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After a long tiring day at work, you look forward to coming to a home that is soothing and relaxing, where you can unwind by meditating or simply allowing your mind to wander freely. Feng shui, a set of laws that emphasizes on the flow of energy in spatial alignment, has become popular over the years by building on this same concept.

Feng shui tips for home decor

Simply put, feng shui is concerned with placing different elements to direct the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy. Feng shui meaning entails two words: ‘feng’ which means wind and ‘shui’ which means water. Both elements are vital for our existence and flow all around the universe.

Now, if you’re looking to build a feng shui home, keep in mind to incorporate the five essential elements: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

Feng shui imparts a range of benefits and for all aspects of life. Whether you want to improve your relationships or be successful in your endeavors or block negative energy or connect with your inner self, feng shui can help.

Also, we have listed 5 feng shui tips that you can make part of your feng shui décor to attract positive energy while realizing the related benefits.

  • Selection of colors

In feng shui design, color has a crucial role to play. With color, you can alter the energy flow within your home confines for attaining the desired results speedily. However, the feng shui experts opine choosing shades based on how they make you feel. As such, dingy painted walls of any color can make you feel gloomy, while a freshly-painted wall bearing the same color can uplift your mood.

  • Maintain clear and open spaces

As per the feng shui decorating rules, an abundance of open space helps to attract more wealth energy. So, as much as possible, you must make sure to create open spaces to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of energy. Keep in mind that open space is directly proportional to the inflow of fresh energy. So, create space to welcome positive energy for improving your overall wellbeing.

  • Declutter and organize

Do not block energy by cluttering your home with your stuff. More so, organizing your stuff is important; else, you will start amassing clutter again. Your feng shui decorating 2020 mantra should be to get organized and keep your things in place.

All your items should have a place of their own; notwithstanding, their size. Then, you can find things with ease and do not waste precious time finding them whenever they’re needed.

Similarly, even your feng shui items for home deserve a place of their own. These include Arowana fish figurines, the Laughing Buddha, feng shui money frog, the wealth vase, and tassels that come with Chinese coins. They are famous, traditional feng shui money cures that are deemed to be wealth magnets.

  • Have a Sacred Space

In feng shui interior design, a specific money area has to be taken care of. So, you should check the Bagua (the feng shui energy space) of your abode. As such, you must create a sacred space that is assigned to the energy of wealth.

Apart from your garage or bathroom or laundry room, you can have your Bagua anywhere and of any size. In general, you should have an area that has the responsibility of garnering wealth. Plus, you should decorate the pious altar with valuable items (such as jewelry) and feng shui energy activators (like plants and crystals).

  • Water gush

The energy of water and wealth has a connection and is prevalent among all cultures. Under feng shui wealth cures, as part of interior designing for homes, you can have fountains (if you’re fond of them) in the chosen feng shui home indoor or outdoor areas.

Only you must not have fountains in your bedroom, for that is not considered good feng shui.

Decorate your home with feng shui décor now!

In feng shui wealth cures, you have an array of items to take your pick from, albeit you must decide whether they will have a harmonious effect on your home.

More importantly, note that the winsome feng shui applications are the ones that have your personalized touch. So, decorate your home only with feng shui cures that you share a special connection with.

Remember, you have to create positive energy to have the best things in life (including financial wealth) trickling in your life and that too, in abundance.

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