieve success. In addition to material and physical success, Vastu Shastra benefits extend to the spiritual and emotional sphere too. Overall, Vastu Shastra helps to enhance your life.

Vastu Shastra: How it benefits?

Herein, we discuss the various benefits of Vaastu Shastra.

  • Imparts Comfort

With Vaastu Shastra concepts, you can get over traumatic experiences and feel better. Vastu helps you deal with pain and loss while providing much-needed comfort and support.

  • Synchronize nature’s elements

Vastu provides benefits by harmonizing all the energy sources of life. These include the powers of the cosmic forces, earth, thermal, light, moon, wind, magnetic, electric, and light. With the combination of these forces working in your favor, you can lead a life of happiness and prosperity.

  • The abundance of financial wealth

By applying Vastu principles, you can unlock the gates of opportunities and earn wealth. In turn, you can be financially secure and lead a comfortable life.

  • Promotion in your chosen career path

If you’re looking to climb the corporate leader and you rely on Vastu concepts, you can be sure to achieve your career-related milestones.

Whether you’re looking to get a promotion or success in any project, you can apply Vaastu shastra for bedroom to make it happen by expanding your horizons.

More so, as a landlord, if you’re seeking tenants for your property, a renowned property management company in India can advise on how to apply Vastu for getting the best results.

How LuXia can help you!

As a top-ranking property management services company, LuXia helps to maintain the value of your property. Of course, if you want your house to be refurbished as per Vastu concepts, we can help too.

Our service partners are well-versed in building homes as per Vastu principles. So, by partnering with us, be assured that we can help you take advantage of Vastu for leading a more fulfilling life.

A prominent property management company in Delhi NCR will, also, vouch for the fact that their clients benefit by enforcing Vastu rules when building their homes. |   +91 9810505543

Benefits of property management

The benefits of hiring property maintenance services providers are manifold. First, because property managers add value to your rental property investments, many veteran property investors suggest working with them.

Let us now study the various benefits landlords can enjoy while choosing to go with rental management companies.

  • Trustworthy tenants

With a property management company, you can be assured of the quality of tenants. A property management company in Delhi NCR follows a reliable verification process that helps to sift out tenants who pay rent on time and rent out for the long term.

  • Avoid legal hassles

By working with the top-ranking rental property management companies, you can avoid legal headaches, which is the case if you have bad tenants. The best property managers are well-versed with the property laws and can protect you from getting entangled in legal disagreements in cases of bad tenants.

  • Lower Maintenance Charges

If you work with a property management services Gurgaon company, you can use the firm’s in-house maintenance workforce for the general upkeep of your property. In turn, you save money that otherwise you would end up spending on hiring an external maintenance team.

  • Assured Rent Collection

Another benefit of working with a property management company is that you need not worry about rent management and collection. The property managers have you fully covered with the power to apply lease policies in cases of difficult tenants.

  • Retain the value of your property

A well-established rental property management company helps to maintain the value of your property, too. Property managers have several years of expertise and can help in detecting maintenance problems during the early stages.

Now, by conducting the mandatory repair works on time, you prevent the issues from worsening. In the process, you save expenses of more extensive and costlier repair works that you otherwise would need to complete at a later stage.

Preventive maintenance is key to maintaining and raising your property value when you rent your property. As part of preventive maintenance services, property managers carry out maintenance checks and inspections regularly and report efficiently.

The best NRI property management companies also provide valuable suggestions on whether you should opt for upgrades or modifications to increase your potential rental values.

  • Representative for tenants

As a landlord, you do not want to deal with tenant issues. Here, you have to appoint the property management company in Delhi to deal with any tenant issues on your behalf.

Besides handling tenant complaints, property managers give detailed reports to the landlords. As a result, you do not have to get directly involved in the process and can get more free time to devote to other, more important matters.

  • Reduce tenant turnover

One of the advantages of property management services also lies in the fact that property management companies can help in reducing the tenant turnover rate. Tenants may also be willing to pay higher rent (if the landlord demands) if they are sure of the quality of services.

About LuXia LLP

We at LuXia have been managing properties of NRI and other clients for several years now. So, if you want to save yourself the trouble of scouting high-quality tenants and property maintenance jobs, only approach us.

We have a reliable screening process to get you good tenants who do not cause much wear and tear to your property or pose undue problems.

Contact us today to know about our best property management deals! |   +91 9810505543

Designer Or Decorator—What’s the difference?

Depending on how you’re planning on redecorating your home, you may have to choose between opting for an interior decorator or an interior designer. Make no mistake, both terms are not interchangeable. Both professions are, of course, similar in various ways; however, they vary in some aspects too.

Let us now move on to studying the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer.

Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator

Interior Designer


To become an interior designer in Delhi, you have to undergo formal schooling. As part of an interior decorator’s job, you learn about space planning, interior designer photos, drawing, different colors and fabrics, architecture, furniture, and computer-aided training (CAD).

After completing an interior designing course, interior designers work as apprentices with a reputed interior design firm. Subsequently, some interior designers move on to establish their own interior designing company in Delhi


Some states are governed by laws that require interior designers to pass an exam and register with a governing council. So, check to know about the requirements of your state or province and whether completing interior design courses is mandatory.


An interior design career entails gaining expertise in spatial planning and renovation works. Among interior design ideas, interior designers can help you from initial floor designs to final decorative aspects. In addition to enriching the look of your rooms, you can rely on them for making your personal spaces functional also.

Interior designers work with contractors and architects to realize the client’s vision of an interior design bedroom and other rooms or offices.

Interior Decorators


To become an interior decorator, you do not require formal schooling. The reason being, the interior designers in Delhi are involved with the aesthetic aspects. They are not involved in the structural planning processes. Instead, they come on board after the structural work is complete.

Surely, you can go ahead and enroll in varied degree courses, though it is not compulsory to do so.


If you want to get some formal training before becoming an interior decorator, you have an array of courses to choose from. Going by the fields that interest you, you can make your choices. From room layouts to furniture designs to space planning, a host of courses are available to get you familiar with home decorating ideas.


Interior decorating solutions include implementing specific color themes, accessorizing, and selecting matching furniture.

An interior decorator has to interact with upholsters and furniture manufacturers, not architects and contractors. Even so, they have discussions with homeowners for interior design for home plans.

About LuXia LLP

A well-established property services company, LuXia manages properties of homeowners who live elsewhere. If you’re seeking property managers, you can approach us for your property management needs.

Moreover, if you want to refurbish your property before letting it out, we can help you all get in touch with an interior design company. After reviewing your property, our professionals can ascertain whether structural changes are needed. Structural changes include changing the wiring systems and adding or removing walls or windows.

On the flip side, if only enhancing the aesthetics of your property can help in shoring up the rental values, an interior design services Delhi company will guide you accordingly.

Only give us a call and be assured that we will offer you the best available options!

6 Do’s and Don’ts When Renting Your Properties

As a property manager, you have to manage routine tasks and staff members and adhere to local property management laws. Of course, the rental property management experts will reveal that you can always fall back upon legal advice to make sure you’re staying within the boundaries of the law.

However, read on to know more about the important considerations when you’re renting properties.

Renting Properties: 6 Do’s and Dont’s

Here we have 6 Do’s and Dont’s for homeowners and property managers to adhere to when renting out properties.

  • Don’t: Make a stopover.

If you rent your property, remember that your tenants have a right to their privacy. So, never drop in unannounced. Rather, you should give advanced notice if you have to go over for repairs, inspection works, or maintenance jobs.

Do: Make use of mobile communication tools.

Because dropping in unexpectedly can disturb the occupants, you might want to consider using mobile communications tools (such as sending text messages or emails) to announce your arrival beforehand. By doing so, the residents remain informed and are better prepared.

  • Don’t: Follow an irregular screening process.

The renowned rental property management companies adhere to a uniform screening process and avoid discrimination among applicants. Remember that discrimination based on gender, caste, color, among other considerations, is against the law.

Do: Conform to a consistent screening process.

Be consistent when it comes to screening applicants. A top-ranked property management company in Delhi endorses using technology to develop a standardized screening process to make things easier.

  • Dont’s: Avoid raising rent charges midway

You’re breaking the law if you’re increasing the rental charges in the middle of the lease period. Only if you’re rendering additional services midway, you have the right to charge higher rent.

As per rental management laws, you can increase the property rental costs only during a new lease or lease renewal.

Do’s: Follow your lease terms.

As part of good rent management practice, both parties should stick to the lease terms. If any party is not adhering to the stipulated conditions, they are liable for punitive action.

  • Don’t: Expel lessees to sell your property.

Property owners have the right to sell their homes only after the expiry of the rent period, not before that. A reputed property management company in Delhi NCR will suggest buying the renters out of the lease before the lease ends if you want to sell your property before the lease expiry date.

Do’s: Use online platforms to share information.

The benefits of using an online portal are manifold. Such platforms help to share maintenance updates, lease agreements, and property details.

  • Don’t: Withhold the Certificate of Occupancy.

Under property maintenance services, you’re advised to produce a Certificate of Occupancy to the renters to confirm that you own the property. When you do so, you can assure the occupants of a safe dwelling place.

Do: Ensure your property conforms to the local codes

As part of property management services Gurgaon, property managers are required to adhere to all the local codes. These include inspecting the property periodically and executing the mandatory maintenance jobs.

With property management software, you can also check the completed jobs and pending works – all of which ease your workload.

  • Don’t: Overcharge for a rental deposit.

Check whether you can overcharge the tenants, depending on where your property is located. In some cases, you cannot charge more than one month’s rent. Always comply with local rules to be on the safer side.

Do: Mention deposits in lease agreements.

To maintain full transparency between both parties, you must mention the rental deposit amount in the lease agreement. Renters are entitled to get back the deposit money when they’re moving out. In case of property damage, landlords can deduct the money from the deposit amount. Here, make sure that everything is in writing to protect everyone’s interests.

About LuXia LLP

At LuXia, we understand how important it is to comply with property management laws. We adhere to the given rules to avoid penalties and other hassles. As a general rule, we ensure all involved parties study and follow the local laws.

More so, we are transparent in our dealings with our clients and follow a regular screening process. Also, we use advanced digital communication tools to keep all parties informed about the latest updates. |   +91 9810505543

7 Elements of Interior Design

If you’re looking to redo your home, you might want to consider adding the basic interior decorating elements. By doing so, you can make your home lively, inviting, and of course, beautiful.

All you have to do is play around with the following seven key home décor elements, and you can have a home that is in line with your sensibilities. Coming home after a long day at work can be so fulfilling, then.

7 Key elements of interior design

Here are the 7 basic elements of home interior design that require due consideration.

  • Color

Depending on the energy that you want your abode to exude, you should choose your home colors. An interior designer in Delhi will suggest you consider your visual preferences also.

For an energetic feel, you can go with yellow for your homerooms. For all you hopeless romantics, red symbolizes passion and should be your color choice. Other than that, opt for whites and greens if you want a peaceful and soothing setting.

  • Form

Among your home refurbishing plans, you have to decide on the furniture and art exhibits. Here, you can opt for organic forms or geometric designs.

In organic forms, the interior designers in Delhi will recommend taking your pick from natural, curvy designs. On the other hand, under geometric forms, your choices are among squares, triangles, and other sharp lines and edges.

  • Light

The interior designing company in Delhi experts will reveal that lighting makes a world of a difference. Where your lighting choices are concerned, you can opt for natural lights, manmade ones, or a combination of both.

When making your selection of colors, you have to ponder over the light colors and the intensity of the different colors. Also, you have to decide whether you want dimmable lights or not.

  • Line

The outline of your home rooms is among your other choices in home interior designs. You can choose between horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines.

As far as horizontal lines (or side-by-side lines) go, you should know that they give a sense of security. Vertical lines (or up-and-down lines), on the other hand, represent boldness. However, if you’re a fun-loving person, dynamic lines should be your choice – they conform to their own rules.

  • Pattern

Go with a single pattern to give your home an airy, buoyant feel. Apply your chosen pattern to your fabrics, lights, and wallpapers. Avoid multiple or clashing patterns, for they can make your head go round.

  • Texture

Texture refers to how you feel when you touch or observe the items. While some surfaces look vintage, others have a weathered look.

As part of interior home design services, you have to decide the floor texture. Carefully consider your flooring texture decisions, for you spend a lot of time walking and sitting on your home floors. Go with comfortable floor designs to add to the coziness of your home.

  • Space

Under interior design ideas, space has to be given its due importance. You can opt for either 2-D space designs or 3-D space ones. While 2-D space covers the room length and width, 3-D space encompasses height considerations.

When it comes to your rugs or carpets, 2-D space matters. On the flip side, when adding new shelves or home fixtures, you can go with 3-D space options.

In addition, make sure to leave enough space in the room to allow your mind to wander aimlessly when unwinding after a hard day at work.

About LuXia LLP

While interior decorating your home is one thing, managing your newly-furnished home is quite another. Now, if you want to tie up with a high-ranking property services company for the general upkeep of your property, simply call our experts.

Rely on us to manage your property while you can devote your time to other important family, business matters.

Renting vs Buying a home

Whether you’re looking to rent a home or buy one, you must base your decisions on your needs. Of course, with property ownership, you can enjoy the benefits of capital appreciation over time. But, conversely, when it comes to renting a home, you have the flexibility of using a property as and when required.

Going by your financial position, you must opt to either buy a home or rent one.

Scroll down to know about the different factors to consider before deciding whether renting or buying is your best bet.

  • Consider annual payments

Before buying a home, the average person considers all the related aspects. While purchasing a home is an emotional decision for some persons, others prefer buying property over renting for the convenience benefits.

However, the property maintenance experts opine being financially prudent. They recommended buying a home if that is more profitable for you. On the other hand, you might want to consider renting a house if doing so makes more economic sense.

An important aspect that requires consideration when deciding between buying or renting a home is to compare the annual expenses.

In the case of home purchases, you have to pay a mortgage. A mortgage has two components: interest and principal. Because the principal is part of your savings, you should not include this component when calculating your expenses.

A prominent property management company in Delhi NCR will suggest using the interest component for calculating your expenses. This is because interest comes under your expenses. For example, your costs for buying a home include insurance, maintenance costs, property taxes, and interest (after subtracting the tax shield).

As far as your expenses for renting a home go, your calculations are relatively simple. First, you have to pay a deposit to your landlord. Deposit is not an expense but an interest-free loan, for you get the money back after the stipulated rent duration.

Other than that, you have to pay monthly rent. Here, you may want to incorporate the opportunity cost of your down payment if you’re buying a home. As such, you would earn income on your down payment money if you were not purchasing a home. So, you must deduct this amount from your monthly rent charges.

Thus, you have to compare your annual expenses of renting a home or buying one beforehand to make an informed choice.

  • Future annual costs

Buying or renting a home are not short-term decisions. Also, you have to be committed to your choices for many years. So, comparing annual figures for the current year is not sufficient. Instead, it would be best to study your future expenses and cash flow to get an accurate picture of your costs.

Now, the story gets complicated because you cannot judge your property capital appreciation over the years. Yes, supposedly, you alter your capital appreciation by even a small percentage. But, the net present value of your property can change by a considerable amount.

Predicting future property prices is not easy too. So, the property managers tell you to be wary of your future assumptions when calculating your future property expenses for a precise representation.

  • Risk for appetite

When concerned with your rent vs. buy decisions, your risk appetite also matters. If you have a risk appetite, you may think of taking a mortgage. With a mortgage, your risk increases because of the interest that you’ve to cough up. In addition, your net worth can change significantly if you’ve taken a mortgage due to market fluctuations. The reason being, a mortgage is a highly leveraged bet.

The rental property management professionals will recommend renting a home on the flip side if you’re not much of a risk-taker. You can always change homes and neighborhoods if rent rates rise in a specific locality.

  • Constancy Vs. Flexibility

While owning a home provides stability, renting a house offers flexibility benefits. As a homeowner, you do not have to move homes frequently. And if you’re looking to experiment with different apartment sizes and localities, renting seems a natural choice.

In all, given your requirements, you should decide whether to buy or rent a home.

About LuXia LLP – A Property Management Company

At LuXia, we manage properties of landowners who reside elsewhere. Approach us to know about your various options for renting a home. We are well-versed with the real estate market and can offer houses on rent at competitive rates. Be assured that we will provide you with the best options as per your budget and preferences.

Alternatively, if you’re a property owner looking for top-ranking property management services, you can contact us to know more about how we can help you get the best deals.

8 Crucial Real Estate KPIs for Property Investment in India

When you’re investing in real estate, you have to consider several factors because of the high costs involved. Yes, you have to research extensively to know whether the stipulated investment is worthwhile or not.

Of course, you can approach the property specialists, who conduct a detailed study to determine whether the investment is feasible or not. For this, the key performance indicators (KPIs) help them to gauge the value of the property investments. Now, real estate KPIs are financial measurements that take into account different metrics to predict property values.

Here, we have listed some KPIs that have come in handy for real estate investors and rental management companies. However, note that KPIs have their limitations because they are only estimates. So, they do not factor in abstract values that can influence the purchasing decisions of investors, including future market rates.

  • Gross Operating Income (GOI)

GOI is the total expected income, which includes all expenses. This metric records the overall income that the property produces – with the inclusion of rent charges, parking rates, among other fees.

If you talk to the property maintenance company executives, they will clarify that the GOI metric gives a complete picture of how much money a property generates or its estimated monthly value. Also, being a hypothetical figure, the GOI does not encompass any unwarranted losses like vacancy.

  • Occupancy Rate

The rent management specialists will always advise maximizing the occupancy rate of your property to minimize losses. This is because vacant properties do not generate any income, while you have to continue bearing the operating expenses.

No doubt, property owners try to attract tenants, though achieving a 100% occupancy rate is not always possible. To know more about the precise occupancy rate of a property, you should learn about its previous occupancy rate.

  • Net Operating Income (NOI)

The NOI is calculated by eliminating the operating expenses from the GOI. The NOI provides a basic estimate of the profitability of the property. Management fees, maintenance charges, taxes, insurance, utilities, and vacancy rate – all are considered when calculating the NOI.

Even so, the NOI only displays the amount of surplus money that a property can generate every month. This metric does not factor in the initial investment expenses or one-time costs such as remodeling works and other interior designing Delhi costs.

  • Capitalization Rate

The cap rate is calculated by dividing the NOI with the property’s prevailing market value. The residential property management agents will further explain that you can get an estimate of the basic property value via the cap rate.

Importantly, the cap rate is not derived after accounting for the initial investment costs, which may vary depending on agreement by parties and other market factors.

  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

With the IRR, you can get an estimate of the ability of a property to earn profits.

The NRI property management experts recommend going for a property with a high IRR, for they are profitable investments. The IRR considers the property sale value, entire cash flow, and initial investment costs. As such, you get a clearer idea about how much income the property can generate over the long run. The IRR does not incorporate future investment figures and other influencers.

  • Cash on Cash Return

Using the CCR, you can compare the initial property investment with the probable monthly income. To compute the CCR, you have to divide the projected property income by the total investment figure. In turn, you can know how much percentage of your investment you’re getting back on a monthly basis.

As always, the property registration Delhi professionals will ascertain that the CCR does not include any unforeseen costs.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

When computing the ROI of a property, you have to calculate the profits accrued and deduct the overall investment figure. More so, you must study the IRR and NOI, and you will know then how close your initial estimates are to real costs and profit.

  • Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

The LVR helps financial organizations to analyze the risk of loans. Now, when you’re taking a loan to invest in a property, the LVR metric helps lenders to better understand your financial position.

In the case of high-risk loans, you have to pay higher interest charges and extra fees – all of which increase your general investment costs.


As a property investor, you may want to rely on property management company experts for their guidance. The real estate professionals can reveal more about the related risks, budding opportunities, duration, and viability of the investments that you’re pondering over. In turn, you can evaluate all the important factors before making your purchasing decisions.

Modern Home Décor Interior Ideas

So, you’re a fan of modern home décor, and you’ve finally made up your mind to give a contemporary twist to your home. All the same, you need to ponder over the related aspects to make your home comfortable and lively. Yes, it would be best if you planned well.

Well, to make your space look its best, you may want your home to reflect your individualistic style too. In that case, you can contact the experts at the interior designing company in Delhi, for they have helped many people redo their homes as per their personal tastes.

Modern Home Décor Ideas

Refer to the following details to know more about how you can incorporate some basic modern home design ideas as part of the home renovation works.

  • Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the most important facets of a modern house. No, keeping it simple does not necessarily mean boring. Instead, simplicity is about keeping the décor stylish and lending a warm, welcoming feel. Geometric shapes, clean lines, and neutral lines are the different aspects of modern homes.

Also, the term simplicity does not imply only four walls and chairs. Rather, the interior designers in Delhi suggest focusing on de-cluttering your homerooms.

Clearing the clutter has several benefits, too. By keeping your space clutter-free, apart from finding our stuff easily, you can manage your stress levels as well. As such, some studies found that clutter adds to your stress levels. So, you’re healthier without the mess, and now, you’ve another good reason to start clearing up the unwanted stuff strewn around your home.

Also, the property services company specialists’ general recommendation is to keep your décor simple, for then the houses are easily maintainable when you’re away, and you’ve to rely on them for the maintenance jobs.

More so, you can expect higher rental values if you decorate your home minimalistically before letting it out.

  • Make your rooms functional.

Under modern home interior design and simplicity, your focus should also be on making your home functional. In addition to the minimalistic aspects and clean lines of modern homes, the various items in the different rooms of contemporary settings should be easily accessible too.

Take the example of your kitchen room. Under modern kitchen design, your cooking spaces should be functional. Here, besides the appliances being easily accessible and within your reach, you must have a lot of workrooms as well.

  • Streamline your technological gadgets

In modern homes, you must not only concentrate on filling your home with the latest gadgets. The idea is to streamline all your electronics as part of the modern living room setup.

In short, your widgets and gadgets must not overlap each other. As such, you must save space between your computers, television sets, and DVD players.

  • Have open spaces

Open spaces also characterize modern homes. Of course, you cannot have open spaces in homes with closed rooms. However, you can make your room look spacious. You can do so by using furniture, fabrics, and color shades.

Further, you can have window covers with light colors and not dark shades. By doing so, you give an open and airy feel to your rooms, although they are not as spacious as you would want them to be.

  • Add Character

By adding some character to your spaces, you can infuse life into them. So, play around with colors to have your rooms all lively, cheery, and upbeat. One good way to brighten your home is by adding a dash of color among all neutral shades. Surely, the same rule applies to your modern bathroom design arrangement.

Redo your home with modern home décor ideas today!

Refurbishing your home is not tedious if you plan thoroughly. So, take your time and envision the kind of home you want to create. Besides, share your ideas with contemporary interior design experts, offering you valuable suggestions.

Remember, colors have a crucial role in beautifying your homes, so choose the paint shades carefully. No doubt, you have a lot of options where you can explore with colors – to give your rooms a buoyant vibe, that is.  Only rely on the home design experts, for you can then realize your dream of a modern home – and professionally.