Welcome Feng Shui decor for home healing, positive energy, and money luck

After a long tiring day at work, you look forward to coming to a home that is soothing and relaxing, where you can unwind by meditating or simply allowing your mind to wander freely. Feng shui, a set of laws that emphasizes on the flow of energy in spatial alignment, has become popular over the years by building on this same concept.

Feng shui tips for home decor

Simply put, feng shui is concerned with placing different elements to direct the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy. Feng shui meaning entails two words: ‘feng’ which means wind and ‘shui’ which means water. Both elements are vital for our existence and flow all around the universe.

Now, if you’re looking to build a feng shui home, keep in mind to incorporate the five essential elements: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

Feng shui imparts a range of benefits and for all aspects of life. Whether you want to improve your relationships or be successful in your endeavors or block negative energy or connect with your inner self, feng shui can help.

Also, we have listed 5 feng shui tips that you can make part of your feng shui décor to attract positive energy while realizing the related benefits.

  • Selection of colors

In feng shui design, color has a crucial role to play. With color, you can alter the energy flow within your home confines for attaining the desired results speedily. However, the feng shui experts opine choosing shades based on how they make you feel. As such, dingy painted walls of any color can make you feel gloomy, while a freshly-painted wall bearing the same color can uplift your mood.

  • Maintain clear and open spaces

As per the feng shui decorating rules, an abundance of open space helps to attract more wealth energy. So, as much as possible, you must make sure to create open spaces to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of energy. Keep in mind that open space is directly proportional to the inflow of fresh energy. So, create space to welcome positive energy for improving your overall wellbeing.

  • Declutter and organize

Do not block energy by cluttering your home with your stuff. More so, organizing your stuff is important; else, you will start amassing clutter again. Your feng shui decorating 2020 mantra should be to get organized and keep your things in place.

All your items should have a place of their own; notwithstanding, their size. Then, you can find things with ease and do not waste precious time finding them whenever they’re needed.

Similarly, even your feng shui items for home deserve a place of their own. These include Arowana fish figurines, the Laughing Buddha, feng shui money frog, the wealth vase, and tassels that come with Chinese coins. They are famous, traditional feng shui money cures that are deemed to be wealth magnets.

  • Have a Sacred Space

In feng shui interior design, a specific money area has to be taken care of. So, you should check the Bagua (the feng shui energy space) of your abode. As such, you must create a sacred space that is assigned to the energy of wealth.

Apart from your garage or bathroom or laundry room, you can have your Bagua anywhere and of any size. In general, you should have an area that has the responsibility of garnering wealth. Plus, you should decorate the pious altar with valuable items (such as jewelry) and feng shui energy activators (like plants and crystals).

  • Water gush

The energy of water and wealth has a connection and is prevalent among all cultures. Under feng shui wealth cures, as part of interior designing for homes, you can have fountains (if you’re fond of them) in the chosen feng shui home indoor or outdoor areas.

Only you must not have fountains in your bedroom, for that is not considered good feng shui.

Decorate your home with feng shui décor now!

In feng shui wealth cures, you have an array of items to take your pick from, albeit you must decide whether they will have a harmonious effect on your home.

More importantly, note that the winsome feng shui applications are the ones that have your personalized touch. So, decorate your home only with feng shui cures that you share a special connection with.

Remember, you have to create positive energy to have the best things in life (including financial wealth) trickling in your life and that too, in abundance.

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Make most of the space with these simple and creative small house designing tips

Small houses are undeniably cozy, albeit the lack of space could get suffocating at times. So, why not maximize your available space? Here, we have listed some space-saving hacks for you to live large even if your house is small.

Small house designing tips

  • Put storage cabinets underneath the stairs

If you’re wondering how to maximize space in a small apartment, you may want to consider adding shelves, cabinets, and drawers under your home staircase.

  • Install your TV on the wall

Media consoles tend to occupy a lot of space and are a no-no for small living spaces. However, for your small-sized living room, you can have more floor space by mounting your television set on the wall.

  • Invest in a King-Size Bed

This may sound paradoxical, but interior designers opine that adding a large-sized bed is a simple interior design for small house that helps to give the impression of more space.

  • Set up a skylight

Among other small house interior design ideas that give a feel of greater space is the option of installing skylights. Besides, you get to enjoy the scenic views of your outdoors with skylights.

  • Keep to-scale furniture

Another small house interior design living room idea is to keep furniture items that fit well in the available space. So, beforehand, you may want to measure the furniture – to ensure they are of the desired scale that is. To crowd your living room with outsized furniture is not a good use of your much-loved space.

  • Consider the wall desk option

If you do not have room for office space in your small home, then consider adding wall-mounted desks; they do not occupy much space. More so, you can add shelves above for additional storage space.

  • Create storage room that extends up to the ceiling

A popular very small house decorating ideas is the option of adding vertical storage. In addition to keeping your things out of your way, this option makes your room look larger.

  • Build zones

If you’re living in a studio apartment, you may want to separate your sleep zone from the rest of your space by simply adding an ultra-high curtain and dangling a floating painting for greater division.

With the curtains drawn and the painting in place, you can feel like you’re in a hotel room. Of course, you can entertain too, without seeming like everybody’s hanging out in your bedroom.

  • Consider the option of multiple-duty pieces

If you want to know more about how to maximize space in a small house, then the trick is to go with fittings that serve dual purposes or can be shifted with ease or hidden without much ado.

The three-in-one nesting tables serve all these purposes, so you may want to consider adding them as part of your home decor.

Plus, you can go with tables that serve both as a desk and dining table. Or, opt for deep sofas that can be used as guest beds. Or, avail cubes that can function as coffee tables or extra seats when guests come calling.

  • Use large-sized (but lesser) fixtures

To lend a grand feel to your small space, the general recommendation would be to outfit with a few jumbo-sized pieces and not a jumble of puny-sized pieces.

Avoid pushing your furniture along the walls too. Rather you must leave space behind the furniture, for the room looks wider than it is then.

  • Contract your dining space

Among interior design ideas for small homes in low budget, you can consider opting for small and round tables rather than large-sized ones. Here again, you can have more space in your homely abode.

  • Apply mirror magic

Interior designers swear by mirrors for making rooms seem larger, airier, and lighter. The fun convex ones are popular among the crowd, for they add character to your space and that too, without taking up much of your cherished space.

  • Go with pocket doors

As part of your small space architecture efforts, you may want to consider the option of pocket doors that have glass windows. Such fixtures not only help in creating separation but also let shared light to flow all about. Besides, you can slide the doors into the wall when not in use, occupying lesser space than swinging doors.

  • Give importance to lighting

Never undermine the importance of good lighting, for this aspect can uplift or dampen the appearance of your room. Especially, in cramped spaces (such as bathrooms) with narrow windows, good lighting is an absolute must.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the above-listed ideas for creating space in small homes, a good way of maximizing space is by way of decluttering all your rooms. To declutter, you must designate zones for keeping your different belongings. A good strategy to declutter is also to get rid of items which you do not use or need 80 percent of the time.

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DIY Birthday Party Home Decor

For your upcoming birthday celebrations, have you thought of opting for DIY home decorations? Rather than going with boring ready-made decorations, you can create unique designs to add a personalized touch to the festivities. Because birthdays come around only once a year, whereby, you cross age milestones, calling for merry-making.

Here are a host of DIY party décor ideas for you to incorporate to cherish your birthday bash as a sweet memory

  • Balloon options

Even if you’re planning on simple birthday decoration at home, balloons are an absolute must. For you surely will agree that no party is complete without balloons, right? Of course, you may need the help of friends and family members to blow the balloons, but that can be a fun-filling experience too.

Among your balloon options are the glitter balloons and ice cream balloons – among others.

diy balloon home decorIn glitter balloons, you can choose a host of vibrant colors or go with one or two colors to keep things simple. Basic and nippy, all you require for glitter balloons are balloons, glitter, and glue. Puff up the balloons and apply the glue for forming interesting shapes or stripes on the balloon. Next, put the glitter onto the glue and wipe off the excess.

For creating ice cream balloons, you first need to prepare paper cones using newspaper or craft paper. Follow by placing the balloon atop the cone and sticking with glue.

After applying glue, leave the balloons to dry for some time.

Voila, you’re glistening party decorations are all poised.

  • Inscribed table cloth

Require tablecloth immediately? Take some brown packing paper, colors and a potato. Chop the potato in two equal pieces and dunk in the color. Pursue by creating prints on the brown paper with the dunked potato. Your DIY, reusable tablecloth is all set.

  • Splatter the venue with colors

Colors play an important role in all types of decorations. So, even if you intend on having simple decorations for birthday party at home, you must use as many colors as possible – for a vibrant feel that is.

Plus, you must make sure to add an array of items in varied shades. Go on and add a dash of color to pictures, balloons, and furnishings for a lively vibe.

  • Pay attention to the lights

If you’re looking for home décor ideas for DIY birthday decorations for adults, keep in mind to opt for soft lights; they help to create an intimate mood. Lit up the place with candles of different sizes, colors, and shapes. More so, spread the candles all over the place. You can also use fun lights, for they help to light up all your home corners.

And if you’re having a party outdoors, then you can hang lights and lanterns all around to lend a bewitching twist to your garden party.

  • Streamer cascades

DIY birthday party home decor ideasFor your homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids, have you thought of using crepe paper streamers? Only you need to buy streamers in different colors from any local decoration shop and decorate your walls to liven up the place.

  • Special Party Hats

DIY birthday party home decorStandard party hats are so dull. Instead, perk up your birthday revelry by adorning the party hats with stones, paper flowers, ruffles, and stones.

  • Decorated vases

If you’re keen on learning how to make birthday decorations, then you can start with creating colored vases. You will need paint colors and a couple of glass vases. Douse the bottom 1/3rd of the jars in the colors and allow the paint to dry on a newspaper. After the paint has dried, you can place flowers (fresh or dry ones) in the newly-painted vases.

  • Glass showpieces

Scouting for some stylish birthday concepts? If yes, then you can consider having glass centerpieces. Take glass jars from the cabinet, some glitter, and battery-controlled candles. Apply little glue on the inner part of the jars to stick the golden glitter. Remove the excess glue and place a candle inside the glasses. Light up the candles when the party begins.

Plan your DIY birthday party décor now!

In addition to the above-mentioned DIY birthday party home décor ideas, you have several other options to choose from. These include cupcake linears, cake toppers, hanging tissue balls, accessorized drinking straws, among others.

You only need a few basic supplies for creating distinctive decorations to make your birthday memorable for many years to come for your guests.

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Protect your home this monsoon from mosquitoes and flies with these incredible indoor plants…aesthetics is an added advantage!

Mosquitoes are harmful in various ways. Not only do they give you itchy skin, but also they can cause dengue, malaria etc.  Mosquitoes are attracted by body heat, carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and sweat. Of course, you can avail a host of mosquito repellant chemical sprays to repel them. However, such chemical-laded sprays can adversely affect people.

Instead, you must consider going with natural remedies to ward off mosquitoes. And in the line of natural treatments for bugs, the option of placing mosquito repellent plants for home is worth pondering over. Then, you can enjoy your time in the gardens without having to bother about pests.

Additionally, indoor plants add to the aesthetic appeal of your private spaces. Only with a little investment and effort, you can keep your home mosquito-free and pristine.

So, here we have listed 5 indoor plants to take your pick from

  • Citronella

The leaves of the citronella plant are a common ingredient in mosquito repellant products. You can also crush the leaves and follow by rubbing on your skin to repel mosquitoes. Also, the plant has a sweet lemon essence that can effectively drive away mosquitoes.

Also, if you talk to your property maintenance company, they will advise growing your citronella plants in the ground or large-sized pots. And as a tropical plant, they bloom in warm weather and sunny conditions. For added benefits, you can spray fertilizer regularly or expose them to artificial light during the winter season when the days are short.

Only make sure you buy genuine citronella mosquito repellent plants indoor India; they resemble thick grass and do not come with broad rippled leaves.

  • Lavender

Lavender plantMore commonly, lavender is planted in the outdoors for deterring wildlife. Even so, you may want to consider indoor plants that repel roaches such as the lavender ones for a mosquito-free environment.

In your home indoors, you must keep your lavender plant at the windowsill for it to receive abundant sunlight and optimal airflow.

In lavender plants, you can choose between the English and French ones; the former is easy to place indoors while the latter has a stronger fragrance which helps to repel the bugs.

  • Lemon Balm

Lemon balm with its citrus scent helps to deter mosquitoes and doubles up as a welcome addition to your home plant collection for aesthetic benefits.

The green-colored leaves of lemon balm plants smell like both lemons and mint. Only take a handful of leaves and crush and follow by rubbing on exposed skin to ward off mosquitoes.

Also, always grow lemon balm plants in pots and place them in your garden or at the back door. They do not need much sunlight which makes them easy to manage.

To derive the benefits of having indoor plants from your lemon balm plant, you can pluck out any flower buds that begin to form. If you allow them to flower, the leaves tend to lose their fervent aroma and cease repelling mosquitoes.

Another way of using the plant to enjoy its goodness is to add a few leaves to prepare lemon tea. By doing so, you can prevent the plant to become large which it does if growing well.

  • Basil

Basil indoor plantIn India, many households have Basil or Tulsi indoor plants for home for their rich medicinal value. Plus, the leaves are added to a variety of dishes for exuding flavor. Besides, the pungent smell of the plant makes it a fantastic anti-mosquito herb. They ooze a scent without you having to touch or crush its leaves.

The essential oils in basil keep the bugs at bay. Simply take a few leaves from the basil plant and massage on your exposed skin for averting mosquitoes.

Fresh basil leaves can also be added to dishes, in addition to enjoying their pest-repellant qualities.

For your basil plant to grow well, place the potted basil in sunlit windows and be sure to water it periodically. Moreover, you must use well-draining soil to grow basil, for the plant does not thrive in dry conditions.

  • Catnip

Catnip Plant for mosquito repellantCatnip is a member of the mint family. Catnip plants grow fast and have a strong scent that helps to repel bugs. Nonetheless, your interior designing company will advise keeping your catnip plant near sunny windows and watering it regularly. Apart from that, pick out the leaves as soon as they develop for the plant to grow more leaves.

Similar to lavender, catnip plants become large over time, so you may have to divide the plants if they become very big for your windowsill.

Of course, if you own cats, then ensure to keep your catnip plants in hanging baskets or high shelves.

For driving away mosquitoes, you simply have to crush catnip leaves to rub on your skin.

Get your indoor plant to protect your home from mosquitoes today!

Aside from being infuriating pests, mosquitoes pose a host of risks. So, investing a little effort to keep you home free from mosquitoes is worthwhile.

Mosquitoes breed in summer and warm conditions, so you need to take the necessary precautions at such times.

To keep away mosquitoes, you must not keep any stagnant water in your home, for they breed in wet environments.

More so, you can protect your home by having tight screens on your home windows and exposed vents.

Only with some aromatic plants, along with a few basic changes around your home, you can enjoy your summers without having to worry about mosquitoes and chemical sprays.

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Top 10 Quick and Easy Design Tips for an Ergonomic Home Office

In the current situation of the Covid-19, the world accepted and embraced the new working culture that is ; Work From Home. So as to maintain the social distancing and minimize the spread of the virus.

With the introduction of work from home culture came the ergonomics requirement of home offices to deliver more productivity without hampering one’s health.

This article talks about the required ergonomics for a comfortable home office.


Let’s get started on the inexpensive, yet impactful design tips for a comfortable home office

Notwithstanding where you work from – whether in the fields or on desks or behind wheels – never underestimate the importance of ergonomics. By adopting the right ergonomic approach, you can reduce physical strain on your body. Conversely, if you fail to do so, then you’re sure to complain about muscle pain, pinched neck, and aching wrists, after 8 hours of work of leaning on your laptop from upon your couch or bed.

Now, if you’re working from a desk or table or workstation, simply follow the below-listed tips for creating a healthy, ergonomic workstation. For the same, you need certain tools and furniture that you already may have. Else, you can make some additions to your existing home office design.

1.  Choose your location wisely

The location of your home office set up is an important consideration. That said, you must choose a place where you do not slump on your couch or lean over uncomfortably. More so, do not sit facing a window directly because the glare can disturb you. Consider sitting perpendicular to your window or closing the blinds to reduce exposure to the sun’s blaze.

Additionally, assign a particular place to work from – preferably, a room with a door. Then, you can maintain a work-life balance while leaving your workplace when your work for the day finishes.

A vital step when choosing the right work from home location is to adjust the appropriate surface height to sit when you’re at work. Make sure your elbows are at a 90-degree angle while relaxing your shoulders. An ideal solution is to work from a desk that conforms to your height.

2.  Pay attention to legroom

Office hours are generally set from somewhere between 8-10 hours. And for these many hours it becomes essential to ensure ample leg space at your workstation.

The amount of legroom you have underneath your desk is normally determined by its depth. If possible, go with at least a depth of 600 millimeters in workstations. Along with this, it is also imperative to declutter your desk from underneath too, so as to utilize the complete depth.

More so, do not have your desk too close to the wall, because your feet can continue to hit the wall otherwise.

Though, you can also avail desks having pull-out extensions, by way of which you can create depth for making your home office comfortable with extra leg space.

3.  Height up your desk

As a good ergonomics practice, it was initially advised to have your desk at a height of 680 to 720mms above the floor. But with changing time and people growing taller on average, this measurement was increased to a roughly average of 730mms desk height from the floor.

Although this should not be considered a benchmark of measurement. You can always feel free to increase or decrease the height of your desk with respect to the height of the person using it or as per the demand of the work done on the desk. This is where adjustable furniture kicks in for a comfortable ergonomic in offices.

All in all when you work on your desk just see that your elbows rest at desk height with your feet flat on the floor, and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and your back straight.

4.  Get the right chair

As part of your work-from-home endeavors and for getting the home office ergonomic code right, use chairs that allow adjusting the height. Of course, you can place a cushion atop your chair as well. However, you will be more comfortable with office chairs that allow adjusting of the backrest, tilt, and height.

There’s a smart trick to check if your work chair’s height is right for you or not. Just stand next to your chair and see where your legs come with respect to the seat of the chair. Ideally, your knees should touch the seat of the chair. Again, this may also vary as per the height of a person.

Preferably your spine should be straight or resting at roughly a 100- to 110-degree angle against the back of your chair.

5.  Eye to screen height

You must adjust the monitor or laptop screen such that your line of sight comes under the top third of your screen. Here’s a quick tip to elevate the screen; you can place books below to uplift the screen.

You can also use an external keyboard and mouse for greater flexibility and additional space to spread your shoulders.

Now, if you’re using a laptop, you can use external equipment for elevating the screen. Only place the external keyboard below your laptop or desktop screen. Also, do not sit away from mouse and keyboard or you could hurt your muscles. Instead, you should have your elbows close to your body center to be comfortable.

6.  Consider standing desks

If you’re planning to work from home, then why not avail interior designing for home services? As they are professionals and work closely with leading trends not only w.r.t. aesthetics but also for health benefits.

One such health benefit is to incorporate standing desks for improved health and productivity. Having said that it is important to understand that too much of everything is detrimental. That means you will have to switch between your positions (standing and sitting) so as to balance the stress. For this you can assign a desk/table with adjustable height feature that can be extended up to 1200mm above the floor.

Along with this also see that when you stand up to work, your desk should be at elbow height and your monitor should be at eye level for a balanced posture.

7.  Light up your work space

One of the best home office ideas is to ensure your workplace is adequately lit. To get the home office lighting right, position your screen such that it refrains from any direct sunlight flashing from behind you onto your screen to minimize reflection and glare.

Similarly, ensure that your work screen is not placed in front of a window that gets direct sunlight as it will throw a shadow on your work, thereby making it uncomfortable to work.

But, if your medium to work is pen, paper or any flat surface (basically anything other than a screen) then this type of positioning with direct sunlight can be perfect to light up your workstation.

8.  Substitute cupboards with drawers

When designing your home office from scratch, try utilizing drawers instead of cupboards.

Any prominent property management company in Delhi NCR will vouch that many of their NRI clients receive requests from their tenants for replacing cupboards with drawers in these times of work from home dynamics.

This is because they can find tools easily in drawers as compared to rummaging through dark and dusty cupboards. With drawers you can easily segregate the smaller but important objects in different drawers and you will not have to go through the back of the cupboards to find these smaller items. In fact, you can also mark the drawers and place your important files as per the markings.

Drawers are your best pick for smaller home office items. Of course, for the bigger objects cupboards still hold value.

9.  Have the power points within your reach

While working you plug and unplug your laptops and phones frequently, right? So, you may want to install the power points where you can reach them with ease.

More precisely if possible, place the board with the power points within your arm’s reach to save your spine and shoulders from unnecessary stress.

10.  Take breaks often

Never sit in your chair all day long, even if you have an ideal office set up. Keep changing your position every 30 minutes or so and also give a soft blink to your eyes every 20 seconds to keep them from straining.

Make way to design your ergonomic office today!

So, we have listed the important aspects for you to ponder upon when building your ergonomic home office. Even so, for building a perfect home office from scratch, only call upon the experts for they are well-versed with the nitty-gritties of ergonomics to keep you comforted all through the day while you tend to your work. But if you already have one consider incorporating these tips for a comfortable work from home environment.

LuXia can help you!

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Good luck!

2020 interior design trends: All you should know!

A good way to usher in the new decade is to remodel your home. To mark a fresh beginning, you can simply roll on some fresh paint on your home walls or add interesting artefacts to your gallery. And if you’re looking to make a lasting impact, then only opt for any of the top home decor trends of the 2020s.

Also, if you are interested in refashioning your home to attract tenants, the rental management companies will vouch that you’ve made the right decision; and maybe, they can help you to shore up your rentals too.

So, here we go.

  • Go Vintage

Vintage seems to be making a comeback in the 2020s. As such, interior designers in Delhi NCR are adding a few statement pieces from furnishing items that were popular during the 1800s and 1900s – including spindles and spooled legs.

  • Navy blue at the fore

Classic Blue, which is navy color, was declared 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. Navy blue is both versatile and elegant.

In residential interior designing services, navy blue offers the right amount of contrast in both conventional and contemporary styles for both your private interior and exterior spaces.

So, whether you’re seeking interior designing for kitchen services or want a makeover for your room with contrasting white hues and wood furniture, navy blue is the way to go.

  • Color-burst cabinets

When hiring the services of an interior designing company in Delhi NCR in the 2020s, go with colored cabinets. Yes, say goodbye to the all-white look of your kitchen. And instead, add elements such as kitchen wall cabinets or kitchen islands. And, as for your base cabinets, the popular choices are loud colors such as navy blue, vivid yellow, or dark red.

  • Canopy Beds

In the 2020s, as part of interior design for home, canopy beds seem to be making a comeback. And, no, they are no longer crowded with heavy materials and bulky headboards. The latest versions come with smooth decorated frames, metal-based designs, and acrylic.

  • Floral-designed wallpapers

If you’ve been avoiding floral wallpapers all this while, then maybe you need to rethink your choices in the 2020s. This time around though, they are available in updated patterns. Take your pick between the metal-based designs, larger blueprints, and loud shades.

Plus, if you ask any property management company, they are sure to tell you they’ve noticed their clients opting for the latest designs of floral wallpaper for refurbishing foyers and powder bathrooms.

  • Contrasting colors are here to stay

If you’ve always been a fan of high-contrast designs, then now is the best time to indulge yourself. For many years, the all-white designs were dominating the market. But, now, people seem to be making a shift while choosing both black and white for the much-needed room uplift.

So, you may see chairs having a white frame with black upholstered designs. Or, console tables in dark-colored woods with white-hued hardware.

  • Patina finish

Among the emerging interior designing trends are patina accents. Along with vintage furniture, expect to see more of patina playing out and that too, in colors of terracotta and clay.

  • Texture will rule

2020 designs are not only about color but also texture. Interior designers are piling up textures in similar shades to liven up rooms. And if you’re a fan of neutral colors, then only find newer ways to decorate your rooms with your favorite shades using textures – do not use many colors though.

In living rooms, you can add texture through furnishing items (like blankets and cushions). Even so, consider texturing via plant-based designs and well-etched arts.


In addition to the above 2020 trends, cozy fabrics will become ragingly popular. So, move over the luxe grand velvet designs and make way for the soft-textured fabrics, which are perfect for unwinding with a good book in tow.

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Selecting an interior designing company: Consider these 8 aspects!

Everybody works to have their dream home. And along the way, you would require professionals for interior designing your house. Now, for transforming the vision of your dream abode into reality, you can approach the interior designers in Delhi NCR; they come with varied years of experience in interior designing for homes. Also, they cater to your rental management requirements, if any.

Additionally, you can rely on the property management company in Delhi NCR for your property management for rent needs. Whether you’re looking for design experts for interior designing for home or interior designing for bedroom, the interior designers in Delhi NCR are only a call away.

With impressive interiors, you can enjoy the benefits of driving up the rental value of your house too.

Though several companies are engaged in interior designing in Delhi NCR, yet you need to consider various aspects when making your choices

#1. Know your style

As part of interior decorating your home, you want your individualistic attitude to reflect, right?

Here, you must know what your style is. Then, accordingly, you can guide the interior decorators to go about doing their job while lending your personalized touch.

Of course, designers have their signature style too. Even so, the best in the business must be able to adjust to your preferences.

#2. Check some portfolios

Assuming you know how your house is to be revamped and have shortlisted some designers that match up to your personal tastes, you may want to read more about their work and browse through their portfolios next.

Going through customer testimonials can also help you make up your mind whether they are suited to perform the given job or not. Additionally, check out their previous creations and assess whether they are in line with your vision.

Plus, a background check helps to know the years they’ve been in business and their level of expertise.

#3. Financial Considerations

Interior decorating your home can be an expensive affair. Thus, you must tread cautiously, especially if you’ve financially prudent. While some interior decorators work at fixed fees, you may have to pay on an hourly basis for others.

A good strategy is to discuss your requirements with a few designers; more so, request them for quotes. That said, depending on whether you can afford the designer or not, you must pave the way forward.

#4. Be open-minded

Interior designers are always buzzing with new ideas and they may discuss the ones that they find suitable for your home. However, in some cases, they may try and impose their suggestions upon you too, so be cautious.

Nevertheless, you must also make sure that you listen to their suggestions and think them through. Though you should keep an open mind, yet avoid making hasty decisions.

In all, you must make a balanced decision; ponder over all related aspects thoroughly beforehand – if you want your money’s worth that is.

#5. Always compare notes

When choosing an interior designer, ensure that you both can work in sync when brainstorming design ideas. Share your initial plans and allow them to give their inputs, opinions and discuss the challenges.

Always choose designers that are flexible and can sit your sensibilities in their creations while incorporating your ideas in the final blueprint.

#6. Go ahead and sign the contract

Upon deciding your designer, the subsequent step would be to call and let them know your decision. Make sure to read the contract carefully too. Sign the contract before work commences; also, do not pay anything earlier. The contract must include budgets, deadlines, responsibilities, among other important clauses.

#7. Start Planning

After selecting your interior designer, follow by making your plans. Decide the rooms you want to remodel and the materials needed. Of course, you must consult your designer on all aspects. More so, if you would like to keep some old artefacts, inform your designer about such decisions.

#8. Adjust your schedule

If you’re a working professional, then you’ ll need to divide time between your work and designing your home. As such, you may need to be at home for particular parts of the project, so update your co-workers and arrange for leave if required. Also, work with your designer and discuss your availability for pursuing the project during the given timelines.

Interior Design Case Study

Main focus: Clean lines to balance the young and enthusiastic vibe of an entrepreneurial couple with a comfortable and fun-to-be-at home.

The client subscribes to the belief that less is more when it comes to designing the interiors of a home. This is extended with the thought that simple home design leaches to ease of living.

This philosophy also reflects in many of our interior designing projects, and it’s what attracted a couple building a custom home in the South Delhi area of India. Our interior designer was brought in at the start of the process, and the team started working closely with their builder. So as to create a sophisticated yet comfortable house that capitalizes on its pastoral surroundings; the island kitchen and in line family room demonstrate the team’s success.

The Client

The house is located on a posh location in South Delhi surrounded with a beautiful park, so retaining the unrestricted view from the balconies was a must.

The client couple are a successful young entrepreneur, who bought this house in a contemporary block in the South Delhi area, with a desire for a home that expresses their life style: dynamic, informal and incorporating elements of their background not just in terms of their interests but also to match the comfort quotient.

LuXia was given the task of putting all these pieces together, choosing the finishes, the furniture layout, the lighting, free standing and bespoke furniture, and soft furnishings to create a home that is full of life and captures the client’s essence and character: a lively vibe in a relaxed environment where they can feel comfortable either on their own or when entertaining guests.

The Brief

In our first meeting to discuss the brief, the client gave us very precise information about what they wanted, not just in terms of visual reference but also about how they wanted to enjoy the space:

Feel: Homely and lively. They like soft colours and unconventional wallpaper.

Functionality: The social aspect is important as they plan to invite friends regularly for parties; storage space as they do not like clutter; Future planning is on scale, so a kid’s room area is very important; a very comfortable couch and a wall mounted unit for the TV. Modern look; table for terrace and lighting, wall mounted air conditioning; for their bedroom they want a big wardrobe; bathroom: additional storage space and change colour scheme; and an open-plan kitchen with ample lights.

Our Interior Designing

Almost all the elements of the house we were absolutely clear of when we started to develop its interior designing. The client was very particular about maintaining and reflecting their vibe in their newly build home. So, we worked and planned every corner of the house as per their expectation.

Our plan was simple; to give exactly what the client desires. For this, our interior designers started off with the kitchen and the sitting area. To define the kitchen and sitting area, we designed a white granite-topped, walnut display shelf. The kitchen boasts of traditional Shaker-style cabinetry and Carrara marble counters and backsplash.

The kitchen opens to a breakfast corner where a glass roundtable is artfully paired with bright red Windsor chairs to introduce a balanced splash of vibrant colour. We also designed a cabinet that beautifully displays the couple’s pottery collection along one wall.

Almost all of furniture is new to the house. Except for an existing Baker sofa which was reupholstered for the sitting area. We selected a complimentary metal coffee table and wood-framed chairs, to create simple, soft lines with a touch of modern.

The entire space of the house was colour coordinated to match the kitchen and living area and the wallpaper was selected based on the client’s preferences of colour and feel. The bedroom and the powder room were to contain calm vibes. So, we maintained the request by using light colours on the wall, and on the curtains. The powder room was designed with ample wardrobe cabinets and a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

As asked by the client, the terrace had modern seating arrangements with a rustic table and matching chairs. We also went ahead and decorated the terrace with valued plants for a fresher and drawn-out aesthetic look.

For the kids’ room, a neutral shade of white and yellow was used to keep the options open in the future. In the bathroom, the colour for the walls was a darker hue of than that of the floor tiles. Above the long side of the bath, a lighter tile was chosen, in the same design.  A wall mounted unit for storage was proposed, similar in colour to the vanity unit, and accessories were suggested.

The Highlights of our Interior Designing

  • We make most efforts to keep the things simple, without too much clutter, this allows the details to show. We used the same colour metal for hardware, light fixtures, and drapery rods—and they are more perceptible because space is not cluttered.
  • Our designers worked close to the client’s main concept.
  • We look for different ways to add interest. Here, the interior doors are painted a different colour from the trim and walls. Also, the pottery collection steals the limelight.
  • With tall ceilings, there are tricks to communicating more human balance to space. Hanging sconces and low pendants bring the eye down.
  • We used one flooring material throughout the house to keep things flowing. It opened up space.
  • Display shelves are a great way to introduce what is important to the client.

Each Project demands a personal approach, our aim is to capture the way the client wants to live their life and translate that in beautiful surroundings that inspire them and ultimately give them happiness.

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Interior Designing and Assured Rental – Case Study of our Canadian Client

Own a property in India which is sitting idle in the real-estate market? Our property managers can help you earn money out of it. Just like we helped our NRI client from Canada by rendering our interior designing and assured rental service.

Know more about it below.

About the Client

The NRI client lives in Canada and has a property in Noida – India. He purchased the property in 2010 for himself, but had to move to Canada in 2012 for work. Since then the property is lying vacant with local guardians keeping a casual eye every now and then.

Property: the client owns a 3BHK flat of 4500 Sq ft in one of the well ranked locations of Noida, which comes under the NCT area of Delhi, India.

Client’s Problems

The client’s property was looked after a local acquisition who could not dedicate his time to the client’s property sufficiently. For this reason the property’s value and quality was degrading with time. Also, the property asked for a facelift as per the modern times to make it look aesthetic and more functional.

The property bought by the client a decade ago was not giving any monetary benefit to him ever since. He even tried to rent out his flat through the local guardian but ended up making loss. As the tenants were kept without verifying, and they harmed the property big time. Also, the rent of the property was also quoted too low as per the market norms.

Being an NRI it was not feasible for the client to travel to India to manage his property frequently. Therefore, this time he was looking for professionals to take care of his property and give him some monetary benefits through the property.

Client’s Requirements

The client was looking for a NRI property management company preferably in Delhi NCR – India. He was looking for a professional to cater to his property related requirements.

He wanted a property management company to redo his property’s interiors and then put it out in the market for residential renting. The client also wanted to ensure that the tenants are rented after proper verification and for long term.

Along with this he also wanted to virtually monitor all the activities on the property and see the rent receipts and other important documents online.

How LuXia’s Noida team helped the client

Interior Designing and Assured Renting of the property without the need of the NRI owner to travel to India

The very first requirement of our client was met as he did not have to travel to India in this entire span of 2 years to manage his property. Everything was taken care of by our property managers in Noida.

Our property managers also shared an online portal with the client so that he can see the important information like rent receipt, bills, work progress etc. on the portal.

Here’s how we helped him with our services.

Interior Designing

As asked by our client LuXia’s in-house team of interior designers went to the property to study the designing requirements. We also conducted a video conference with the client to walk through the property with the owner. And to get an idea of his interior designing interests so that we can incorporate them in the property.

After sharing the idea with the owner our interior designing team started working on the property to mold it into an aesthetic and easy on functionality property. The interior designing work was finished well within the timeline. And was shown to the client again via video conferencing.

Assured renting with steady increase in rent for 2 years

After the interior designing of the property, LuXia started with the marketing of the property through various channels to find an appropriate tenant for the client’s property. After strict and careful screening of the applications, LuXia chose a suitable tenant for the residential property.

Our property manager for the NRI client ensured proper police verification before renting the house to the tenant. We also got the rent agreement and other necessary documentation in place to go as per the India federal guidelines. We also made sure that the client received appropriate rent as per the market norms. And also the rental income increased steadily over the two years.

LuXia’s value-added services that made our NRI client smile!

  • Guaranteed Assurance – all our rental management services come with an assurance of maximum Return of Investment and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated Property Manager – the client got personal attention by a single point of contact for all their property related concerns.
  • Law & Regulations Compliant Rental Property – we made sure that landlords property is compliant with the property laws and landlord tenant laws in India.

Get in touch

You too can save a lot of your time and money and get high Return on Investment (ROI) on your property. All you need to do is get in touch with our NRI property management company in Delhi NCR and we’ll handle all your property requirements.

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Interior Designing with a Property Management Company: Why, How, What?

There is a huge difference between interior designing your home for yourself and for renting.

When you design your home for yourself, the usage and comfort of your family is the chief consideration. On the contrary, rentier interior designing is aimed at raising its value.

That does not mean that the utility and comfort of prospective tenants are out of the picture. It’s just that it’s not the main concern in the case. That’s the reason why designing your home as an absentee owner is best done with property managers.

Why should you hire a Property Management Company for Interior Designing?

Let’s get straight to the reasons:

  1. Know Your Tenant before they Move-In

Property Management Services for NRIs carry out dedicated rental management services. Property Managers carry out neighborhood surveys and know the kind of tenants that your property is likely to fetch.

You can get the interior designing done keeping in mind the usage and comfort of your prospective tenants.

This converts to higher rental incomes and thus you can invest more in interior designing. This in turn ensures that your property remains in high demand and consistently increases its value.

  1. Better Management of Expenditure

NRI Property Management services carry out detailed budgeting exercise to forecast your rental income.

you know the earning from your home in advance, you can decide better how much to invest in it.

This also ensures that there is no extra burden on your pocket while you are away. The interior designing is done gradually instead of in one go. Property managers keeping the tenant needs in mind. High priority interior designing tasks are carried out first. Most importantly, all the designing expenses are most likely to be borne out from the rental income itself.

  1. Your Home Deserves the Best – So do your Tenants!

You could be enthusiastic about interior designing. You may even know about the latest trends and designs. However, that is of little value when you are away. We will see below how your interior designing knowledge, insights and preferences could be put to good use.

Let’s understand for now that interior designers from property management services are best suited to makeover your home.


  • They have the knowledge about local trends.
  • They can gauge the needs of the prospective tenants better.
  • Discussing ideas with them ensures that your home and tenants get the best out of two designer’s opinions. (You would be a bit of an interior designer too!) Few people wish to leave their home entirely in the hands of property management companies!
  • Property Managers and Interior Designers know the vendors. They often deal with them. The vendors charge them lesser than an occasional customer.
  • It is tough to take care of finer details when you are away. Interior designers are trained to deal with them.
  • You save time, money and energy on interior designing. Besides, interior design from specialists is sure to leave a great first impression on tenants during walkthroughs!

Is Hiring Property Management Company for Interior Designing enough?

Interior Designing is a sort of an exception in all the property management tasks. Unlike rental management, property maintenance and budgeting, owners can have a greater say with interior designing.

Rentier interior designing is much different from the usual interior designing for home. Here are a few tips that help you achieve maximum value increase with controlled expenditure. Using your interior designing imagination in tandem with professional interior designers from Property Management Company would be really fruitful.

  1. Spatial Designing

The spatial needs of tenants could vary. They could be entirely different too. The rule of the thumb is keeping the design as spacious as possible. It ensures that prospective tenants will seldom dislike your property.

  1. Dark Flooring

Tenants use homes differently than owners. They do not bother about renovations and maintenance. Choose dark flooring and dark-colored carpets for interior designing of house. That reduces maintenance and renovation costs. They would not have to be deep-cleaned or replaced every season.

  1. Neutral Paints

Unlike interior designing for yourself, you would have to control your designer urges in case of wall paints. Just keep it simple! Avoid experimentation!

Tenants focus more on functionality of house than style. It is important to choose paints that help the natural lighting of the interiors.

Always buy a little extra paint for mid-season or end-season finishing. That helps maintain a fresh look of the interiors.

  1. Comfortable Bedrooms

Consider investing in the comfort side of bedrooms. They should be spacious and well lit. There is no harm in taking the property manager’s advice regarding in-vogue trends for interior designing for bedroom. They would know better about tenant expectations.

  1. Tenants place special emphasis on Bathrooms and Kitchens

Prospective tenants would turn down your home if they are not satisfied with bathrooms and kitchens. Good looks are no substitute for highly functional and easy to use bathrooms and kitchens.

The fittings need not be stylish, but they should be strong. Ensure lots of working and storage space in interior designing for kitchen.

The bathrooms should be easy to clean for the tenants. Choose the tiles and flooring accordingly. Avoid too many and bulky fittings. Focus on the quality of fittings rather than looks.

Making your Interiors attractive for Renting

There is plenty else that you can do to compensate for the style element. The look and feel aspect cannot be neglected in totality. By asking the interior designer to focus on a few simple things and cheaper measures, your interiors would look pleasing.

  • Make de-cluttering the entire space a priority by adjusting objects. Push the extra furniture items to the store.
  • Replacing the old switches imparts a new look and reduces repairing hassles.
  • Make sure that the lighting blends nicely with the new interiors. Allow natural light to do its wonders.
  • You need not control your creative instincts while choosing the curtains. They have a huge bearing on the overall looks.
  • If there are large open spaces, divide them into two or more smaller spaces. Each of these spaces can have a meaning and purpose of its own. Again, no need to repress your creative skills here!
  • Adding a few paintings and sculptures here and there will send a positive message to the tenants.

Make your Home the first choice of Tenants with Professional Interior Designers

There cannot be a definite formula for interior designing a rental property. Much depends upon tenant preferences. However, simplicity, maintaining spaciousness, quality materials and fittings and cost-efficient decoration are the rules to go by. Backed by the experience of an interior designer, you can convert your home into a highly functional and charming space.

With the services of a professional interior designer from a property management company, your home would be the first choice for tenants.
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